Game day thoughts, SECCG edition

I’m not making any predictions on today’s outcome, other than to say that Chris Burnette understates the case a little here:

“I don’t feel like we have to play a perfect game,” Burnette said. “But we have to play probably the best game that we’ve played all season.”

Forget the “probably”, son.  The Dawgs will have to play their best game of the year to have a shot at the upset of the number one team in the country.

Let’s get real for a minute.  LSU went into Tuscaloosa and won in overtime.  I don’t want to get sidetracked with an argument of the relative merits of ‘Bama and Georgia this year, so let’s just leave it that Alabama certainly isn’t a worse team than Georgia.  The Dawgs have one helluva fight on their hands today.

That doesn’t mean they can’t win.  Their defense says they can.  Paul Myerberg makes the case for that here.

… Grantham is no Erk Russell, and no, this defense is not yet a pack of Junkyard Dogs. But you see the similarities, most notably in the simple formula of getting stops on first down, getting to the quarterback on clear passing downs and playing the football in the secondary. Russell, one of the all-time greats, would appreciate this defense. High praise.

And what does L.S.U. have on defense that Georgia doesn’t? Name value. Depth, especially along the defensive line. Cockiness — that the Tigers have in spades. Meanness? That’s a shared trait. Ability to stop the run? Also shared. Rush the quarterback? Shut things down in the secondary? Shared and shared.

The point is this: Georgia can win this game. Would it come with beauty points? Beauty has left the building, replaced by two nasty, talented defenses. One, the one in Athens, has something to prove. As does a Georgia team unwisely left for dead in September.

Yeah, they can win.  But they can’t screw up… at least not much.  And they’ve got to hold their emotional and mental ground for the full 60 minutes.  Today’s musical theme is brought to you by Tom Petty:

I can’t confidently predict a win, because LSU is too good to dismiss.  But you know what else I can’t predict?  I can’t go along with all the pundits calling for a close game for three quarters and then seeing LSU pull away to win by 18.  Unless Georgia starts making a bunch of mistakes with turnovers and special teams snafus, I don’t believe these Dawgs will wear down like that.

And with that, I’m getting ready to head out to the Dome.  Consider this your game day thread.


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129 responses to “Game day thoughts, SECCG edition

  1. Keese

    This game will come down to GA’s offensive line.

  2. Comin' Down The Track

    See y’all there.

  3. Haywood Jablome

    Time to shock the world – GATA Dawgs!

  4. Nate Dawg

    Sorry to stray here, but does espn do a college football show that doesn’t have Saban as a “guest commentator”?? Biased much?
    Oh, and Dawgs 19 LSU 18 today.

  5. Bob

    After watching that Game Day Show, we probably should just forfeit. And even if we somehow shock the world, it will only be because LSU didn’t really care.

    • this. I love how I keep hearing, “it’ll be interesting to see how LSU responds going into the game knowing that they are probably in the BCSCG no matter what the outcome.” I personally don’t believe LSU cares one bit about anything other than winning today… If you believe otherwise, then you just don’t understand SEC football. The pundits though, have already given themselves a nice out in case the unimaginable does happen.

    • Dawgfan Will

      You hit the nail on the head, Bob.

  6. Cosmic Dawg

    If I could ask one thing today, from a decision-making standpoint, it’s this: if we find ourselves on LSU’s 40 yard line or deeper, and it’s 4th and 3 or less, we go for it. Go. For. It.

    I just think we need to plan on using all four of the downs we have been given. It’s like “Remember the Alamo!” – “Remember the WLOCP!!”

    We are not going to get many chances, here, and we can either take our chances on 4th and short in, say, the 2nd quarter, or we can try a bunch of desperation hail mary’s down by three scores late in the 4th quarter.

  7. After listening & reading everything I can find from the CFB Experts, I see no reason to even play this game. Thr Dawgs obviously have no chance, None.
    That makes me an Idiot for predicting a 17 to 16 Dawg Win. ???.

  8. ScoutDawg

    Let’s just win this damn game and nuke the whole world.

  9. ugafidelis

    I haven’t been this amped up about a game since the BSU game in September. I hope that’s not an omen.

    Come on Dawgs! Stomp that Tiger ass!

  10. Cosmic Dawg

    C’MON DAWGS!!!


