Creeping soshulizm

It’s been a while since we’ve had any goobers from out West threatening a legal shakedown of the BCS since the marketplace refuses to recognize the greatness of the bottom feeders in the WAC, but it sounds like a couple of regents at Nevada may be ready to step up to the plate (h/t Graham Watson):

… With the six major conferences receiving the lion’s share of the BCS revenue, two regents expressed outrage over what they see as a funding inequity, a longtime concern among less prominent conferences, which refer to themselves as non-BCS schools.

Since the majority of Division I schools — 66 percent — are public institutions, Regents Michael Wixom and Ron Knecht said Nevada taxpayers essentially were subsidizing big-time college football programs at the expense of UNLV and UNR.

“What frustrates me is taxpayers are, in essence, funding the infrastructure of college football,” Wixom said.

Man.  And here I was thinking that’s what my cable bill was doing.


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12 responses to “Creeping soshulizm

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Typical….these gentlemen seem confused about who pays for college football, at least in the profitable programs.

    How, exactly, how were public funds used to subsidize, for instance, Alabama? Or, for that matter, Georgia or Florida?

    Buncha shmageggi(es)


  2. ScooBoo

    It’s time for the big 6 to secede from the NCAA and let the rest fight for the scraps. 6 conference champs and 2 at large make up a playoff bracket. Let’s just be done with it already! #tiredoftheb(c)s


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Socialism is when ‘They’re’ taking it out of your pocket. When you’re taking it out of ‘Their’ pocket, it’s bringing home the bacon. Is this a great country or what!


  4. JG Shellnutt

    The infrastructure is subsidized by my contribution to the Hartman fund and bowl payouts come from the Senator’s cable bills. Man, arethese guys way off or what? It’s time for these guys to find something else to cry about. You can’t be the last one to show up at a party and then claim you should have gotten the same food as the guys who were there from the start.


  5. Perhaps those colleges without independent Athletic departments should just go ahead and quit football —- since they are costing Taxpayers and stop asking for social security dole outs from the haves.


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