Observations from the 45, The Collaring edition

I sat in a friend’s seat last night, hence the header variation.

Let me start by saying that Russ endeared himself to me with his all too apparent discomfort around Michael Adams last night.  He kept trying to shift away from the outgoing president, realized that it wasn’t going to end until  he suffered having the collar placed around his neck, bit the bullet and then trotted away as fast as those short, stout legs would let him.  A damned good dog, in other words.

Certain aspects of the game that followed mirrored the awkwardness of the ceremony – the defense was in and out of sync throughout the first half, special teams play (outside of a flawless PAT performance by Morgan) had its whiffier moments, the offense turned the ball over four times, including a pick-six off an embarrassingly poor throw by LeMay that cost Georgia any shot at covering the spread – but in the end it all played out about as we expected.  Lots of kids played, the most important defensive player got to rest his injury and they still won by better than five touchdowns.  As I wrote on Friday, if the Dawgs win the conference games they’ve got coming up in the next two or three weeks, nobody is going to remember the busted coverage that led to FAU’s second touchdown.

On to the gory details.

  • Okay, who wants to blame Bobo this morning?  Georgia averaged  over eleven yards per play last night.  I don’t care who you’re playing, that’s fantastic.  The offense looked well prepared.  The wealth was spread around, as seven different receivers had catches and Gurley, Marshall and Malcome all looked effective running the ball.  I had to look it up, but it’s worth noting that Georgia is tenth nationally in scoring offense and twentieth in total offense.  Sure, that’s come against some cupcakes, but it’s not like Georgia is the only team that’s faced weaker defenses so far.
  • Did you notice that the Dawgs ran plays out of the pistol set?  Gurley’s 34-yard TD run came out of the pistol.
  • If you’ve ever wondered what people mean when they say a player rumbled on a pass catch, that’s what Lynch did on his touchdown catch.  It may not have been elegant, but it sure was effective.
  • That was so not pass interference on that penalty call.
  • Helluva night for Aaron Murray.  He was as sharp as I’ve seen him.  He had beautiful touch on his deep ball, as he displayed on the Bennett TD pass.  He ran effectively.  He didn’t get rattled in the pocket.  The only knock on his night was the end zone pick, when he got a little too greedy for his own good.
  • Marlon Brown didn’t have too many catches, but he continues to impress with his smoothness and confidence.
  • Malcolm Mitchell:  one offensive play, one 49-yard reception.  Ho hum.
  • I thought the whole idea about Erickson’s pooch punts was to keep the ball out of the end zone.
  • As well as the linebackers played against Missouri, they played that poorly against FAU in the first half.  Pass coverage in particular left a great deal to be desired.
  • I know there were two true freshman playing in the front seven, that Ogletree and Rambo were still suspended and that Commings was rusty, but there’s still no excuse for the poor communication and disorganization that plagued the defense.  It looked like Williams lost his cool with Gilliard on one play over that.
  • Fumbled punt return and fumbled kickoff return both showed a lack of focus.  But at least Mitchell laid off trying to field that punt that bounced in front of him.  Progress, of a sort.
  • Vasser looked like he had less to shake off than Commings did; he turned in a productive game.
  • Quayvon Hicks is going to hurt somebody before his college career is over.  He flat-out obliterated a lineman on one block I saw.
  • Mixed results from the offensive line – run blocking looked improved, but there was more pressure on Murray than I liked (although FAU blitzed a lot).  Still, after 713 yards of offense produced, it would be churlish to complain too much.
  • Oh, yeah.  Keith Marshall and Justin Scott-Wesley are fast.

I know the tendency is to get worked up about the defense’s mediocre first-half play, but it’s not worth getting too riled up about it.  Jones didn’t play.  Washington barely did.  With them out, Georgia couldn’t get any sort of consistent pass rush.  They put the clamps on when they had to.  I don’t think there will be any focus issues for the Vanderbilt game.  And worst case scenario, they’ll be back at full strength for Tennessee.

(BTW, I’m on DISH, so I don’t have the CSS broadcast.  Anything those of you who watched it on TV can add, please do so in the comments.)