  11. Scott W.

    Gary Danielson can kiss my ass.

    • Cosmic Dawg


      Heading into the half, Danielson says “LSU has got to feel good about the way they’ve played.” Right. The number one team in the nation has zero first downs and is trailing the #14 team in the nation by three points.

      It’s not even mad that they’re leaning toward LSU, it’s that they continue to think LSU is the most compelling narrative in this game, but the most compelling narrative is the Georgia D.

      They also kept focusing on all Georgia’s miscues when Georgia was the only team able to drive the football. I guess 3 and out is just a less dramatic miscue than a dropped pass….oh well.

  12. Rival

    We have a case of the dropsies.

    Honey Badger flipped the punt return to the red before the TD and the refs missed a block in the back.

    But our guys are hanging with the #1 team, despite these miscues.

    Happy now.

  13. Russ

    Well, we’re up at half and LSU is the first SEC team since 2002 to not have a first down in the first half. And yet I still haven’t heard the announcers tell me who LSU is playing.

    One serious question, how does Grantham adjust for the second half after that first half?

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Have been wondering that. They’d better get ready for Lee, because he’s coming. Prepare for the pass.

  14. Metal Steel Chair

    Most dominant defensive effort seen in an SEC half in almost a decade, and best defensive performance by a Dawgs defensive half EVAH. Can we put them away? Either way, we can hold our heads high.

  15. scooter329

    Wow…apparently Mike Slive took all of CBS’ college football guys’ kids hostage and threatened to disembowel them if they don’t do everything possible to prop up LSU and get them into the title game.

    I have had my probs with Drunken Verne and Danielson in the past but this is just absolute garbage. The Dawg D puts on arguably the most dominant first half of the year against the supposed #1 team and all they can talk about is how great LSU’s defense is and how they should feel great about themselves going into the half.

    Garbage with a capital G coverage in this game…and the halftime show was about as bad….LSU boy Archie talks about inept offense…not UGA defense…

  16. Turd Ferguson

    We’re all about to find out exactly how effective that new S&C program has really been.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Looks like we’ve got our answer. We’re tough enough to hang with the big boys for 2 quarters. That’s it.

  17. Metal Steel Chair

    Anybody know what should have been the result of the Mathieu punt return/ball toss? Would it have been first and goal at the one? Or UGA ball on a touchback or hand-off to the ref?

  18. Cosmic Dawg

    Some halftime thoughts:

    1. Boykin is my favorite Dawg, but he is making those punt returns look like something out of the circus. I hope he fair catches every last one of them in the 2nd half.
    2. Crowell is either not getting the blocking or there is just something wrong with him. Whatever it is, and I will not suggest he lacks heart, lest I get accused of Crowell-hating, he is just lacking somehow. Either way, Thomas was showing some signs of life, and even though Crowell is blocking okay today, Thomas is both the better runner and better blocker today. Just leave Thomas in.
    3. Bobo was calling the game of his life in the first quarter, then went back to Bobo 1.0 in the second quarter. I hope we come out aggressive and inventive in the second half, and can figure out some middle ground between the draw to Crowell for one yard or the bomb to King.

    This is stressful. And I think all of CBS’ analysts are dirtbags.

    • PatinDC

      +1 Ditto on the analysts comment. I am watching the rest of the game on mute.

      Crowell is oviously hurt and we need more depth at RB. We will have it next year.

  19. Carolinadawg

    Come on Bobo, WTF? Run it straight up the middle on 1st AND 2nd down for what, four straight possessions? Damn, keep going with what’s working! This is he drives us crazy!

  20. Nate Dawg

    Everybody lovin Bobo on those calls out of the gate to start the 2nd half right?? I’m n the wrong, right – for sayin he needs to go right??

  21. TennesseeDawg

    The Dawgs have quit in the 2nd half.

    • Carolinadawg

      Oh come on, they haven’t quit.

    • Carolinadawg

      Did Boo Alcombe look like he quit on the run with 9:30 left? Didn’t look like it to me.

