Name that caption, old times edition

Guess who’s filming an ESPN promo (h/t Radi Nabulsi)

Dazzle us in the comments.


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36 responses to “Name that caption, old times edition

  1. charlottedawg

    Sorry we waited until 2010 to get a real defensive coordinator Matt, oh what could’ve been….

    • DawgGoneIt

      Ok, I’ll go there. Ahem… “Did ya’ll find an offensive coordinator too?”

      • CharlotteDawg

        In the Offensive Coordinator’s defense, Stafford is kind of a living testament to Bobo’s prowess as a QB coach and recruiter

        • AusDawg85

          He followed his girlfriend to school, and was gifted before he set foot on campus. Not knocking CMB, but just suggesting you can’t lionize him either for Staf’s accomplishments.

          • You can do a good job by pointing to Joe Cox’s stats, which, given the fact that he played for a rather bad and undertalented team, were pretty damn good, if heavy on the INT’s. His season was still as good as many of the seasons, offensively, that we had under Richt.

            • McTyre

              WP, You’re one of the few people I’ve heard who get that Cox not only was not solely responsible for the poor 2009 season but he played his arse off. Led the SEC in passing TDs in SEC games on a team not only with a mediocre running game but the worst UGA defense in 15 years. Yes, JC was the least talented full season starter of the Richt Era and he turned the ball over at an alarming rate, but the guy had the game on his back nearly every week the SEC. DGD as much as any player ever IMHO.

      • 81Dog

        Right. Because with someone competent as his OC, Stafford would probably have thrown for a zillion yards, a boatload of TDs, improved week to week and season to season, taken us to 3 bowl wins and a couple of top 10 finishes nationally, and left Athens as a number 1 choice in the NFL draft. Wait…what?

  2. Tom Haverford

    “I tell you Hairy–I would give anything to have the bad O-line I had back in college with me in Detroit…those clowns are going to get me killed.”

  3. hodgie

    Which way to Mark May’s office? We are here to beat his ads. Also, Herbstreit…he’s got a whipping coming too. His 2007 tirades against us must be revisited.

  4. OKDawg

    Alright, Matt. Here’s where we’ll have you hoist the keg over your head. As we zoom in, Hairy Dawg will spot you.

  5. ben

    Hey Hairy, what are you doing over Spring Break? Wanna take it to da lake?

  6. Dog in Fla

    Matt looks away after Hairy tells him to stop wearing his cap Trooper-style unless he’s catching Clayton Kershaw.

  7. DawgGoneIt

    Hairy: “So, I hear the food sucks in the NFL.”

  8. Boss Dawg

    Who wants to get SAUCED…just leave him.

  9. Comin' Down The Track

    All right, Staff. Where’re you hiding Meganerd? I still owe him a wedgie.

  10. Craig

    Dang Suh……How bout them Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dawg19

    (Stafford to Hairy): “This better not be one of those ‘discount double-check’ commercials…”

  12. Cojones

    Hairy: Is this where we report for Matt drills?

    Matt: Just like Washington. If you want a friend, get a Dawg.

  13. Go Dawgs!

    “I keep getting older, but Hairy Dawg stays the same age.”

  14. Jim

    Oh what could have been if calvin johnson had gone to uga…

  15. section Z alum

    ESPN wants us to give up the Auburn rivalry for what?

  16. Cojones

    “Which one has the Dawg bone?”

  17. Skeptic Dawg

    Hairy to Stafford: “So, tell me again where you played college football.”

  18. Bulldog Joe

    “No. Harry doesn’t Tebow.”

  19. Hairy, I’m glad you didn’t come in that God-forsaken Red Power Ranger Pro Combat abomination from Nike.

  20. Reed this

    Staff: Folks in TV land are gonna be shocked when Maria Sharapova reveals that she was Hairy Dawg all along.

  21. Macallanlover

    Matt needs a personal makeover before he does any TV ads/promos. Good guy, great talent, but he looks bush league with that “do” and the way he wears a hat. You ain’t in Kansas anymore lad.

    • Cojones

      I think I remember Paul Hornung had “curly-locks disheveled” appearance too except his were golden. Isn’t one of Matt’s promos for a greasy hairdo vaseline look?

      • Macallanlover

        Couldn’t tell you, never seen an ad with him in it. But if you are going to be among the elite group of QBs and get the respect the others do, you really should look like your HS days are behind you. Still, a DGD.

  22. David

    “Hey Hairy, don’t tell anyone, but I think my 2007 team would have beat the pants off this year’s team. But, I wouldn’t want to face Jarvis Jones. He’s scarier than Clay Matthews.”

  23. TomReagan

    Matt: But those bathrooms aren’t big enough to…

    Hairy: They are if she’s a GymDog. See, what we did was…