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93 responses to “Observations from the 45, The Collaring edition

  1. UGA moves to #5 in the AP. Color me shocked.

    • AP voters early in the season do not have time to review the late games. So when they that the offensive humber is greater than 50, forget about the score of a cupcake. UGA scored 50, and USCe scored only in the 40’s therefore we outdistanced USCe. Poor Spurrier, he can not even get a break on scheduling cupcakes. I guess, AP voters think, the FAU is much better coached than UAB.LOL

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      There is only one poll that matters. The rest are just water cooler bullshit.

  2. Cojones

    Did you notice the pattern of past games on O where, whenever we get scored on, Bobo and Murray get them back ASAP? Maybe I was getting too concerned about the D returning to the field so quickly to really enjoy it. Not!

  3. Cojones

    Bobo’s O has always been there, but deluded MM QBers keep embarrassing themselves with their aftergame plan. They quibble about a great O while lavishing praise on a not yet proven D Coach who has great players including the best WR loaned from the O. How nuts is that?

    • adam

      You’ve really developed a bunker mentality about Bobo. The offense played well yesterday. That’s good news. But two things:

      1) Bobo’s offense is definitely not “always there”. Not by a long shot.

      2) Grantham is a known commodity. One reason the defense has so many good players is that he can recruit his ass off. But he is clearly a very good DC.

    • Dave

      Dude, I support Bobo. He’s way better than Richt was. But you’re going off the deep end. I really did not like Bobo’s first half against Missouri, and the offense certainly is not always there. Each side has their strengths and weaknesses. When, in the 2nd year after firing a defensive coordinator for being awful, you implement a schematic change and have the 5th best defense in the country (without any loaners), I would not call that an unknown commodity. I would call it success.

      Yes – we need Mitchell back on O – he’s amazing. He also is our best corner, so I wouldn’t mind him on nickel too. We’re about to see whether Bobo’s offense can score in the SEC in the next three weeks without turning the ball over. Do that, and we’ll sing his praises. I think he can do it this year.

      • adam

        Good post. Agreed.

      • If BOBO can out scheme Vandy and score in the 40’s then there is something in the horizon for this team. If his schemes reaches in the 50’s then our offensive line need start preparing and get stronger for the SEC in Dec.as early as now. Just saying

  4. Bill M

    Really hope that Rambo doesnt look as rusty as Sanders when he comes back for UT and that offense.

  5. TX DAWG

    Watched it on TV…production value was so bad that my daughter commented that it was like watching the local high school football that they show….Bobo is really opening up the playbook and now opposing defenses have to account for Lynch and the pistol….thought the O Line improved once Lee went out and Gates moved to guard….he is athletic enough to either pull or help Andrews on the double team…Without help, Andrews flat out got put on his back at least three times by an opposing bull rush…he has to get better….Beard was competent enough on the left side, handled their speed rusher well and looked fairly athletic….defense looked a step slow and I’m not sure if Vassar is as good as he appears or if the competition flattered him

    • Tatum

      Not to pile on Andrews, but he got put on his back on I think the two point conversion against Missouri. Either way it was a play down near the goal line. Literally run over.

  6. Macallanlover

    We scored often, and we scored fast. Mr. Bobo has a lot of weapons to hurt you with, in several different ways. Even with a patchwork OL this offense is difficult to bottle up for any DC. All we have to do is push the right buttons.

    I hear you about the D Senator, but it is hard to watch a wimpy team like FAU light you up. With recognition that we were missing some talent last night, and that we didn’t prepare a “full out’ gameplan for them, our pass defense shows some of the same issues we seem to have every year, too much cushion always relying on the other team to make a mistake to end their drive. We just don’t get off the field quickly enough, allowing drives to continue too long. We had better see a lot of pressure from the DEs and LBs against TN and Florida or a patient QB will beat us as we give them 5-20 yards per play.

    • adam

      Murray has made thrown an insanely stupid, absolutely inexcusable pick in each of the last two games. Overall, the offense has been productive so far. I’m excited. But I’m also worried that the offensive is saving its disappearing act for Florida or whatever the first good defense we see is. To win the SEC this year, we’ll probably have to face Alabama’s defense. I’m concerned about that. I’ve never complained about Bobo’s ability to light up really bad teams. Just his inability to make things happen against good teams and his inability to get the last first down we need to win the game. I do hate running out the clock with like 10 minutes left, but it is what it is.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        “I’ve never complained about Bobo’s ability to light up really bad teams. Just his inability to make things happen against good teams….”