      • Carolinadawg


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Somebody ‘splain to me why Malcome doesn’t play more. Is he in CMR’s doghouse? He runs at least as well as Crowell from where I sit. In his mop-up role he is the leading ball carrier for the Dawgs yardage-wise I think.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          I think the fact that he’s in “mop up role” has something to do with the yards he gains. I like Boo pretty good, but a lot of those yards are with the D focused on the pass. Anybody named Boo can carry the rock on my team, though.

        • WF dawg

          Malcome was under-utilized tonight. He’s bigger than Harton and surely won’t turn the ball over any more than Harton does. And if you’re going to run it between the tackles, he’s a better option than Crowell or Thomas.

  22. bevo

    Oh wow. Offensive turnovers and special teams meltdowns turned the game against us?

    Ain’t nothin’ changed.

    • Didn’t practice punting the ball out of bounds this week did we?

      Man, that was a horrible second half. Gotta tip your hat to very good team, first off, but damn… We looked young today. Missed opportunities, dropping all the balls, fumbling the QB sneak, NO calls what so ever our way… This is why I was glad about this young team at least getting to the game because it will be good experience for them to rely on in the future.

  23. Turd Ferguson

    Look on the bright side, everyone. We beat all the terrible teams …

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Does that mean we are the best of the terrible teams? Is there a title for that? Oh, yeah, that’s right there is one. It’s called winner of the SEC East.

  24. OKDawg

    Special teams and turnovers.

    Once again.

  25. PatinDC

    Not sure why all the hate on Bobo? UGA has no running game and LSU is teeing off on them. Unless we can line up with 12 or 13 guys, not sure what else we can do.

    The dropsies ain’t helping.

    • Carolinadawg

      Right, no running game, yet had lines up in the I and runs the ball straight up the middle on 1st and 2nd down for four straight possessions. Why quit doing what was working?

    • OKDawg

      I think Bobo called nice game. Poor execution by offensive players from the start into the third quarter coupled with no running threat handcuffed him. We threw away 11 points with two TD drops in first half. Special teams gave away 7 and short field on another drive. This one is not on Bobo.

      • OKDawg

        But I’m sure Cojones will somehow find a slight against Bobo in my last post.😉

        • Jumbo Jimbo

          Cojones is a retard with a bad temper.

        • OKDawg. I agree with everything you said. We could not run against them but if we go Pass only, Murray would get killed plus the receivers had already dropped 5 passes. .Bobo did call a very good game, especially considering what & who he had to work with. Now we need to recruit some players, particularly RBs, & keep the ones on campus from leaving early Next year’s D S/B awesome. The Bowl Game should tell us more.

      • UGAfoo

        Went conservative. Turned ball over. Breakdowns on special teams. End of story. The team quit

    • Dawgwood

      Agreed we have no running game. Then why has Bobo stuck with it? It took the life out of our team. Althought the drops didn’t help.

      • Confused on the bobo hating as well. Midway through the second Qtr Murray had no time to throw. Our line was like swiss cheese… Murray’s feet were moving and tapping like he was in a ballet or something. He was not setting his feet. We had to try and show balance and LSU is a damn fine team. Give the credit and chalk it up to a young team.

  26. Cosmic Dawg

    I just can’t figure Bobo. Had a lot of interesting looks in the 1st quarter, then looked like he was calling a PeeWee football game from then on. Run to the middle, run to the middle, bomb. I just don’t get it.

  27. Skeeter

    Sen., you picked the wrong Tom Petty song. Should have went with “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” [url][/url]

  28. Turd Ferguson

    Lucky for us (and perhaps especially for Mark Richt), the SEC East is just a huge, steaming pile of shit these days.

  29. BMan

    Lights=out, party=over. It was a good run for a half, but they were gonna have to play and call a near perfect game. Against a team as good as LSU, nobody has a near perfect game. With Bobo, it seemed he got conservative as early as the 2nd quarter, but I don’t fault Bobo for the drops that could have really helped build a cushion.

    The defense played unbelievably good in the first half, but seemed to get deflated when the turnover happened on the first possession in the 3rd quarter. It was like, “damn, we’ve played perfectly, and they have the lead.”

    I don’t know Crowell from anyone, but my gut feeling is that he’s got a punk attitude. I don’t doubt that his ankle hurts like hell, and that’s not what I base my opinion on. He just seems to run his mouth a lot, and when there’s been a red carpet of opportunity in front of him, he strikes me as someone that wants to piss on it. Hope he matures, or whatever he needs, for his sake and the team’s.

