“The time at Georgia we had some really great games.”

It looks like this was the week Willie Martinez was unleashed upon the Alabama media.  There’s a more complete transcript of what he had to say here, if you’re interested.  If you’re like me, you’ll be fascinated by this:

On Martinez’s philosophy for his defensive backs:

We want them to be a group that’s very consistent in how they prepare every day knowing what they’re supposed to do and being very detailed. Not being very complicated and confusing. They have to work together. I would like for them to start fast, finish fast. You’ll hear that a lot.

The No. 1 job in the secondary, and this is not an earth-shattering answer, is not to give up the explosive plays. With that you have to be very consistent in how you prepare every day. Every detail in a coverage or a defense is very important. Don’t do more than you have to do. They have to play together. They have to be a unit both on and off the field. Whether you’re on the football field or in the weight room, it’s got to be something where they’re pushing each other.

Okay, just kidding.  That’s about as bland a version of coachspeak as you’ll hear uttered.

And about him and BVG – why the magic?

Just like everywhere across the country, there’s certain guys that work well with certain guys. It’s kind of like coming out of the same tree. You have some core beliefs that are very similar. We’re different in our personalities but from a football standpoint we believe in the same things. The delivery might be different but the message is the same.

Look at the bright side, Tigers fans.  When VanGorder inevitably leaves in a couple of years, at least his replacement will be able to step in seamlessly and soldier on without missing a beat.  The message is the same, after all.  Trust me on this.



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  1. AusDawg85

    Minor thread hijack…as I post this, the Senator is but 84 hits away from 10 million (which I’m sure is significant is some way, but prolly not with $$$).

    Congrats Senator! And are there really any good UGA blogs left?


  2. DawgBiscuit

    It’s at 10,000,002 now. Dang, I missed it by THAT much. Congrats to you, Senator, and thanks for the outstanding blogging day in and day out.


  3. 69Dawg

    Willie left out the part about face masking while waving your arms wildly in the hope that the WR will drop the ball.

    Congrats on the 10 million by the way.


  4. Bulldog Bry

    Odds on how many times will we see Willie giving two thumbs up when the secondary comes off the field this year?


  5. For the Auburn fans; we’re from Get the Picture we are here to help. Believe the nice Senator, Martinez is the man. 10 million hits not bad just think what you’d have if you had gone with sex,drugs and rock and roll like I’ve always advocated..f*** the FCC.