        Last year’s points scored in our four losses:
        21 points against Boise State
        42 points against South Carolina
        10 points against LSU
        30 points against Michigan State
        = almost 26 points per game.

        I’d say our offense did enough to win at least two of those, particularly given all the accolades afforded our defense last year. And the LSU game, if you look at LSU’s stats, is more of an outlier for our defense than our offense.

        For instance, Bama’s offense averaged 13.5 points in their two games against LSU last year, fairly comparable to GA’s 10 points, but their defense only allowed an average of 4.5. We lost 10 – 42. And that holds up pretty well for all teams against LSU, not just Bama.

        And yes, I appreciate that ST had something to do with the score in the LSU game, but so did dropped passes. And I’d agree that the offense didn’t always make it easy on the defense through fumbles and interceptions, but if you want to go down that road, you also have to give the offense credit for scoring and giving the defense opportunities to take the field with their opponents on their own 20, don’t you?

        I agree with you about prematurely trying to grind out the clock in the 4th quarter, btw.

        • adam

          The offense an special teams killed us against SCAR. While the offense scored 42, offense and special teams gave away like 28 points.

          The defense had trouble after Ogletree went out against Boise, but other than Boykin’s 80 yard play, the offense did absolutely nothing other than hang the defense out to try for most of the game. No defense can play great forever. It’s impossible emotionally and physically. If the O hangs them out to dry (turnovers, a bunch of consective 3-and-outs), they’ll eventually fail. That happened against Boise and LSU. And in the Michigan State game, the defense put us in position to win several times at the end (including the interception in OT that set up the offense letting us down again) and kept us in that game the entire first half. Hell, our defense scored the first points of the game.

          The defense could’ve played better, but the offense contributed to those losses in big ways. They can’t just limp along and assume that the defense will bail them out for 60 minutes. So far they look better this year. I’m still worried about what will happen against good defenses. I’m not sure Mizzou’s D is great. And I think their D is clearly worse than Florida’s and significantly worse than Bama’s. We’ll see what happens.

          • Cojones

            FAU had the ball for over 6 minutes of one possession in the first qtr. Continuing to make 3rd downs will do that. That tires Ds more than the O putting them right back on the field. You bet, after a grueling time trying to stop an O, the D will be tired as hell whenever they hit the field again, but blaming the O for that is just nuts.

            You are making the same tired arguments you made last year. While we all can cheer for Grantham’s success from what we had, there is no good reason to denigrate the other half of this team and it’s coach. That’s seriously flawed , man. You can cheer for them both and call shots as they are when bad things happen to either O or D, but not to face up to the fact that both sides of a team both contribute equally to our wins and losses is just being cantankerous.

            • Hackerdog

              Arguing that both sides of the ball are equally responsible for a team’s wins and losses is foolish. Last night, the offense was clearly better than the defense. Part of that is due to personnel. Part of it was probably by design.

              I agree with you that Bobo doesn’t deserve the scorn that has been heaped on him over the years. However, he has had far too many head-scratcher moments for a great deal of praise.

              Insisting that Grantham is mediocre, or unproven, because of scoring statistics, without acknowledging the scores that come from turnovers, either directly, or as a result of giving the other team a short field, is also not serious.

              • Cojones

                Grantham has as many head-scratching moments. I’m not trying to denigrate Grantham to what others think is a lower level for Bobo, I’m trying to get some to see the folly of pushing a D coach for glory and not giving the O the credit they deserve. Grantam’s own words back up my argument when he stated that the D should not have lost the games we lost. He used facts and you need to read him. However, I don’t place anymore blame on him and the D than I do on the O. They both take the shot as a team. Placing one coach’s mistakes above another’s is divisive, unless, of course, you don’t know about the other’s mistakes or choose to ignore them. In that case I’m informing you.

                I’m not raising Bobo artificially, just replying to the faulty reasoning used to diminish him and the O. I trade hyperbole for hyperbole that I see used against a good coach. And I ramp it up when I see careless and unknowing opinions presented as fact. I can do that also when defending Bobo from rubbish.