    Gary Danielson is a tool, and it may be time to start hiding Uncle Verne in the attic during parties.

    As for the rest of the coverage, bloody jayzus can we find new themes other than honey badger, Les Miles eating grass, etc.?

  30. Chuck

    Have you ever seen something go so completely from sugar to $h!t so quickly in your life? And for all the reasons we feared. But that was still as good a defensive effort as you’ll ever see in the first half and we have to keep building on that.

    Oh, and is there any chance LSU might send us just one of their stud backs. Good luck in your future IC, wherever you go.

  31. Sep

    I haven’t read the other comments but IC is a pussy.

  32. The Original Cynical in Athens

    1. Yes, Crowell is a pussy, and I hope he never comes back.
    2. Rambo is a quitter and I hope he goes pro. You don’t ever quit, no matter what, but he did on that one decent LSU offensive play.
    3. You wish that the refs would simply do their jobs. Not sure it would have affected the outcome, but if one of the 2 egregious blocks in the back on the 1st punt return are called, we go in at least 10-0, perhaps more.
    4. Hope this builds a fire in every single player’s belly for next year, and that they have a singleminded mission to dominate everyone in their path.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The missed calls by the SEC refs should be embarrassing to the conference but the SEC never seems to give a shit. Just send the $$ please. Another outrageous performance by SEC officials. BTW, not that it meant anything to the outcome but the final offensive play by UGA should have been a pass interference call–the receiver got mugged. Without the mugging it’s a TD. Guess that might have cost LSU a few votes in the polls so the refs looked the other way.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        I saw that too on the last play. Ridiculous.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I just saw a replay of Mathieu’s punt return for a TD. All the talk is about the premature flip of the ball. Nobody seems to even care that there was an uncalled block in the back right where Mathieu caught the ball. Without that block in the back Mathieu gets tackled and there is no TD. Given that LSU had no offense at that point in the game we definitely get out of the first half 10-0. Also, there were so many no-calls for LSU holding it boggles the mind. Almost every time there was a replay you could see them. But the refs didn’t. The most telling call in the game was the TD pass that really wasn’t caught but was called a TD by a ref standing 5 yards away and staring right at the receiver. He had to have seen the guy drop the ball, but put up his hands anyway. What’s going on here? I think all you out there in blogland already know so I won’t say it.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Mayor, do you really think the SEC refs are instructed to call a game one way or another, or paid by outside sources to do so? It would not surprise me – not saying this as sour grapes, but if I really thought that was the case, it sure would make me stop watching football forever…

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              CD, if you think it is just an accident that every year the SEC has at least 1 team in the BCSNCG I’ve got some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you. It is all about the bowl money, the biggest being in the BCSNCG (each team’s share is $21.4 Mil). Hell, this year they managed to get both BCSNCG slots filled with SEC teams. That’s almost $43 Million to the SEC. The bad calls always seem to go one way in the SEC. I’ve been watching it for years.

          • Tybeedawg

            I agree with your comments, but no one else has mentioned something I noticed on the reply of punt return touchdown. The ref is raising his arms before Mathieu flips him the ball, calling it a touchdown before he has even crossed the goal line. Maybe that will help explain why the ref called the reception for a TD a catch.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              But you can forgive the ref that, right? Nobody was within a country mile of catching Mathieu – he was basically giving notice to a foregone conclusion. As a matter of fact, that sort of changes the whole question about that play.

              I think that makes it okay that Mathieu flipped him the ball early – if the ref makes the call, it is not Mathieu’s fault that he believed him, right?!?

              • Tybeedawg

                Can’t argue with that.

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  But I also get the issue – you still want them to call it when it happens, not predicting it, however obvious the outcome might be. Like I’ve heard that baseball umps count a double play as long as the shortstop gets “close” to touching the bag with his foot. Totally not cool.

    • Cosmic Dawg


  33. Russ

    Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

    Great first half. Too bad we had to play the other 30 minutes.

    • NRBQ

      And only we few UGA fans will remember that first half of defensive ownership.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Right. Every newspaper in the country and ESPN will just be saying LSU crushed Georgia. Nobody else will remember the first half for more than a day except for UGA fans. The record books will just say LSU 42, UGA 10.

