This week’s meme

Maybe it’s just me, but it sure seems like the local media is more frustrated over Richt’s unwillingness to disclose news about the suspensions than Gary Pinkel is.

“You prepare for the scheme; obviously, I don’t know if they are going to be back or not,” Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said Monday. “We can’t worry about that, we have to enough things to be concerned about that we have control over. If they play, they play. I don’t know what else to tell you.”

Although I admit to a bit of surprise that Bradley hasn’t weighed in on this yet.  Maybe he hasn’t figured out the Paul Johnson angle.


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23 responses to “This week’s meme

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Local media….more frustrated….sounds like a winner.

  2. Richt needs to hang on to every angle he can. We need points, points, points against MO. Georgia needs to win by +70 to keep from falling to number 8 in the polls.

  3. DawgPhan

    Sure would like him to find out what the scheme looks like with a couple more all-SEC type defenders in the game.

  4. fuelk2

    Ordinarily, I’d agree with Pinkel. Tree, to me, is a guy that a coach probably needs to gameplan for, though. If they’re wasting time gameplanning for him when he’s not going to be in there, great. Even better, maybe they’re not gameplanning for him when he will be in there.

    • William

      Also, Tree gives you that sideline to sideline speed to track a swing play or mobile QB. If he is not in there, parts of their plabook open back up IMHO.

  5. There’s been a world of butt-hurt emanating from the local media over Richt’s secrecy around this.

  6. deebflop

    Mark Bradley has lost control of the Paul Johnson angle on Mark Richt.

    Naturally, I blame Bobo.

  7. I do not know if this is McGarrity ala-FU style or what not, but suspensions should be by a quarter of the game or so, ala-FU again. LOL

  8. Cojones

    Should we placate them so they won’t write downer stuff about UGA? That would depend on whether they already do, wouldn’t it? Screw’em. Let’em go to their own jackyard and backoff.

  9. Irwin R Fletcher

    The ‘suspension’ angle is only mildly troll-tastic. Bradley and Schultz most certainly have their troll tabloids loaded up and ready to drop Wednesday-Friday…probably along the line of “All of the good things Mark Richt has ever done will be burned to ash if they lose this game on Saturday” …sprinkle in some “suspensions again”, “Saban has them rolling at Bama”, “easy schedule…this is the year” and maybe just a hint of undertones saying “You don’t want to be the team that loses to Mizzou first” and there you have your AJC tabloid trollfest for the week.

  10. Dog in Fla

    Shorter Todd Grantham:

    “You go to war with the Army you have—not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time.”

  11. rugbydawg79

    “And fatigue makes cowards of us all” I Love reading Cojones’ posts

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I do too and he has a gift for getting me wound up.😉

      • Cojones

        The gift that keeps gittin’? Not as much pleasure as all you guys (and a few girls) give me. I’m envious of most writers here, but especially those who have the great grace of forgiveness to an anonymous person. Even the condescending posters are appreciated when they don’t think that I know any better.

        The forgiving by most everyone, but especially The Senator, is what keeps me here. He has underlooked a few outrageous comments and keeps our and his emotions at the seething level until gametime. Then he turns the Dawg fans loose that he has cultured and cultivated to a crescendo all week.

        Think I’ll go to a skank bar this afternoon. I have the overwhelming urge to hump a leg. Go Dawgs! Sic’em in Columbia!.

          • Cojones

            Colt 45 ok?

            The last protection I carried crumbled from dry rot when I tried to use it. I now carry the old fart’s favorite, packed with natural dry powder. The slippery boogers fell off. The oldies whisper things like “Great sanding belt” while most of’em just scream, I guess from sheer shear.