There’s no point in being hypocritical about it.

Derek Dooley has an oversigning problem.

… The old rule, under which the Vols signed 27 players in 2010 and 28 in February, helped the Vols build their number of scholarship players back closer to the NCAA-mandated limit of 85 after more than 40 players left the program for various reasons over the last five recruiting classes during the instability of three different coaching staffs in three consecutive years.

The Vols, who could bring in 26 players in this class, currently stand one player over that limit. One of the Vols’ freshmen likely will have to grayshirt, which would prohibit the player from participating with the team while he is still taking classes.

Not that he’s bothered much about it.

“The first day of camp it’ll be resolved,” Dooley said. “We’ll have our 26 initials. It’s premature right now to start speculating on who’s what.”

I’m sure the kids who are on the bubble agree totally.

Interesting trend I’m seeing in the wake of the rule change – coaches aren’t even making an effort to sound like they’re agonizing over roster management issues anymore.  It’s just part of the routine.


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19 responses to “There’s no point in being hypocritical about it.

  1. Lrgk9

    Ahh, the Coaches doth protest too much …

  2. W Cobb Dawg

    One would need an electron microscope to see a difference in morals between DD and Kiffin. Since DaRick hasn’t panned out, now’s the chance to dump his freeloading buddy Nash Nance – or better yet, DaRick.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    They should just say they are having scholarship try-outs and then make cuts.

  4. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I think that UGA’s summer is the argument for oversigning. Would be really nice to have a couple of kids to plug into potential playing time to replace Ealey, King, Jarvis Jones and Derrick Lott.

    Instead of adding another RB like Alabama did in 2008 when they got Mark Ingram as a 3* RB in there 32 member class, UGA just had to move a mediocre RB to that position just to have enough players for practice depth.

    Of course, the way that Saban goes about his business may not appear ethical, but UGA has lost several guys this off-season and will wind up at a disadvantage with well under the 85 player limit. There is no perfect solution, but UGA’s depth is taking a severe hit that can only be fixed by oversigning.

  5. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Their 32 member class. Sorry.

  6. Bryant Denny

    Oh please. Y’all act like you were born yesterday.

    • Ridley

      Are you defending the practice, BD?

      • Bryant Denny

        I’m ok with roster management, or whatever else it’s called. That doesn’t mean I’m ok with lying to kids, etc. Many of those riding the high horse of oversigning can’t seem to understand that many coaches are upfront with recruits and their team related to roster issues.

        • Ridley

          I agree with you that it is ok to greyshirt an incoming kid, so long as all is on the up and up and the kid may attend classes. But DD’s nonchalant approach to the issue of who stays and who goes underlies the concern of many. Who is protecting the kids in all of this? And what of the kid that has been on campus for three years and is told he no longer has a spot to make room for an incoming freshmen? Is he offered some form of aid (medical redshirt if you’re Saban) so that he can remain in school and finish? Also, there seems to be some gross inequities in the system when a kid has to sit out a year to transfer but may be cut at a whim.

          Oversigning is a classic example of the tail wagging the dog. What is the point of college athletics (other than giving us something to talk and write about)? I understand that it is a big business but does that mean we should treat these young human athletes as a replaceable commodity, culling the weak so that a program can win a few more games?
          College football should be better than this, at least in my mind.

          Born yesterday, no. Some might call it a balanced perspective on the proper role of college athletics. If this makes me naive, color me so.

          • Bryant Denny

            Ok. Have a good day. BD

            • Ridley

              Seriously BD?

              I posted what I believed to be a decently thought out critique of the oversigning issue and you respond with “have a good day.” My tone was neither aggressive nor condescending as your response would imply.

              My response: you should kiss the sweet ass of the internet for the opportunity it provides to post a childish response and then take your toys and go home in anonymity when you are unable to supply a valid point. How about a legitimate exchange of ideas? Or at least a little retort to the rhetorical questions presented.

              I guess that’s just how you roll.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Rid, I didn’t get that out of: “Ok. Have a good day.” I got: “I may disagree with you but you have the right to your opinion and thanks for the discourse.”

                • Ridley


                  Discourse? BD said that he had no problem with greyshirting so long as the kids were not misled. I agreed but attempted to highlight some of the personally questionable aspects of “roster management” that have nothing to do with being up front with a potential recruit such as telling a guy to take a medical redshirt or hit the road. Do you think coaches (Saban, Dooley, Nutt, etc) bring this up while sitting in a recruit’s living room? Personally, I find that hard to believe. As such, I was seeking BD’s position on these practices. Instead of defending his assertion that we are naive or childish- “Y’all act like you were born yesterday”- he fails to recognize the distinction or supply any sort of reply other than a flippant “Have a good day.” If this qualifies for discourse, I must not understand the concept.

                  Really, if your going to insult by suggesting naivete (as BD did), at least have the respect to shed some light on the subject so that we can all be the wiser.


                  • Bryant Denny

                    Sorry, Ridley. I wasn’t trying to offend. Mayor had it right.

                    I think it’s a waste of time for fans to judge the greyshirting/oversigning/roster management issue when they are rarely ever privy to the conversations coaches have with prospects, parents, players, etc. Under the current system, scholarships are year-to-year and don’t have to be renewed. It would be totally foolish for for the head coach of a major football program to do anything other than enter each season with the best 85 scholarship players he can find.

                    Again, I’m assuming Coach Saban, hard as he is, communicates clearly with all involved. LSU and South Carolina apparently don’t communicate so well. The market should judge them accordingly.

                    Again, didn’t mean to offend.

                    Have a good day,


  7. Cojones

    You aren’t naive, Ridley. You also haven’t thrown your conscience out with the grey bathwater oversigning. You state a moral, adult, responsible, Dawg case. The alumni thank you.

  8. NRBQ

    “Derek Dooley has a character problem.”

    Fixed that for you, Bluto.