  34. Cosmic Dawg

    Okay, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

    1. Crowell can go. I’m not talking about legit injuries, or smoking weed. I’m talking about walking away from your head coach when he’s talking to you. I’m talking about being the mouthiest guy on the field when you’re 7 for 15 yards rushing. Get lost. Done. You don’t block well, you don’t fight for yards, your talent is marginal, your stamina is questionable, and your heart is invisible.

    2. Bobo is courageous when he’s got nothing to lose, but the moment he thinks he might win, he locks up. I think it’s great to jump ramps on the street with your bike, but if Bobo can’t convince Richt that he can jump the Grand Canyon on a jet powered motorcycle (see: 1st quarter playcalling – awesome), then it’s time to rethink his position. Here’s the deal – I really, really like Creative Bobo, and I really can’t stand Terrified Bobo. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde. I want to expunge the draw play from Bobo’s playbook forever.

    3. Love Murray, and a lot of his problems were beyond his control tonight. However, if I’m the coach, I let Mason rotate in regularly every 3rd down or so from here on out. Not based on Mason’s play tonight, so much – he was surely playing against LSU’s 2nd and 3rd string – but because Murray really does get so much in his own head that he has a hard time getting it together in big games. I’m not about being knee-jerk, but Murray really does have a difficult time making it happen in the big games.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      “every third SERIES or so”

      • Russ

        Well, Murray didn’t drop those first two touchdowns that would have made it 14-0 (at least).

        I’m glad we have Mason, and I think he can play, but I’ve seen nothing that’s shown me he’s better than Murray.

        We’ve got to have some running backs. IC is Ealey with less fumbles (so far). Too much mouth, too little toughness, poor attitude.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          No, Murray didn’t drop those passes, and that was surely demoralizing for him. It was demoralizing to me.

          I’m not chomping at the bit to replace Murray – love that kid – I’m just not entirely convinced that he’s got the poise. Would love for him to prove me wrong.

          • I wouldn’t object to getting Hunter more playing time, but I think Murray continues to grow up… He came out on fire… not perfect but remember, he is a sophomore. Murray could have done something special tonight if he had the supporting cast.

          • Will (the other one)

            He’s had growing pains this year, but still had 33 TD passes, and even with his OLine getting owned by a DLine that could send 5, maybe 6 guys to the NFL, he should have finished tonight with 35 TDs on the season. He’ll be better next year.

    • WF dawg

      Your first two points are exactly what I was thinking. Mike Bobo was nothing short of fantastic in that first quarter. Fantastic. He engineered 21 points for us (though we only took 10 of them). And then…he was totally ineffective the rest of the game. Granted, the drops were the worst we’ve had all year, and Murray was a mess, but still. Dang.

      • Will (the other one)

        To play devil’s advocate for him a little, the run game did nothing at all for the 1st half of the Kentucky game, and our run MO for most games lately was to get nothing but eventually start breaking runs. (Though why he thought that would work against LSU’s front 7 I don’t know. They had way too much depth to break down like other teams.)
        Once the OLine stopped giving Murray time no OC could’ve manufactured much.
        But the play selection to start the 3rd quarter was awful.

  35. BMan

    After the first quarter, the Dogs stopped winning on 1st down (on offense), which had been really great to see up to that point. They started running more on first and second, leaving themselves in obvious passing downs, so LSU started to bring more heat. Thinking about all the stats the Senator rolled out to us, I seem to recall how much more effective the offense is when they pass on non-obvious passing situations.

    Again, I’m not ready to call IC a pussy, as god knows I couldn’t take those hits, but I do think he might be a punk, which may be worse. As for Rambo, I might have stopped looking at the point where he must have loafed on a play, but I can’t call him a quitter. After what he when through in his personal life this year, he showed a lot of heart.

    That being said, at 28-10, the defense seemed to stop trying to tackle and to be going for the strip, which is never pretty.

    And to end on a positive note, is there a little life in Boo?

    • Cosmic Dawg

      You could take those hits.

      Agree about Rambo.

      • Nate Dawg

        Yeah he’s got life. Let’s hope it’s him vs Keith Marshall for starting snaps. Can’t wait to see how Bobo holds back Murray in bowl game & all of next year!!

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          It’s about time for Bobo to get offered a HC job at a small college or a MAC school. Please Bobo, take it.

  36. NRBQ

    UGA had one yard of offense in the second quarter, while the defense gave up one yard.

    So yeah, somebody on this team quit. His name is Mike.

  37. Evidently Normaltown

    Why haven’t we seen more of Malcome?

  38. Tronan

    When you lose 42-10, there’s a lot to complain about (poor officiating and shitty announcing, mostly), but I don’t feel bad about the game. Even if we didn’t drop those passes in the first half, I still think LSU would have worn us down and come back to win.

    I’m no pollyanna by nature, but we’ve experienced the most enjoyable season since 2007, have a good, young team, are going to a good bowl that we should win. With a few tweaks, there’s no reason to think next year won’t be even better.

    • I’ll second that Tronan. Especially the poor officiating and shitty announcing.

      It was a great season dawgs. Make us proud in the bowl game and lets go recruit the Horses for our Championship next year!

    • NRBQ

      I appreciate the enthusiasm. But the dropped passes came in the first quarter (and a few very late). Had UGA kept it’s foot on the passing gas (!) the entire game, it could have been a different outcome. LSU gave up huge passing yardage early in the season, and I feel Bobo could have used that to control LSU’s TOP.

      But that 14 yards from Highsaiah WAS instrumental.

    • Will (the other one)

      Yep. The loss was worse on the scoreboard, but we looked far better prepared and played far better than we did against Boise. Having no doubt that LSU was the best team in the nation doesn’t hurt either.
      But we can bounce back and finish 11-3, which would be better than I realistically hoped for at the season’s start. And with the lack of seniors we have (and tons of freshmen), gives us a lot to be excited about going into next year.

  39. JaxDawg

    We quit. I didn’t mind losing the game.but we quit. That’s bullshit. For now, I’ll mark it as a young team that has learned their lesson. In a 3 months, that lesson is gone. You better win these games b/c you MF’ers just gave up tonight b/c someone told you to. B/c someone told you that you had no shot and you (deep down) believed it.

    Don’t EVER fucking quit. Not now, not next year. EVER!

  40. AusDawg85

    This was the game almost exactly as predicted. LSU has more, better athletes and waits to grind you down in the 4th. They don’t make mistakes. They make you make mistakes. They won on ST too.

    The surprise is how well the Dawgs played the first half…even with a boatload of mistakes on offense. Best D performance (for 30 minutes) ever.

    I’ll never quit wondering why Bobo could not make adjustments to the LSU blitz. Yes, we had no running game, IC was injured/punked-out/had no chance anyway….but there are plays to combat this. And were never called. AM took a beating, unnecessarily.

    We have a LOT to build on for next year. We should be the favorite in our bowl game. We play in the toughest conference in history. This limits our shots at BCS games severely. To break through, we need a Heisman caliber player or two, some lucky breaks, and momentum. Perhaps we had that with Stafford/Moreno and just missed our shot. It’s hard to keep doing it (see FL, TN, AL and not to mention the other 100 or so other teams that have not been in the picture for decades.)

    We keep recruiting, we probably need to upgrade in offensive leadership, and keep being UGA (not cheating, not diminishing our brand).

    Hat’s off to the 2011 Tigers…one of the greatest college football teams ever. And Go Dawgs!

    • WFdawg

      Agree entirely. You may be right that we missed our window with Stafford, Moreno (07), and those two + Green (08). Lack of urgency in critical games (07 SC, UT; 08 UA, UF, GT) and Willie as DC did us in. Also, 2002 could have been our year, save for a horrible game in Jax. (Everyone remembers Edwards’ drop, but another killer was the call that Pollack had a forward lateral on his INT when he handed it to Sean Jones at midfield. Also, Bennett was cold that day.) Anyway, this year showed me that our day to win it all still may come under CMR + CTG’s watch. And Keith Marshall, come on down.

    • Tronan

      Good point about a Heisman caliber player. I keep thinking about what’s preventing us from moving from good to great, and that may be it. Sure, more depth would be good, but with a take charge, 1,500 yard tailback, this team should be able to immediately move from the top 15 to the top 5. I wonder (because I don’t really know) if Keith Marshall may be that guy. Or, who knows, maybe IC gets his shit together and becomes that player.

  41. Grafton

    I’m proud of my Dawgs! No one expected us to play for the SECC. I’m really disappointed with a lot of the fans on this blog though. Did you guys really expect us to have any sort of chance with no depth, no running game, and feshman in all our skill positions? Like it or not the better team won tonight.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      We’re all proud of our Dawgs. But we have fair frustrations with the team’s performance tonight. Murray turned the ball over twice (3 times?). Our D seemed to give up in the 4th once the outcome looked certain. IC acted like a punk, again. Bobo called a great 1st quarter then immediately went to the most pedestrian playbook he could think of in the 2nd. We gave up over 100 yards on punt returns.

      • Grafton

        I agree on I, but most of the play book gets thrown out the window when a D as deep as LSU’s doesn’t respect the run and can drop 7 to defend the pass. We are not going to beat great teams unroll we can get a solid running attack period.

  42. Zdawg

    Just got back from the game. LSU played their game. Broke things open with special teams, defense and turnovers. They have an effective offense when given the short field. Its disappointing we couldn’t show a little more. I think I’m more disappointed that for once all the pundits and talking heads out there were right about this game. Was hoping to see more from this Georgia team.

    I thought our run game was a glaring weakness from the beginning, and when we proved we couldn’t move the ball that way, it was over.

    IC limped off the field only to return a few times. He was booed for it. I don’t remember ever being in a game where 60+ thousand fans booed a freshman like that. Just an observation.

    • BR Dawg

      That is shamefull for people to boo an 18 year old kid weather they think hes tough or not.

      • agreed BR… What is this kid truly guilty of? Not living up to the expectations of us fans? Shameful. This kid is 18 and is not a professional in any sense of the word and our fans are only hurting matters much more by expressing, all of our disappointment, in that manner. I hope IC can find it inside himself to overcome whatever it is going on, but our fans showed their a$$ with that crap…

  43. Skeeter

    We’ve gotta have a running game. Must, must, must.

    There is room for Crowell healthy, but we need a bruiser or two. Only Carlton is willing, bless his heart, DGD.

    Without it we are eating our own. This is a TEAM game. No one player on this team can will a win.

    • NRBQ

      I’d disagree.

      I think Boo has a lot of heart. But Richt/Bobo only give him the ball in the last four minutes of blowouts.

      From what I saw of the Richt/Crowell confrontation on the sideline, I suspect Highsaiah is gone.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        I hope you are right about IC going away. I was rooting for him, but ready to see him amscray.

      • BMan

        Even with Richt as disciplinarian bus driver, I think he will take a while to throw a freshman off the team. We’ll see what happens when grades hit (between now and the bowl game?). Then I imagine Richt would see what IC does for a school year and how his attitude is in Spring and into summer workouts. If he’s still showing his ass by then, he might be asked to get off the bus. Or shown where the short bus is that Washaun took to Jax State.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Did you notice that Ealey…er…Crowell did not get back into the game after the stupid penalty? Or that when CMR was talking to him he turned his back and walked away? On national TV. In front of a crowd of 80,000. Crowell will be told to do something to earn his way back onto the team and he will refuse. Off the team. Ealey redux. The real shame is that if UGA had one decent back we could have won this game and the SEC Championship.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Can we get Hilliard to transfer to UGA? They owe us one for Mettenberger.

          • OKDawg

            When Richt addressed IC after his personal foul, my wife and I replayed it about 6 times trying to read his lips. Here’s our best guess: “Hey! Isaiah! What’s that?!? That’s stupid! Sit the f@&k down.” I’m open to any other translations…but that’s what I’m going with for now.

  44. Cosmic Dawg

    One other thought. In Bobo’s defense – the passing success in the 1st quarter came before LSU realized for sure that we didn’t have much of a run game.

    To some degree, CMB was asked to pass on a team that, by the 2nd quarter, knew it didn’t need to stack the box to stop our nonexistent run, so was able to spread defenders around the secondary a little. Thomas’ getting knocked out of the game surely exacerbated Bobo’s already limited options.

  45. Ray

    Crowell wasn’t booed. He went off the field and Boo replaced him. People were yelling his nickname, “Boo”. I was at the game also.