        • Dave

          You’re counting defensive points, ST points, as well as not counting points that the offense gives up, like they often did last year (SC anyone?). Redo your little exercise and then come back to us. Simple fact is right now, offense needs to do better against quality. If we score in the next 3 games without giving away points, we will have taken a step forward, IMO.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            After going back and looking at the box scores and stats, specifically turnovers near the red zone/pick sixes, points scored for and against through special teams, points scored by our defense, etc, I am ready to concede the point.

            Our offense needs to get it in gear in the big games. The story of our four losses last year is mostly the story of turnovers and poor special teams play.

            Still, I can only hang so much of this on Bobo. He can’t fumble a ball or throw an interception or miss a field goal. He can, however, go for it more often on 4th down and otherwise stay aggressive until we put the game away for sure.

  7. HahiraDawg

    Lemay looked horrible. Here’s to Murray staying healthy because if he goes down in a game that matters, I don’t see how you can not play Mason.

    oh, and JSW is a very fast dude, very fast.

    • Cojones

      Harvey-Clemens played well when I saw him. He’s from your neck of the woods.

      If you get a chance, look at DJ’s first sets when he came in for Greene during Greene’s last year. The next year he didn’t lose a game when he started (he didn’t start the FU game) LeMay is a carbon copy, no pun intended. We have already seen him better this year. My point being that he will be fine. Part of his time was punishment from Bobo. I think LeMay was impatient, fucked up some plays and tried to use his running skills to make up for it. It looked like Bobo told him that since he liked running so much, to go back in and call his number 3 times in a row. I could swear that I felt his embarrassment on his last set. And I’m sure some of the 2nd and 3rd stringers didn’t appreciate him fucking up their chance to shine. So that could have been punishment to make him focus on the play during the game. You know damned well that Bobo and Richt think a lot of him because they have seen him for over two years.

      • adam

        If Bobo really called 3 LeMay runs in a row to punish him, then Bobo is a petty child. I don’t think he’s a genius, but I don’t think he would do that. That’s a strange hypothesis.

        • Cojones

          Not as strange as Monday Morning Quarterbacking. I don’t even have the cojones for that kind of ego.

        • I can believe though saying to Lemay to run out the clock by trying to penetrate the defense line a little farther from the center. I seem to remember, though I may be wrong, Lemay running to his left flank 3 times in a row.

          • Cojones

            That’s probably more like what happened. I factored in the face-to-face earnest conversation from Bobo to LeMay between sets and before he went back out to run 3 straight into the line.

  8. AusDawg85

    The D played a lot of fresh new bodies, the outcome was never in doubt, and most of you voted against us covering the spread anyway. Last night was a very good scrimmage.

    I blame Bobo for scoring too fast, I guess. But seriously, we have shown a wealth of offensive weapons…more than most thought we’d have at the beginning of the season. The key is Aaron Murray, who given time really knows how to work with all of that talent, but the key for AM’s success is obviously the O line. (Funny how that keeps coming up.) It’s just not going to be stellar and I hope the play calling is designed to work with that reality….quick hits, mis-direction, and good old-fashioned pounding out of the I-formation. USCe and FL D’s sure aren’t going to let us get away with time to throw the long stuff if we don’t demonstrate a successful grinding running / short passing attack. Can Bobo and AM stay patient enough to let this work?

    And some jet sweeps with Marshall, Mitchel and JSW just to see who’s fastest sure would be fun vs. Vandy!

    P.S. Now that the gators are “back”, Mark Richt has lost control of the “easy” schedule!

    • Agreed, Ausdawg. Gurley and Marshall need to slow they roll. Those 30 and 40 yard runs are puttin’ the Dee right back out there.

      (smiley face goes here)

      • The Lone Stranger

        El Dawgo Cojones clued me in some time back — just type: colon/end parenthesis [:)] and it appears like out of a black tophat!

        • The Lone Stranger


          • Cojones

            The plain fact is that I forget to use it after some posts. I should remember in the heat of discussion to place one at the end to lessen my acerbity, but for some reason forget. Thanks for passing it on since it was passed to me on here. Good Dawgs, one and all.🙂

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              There is no reason for anybody on this blog to be smiling about anything, and if you think anybody at Vandy is going to be smiling this week, roll them tighter.

              • sUGArdaddy

                You must be fun to sit with at the stadium.

                Here I was thinking it was fun being 3-0 for the first time since ’08.

              • Hackerdog

                Wait, Vandy’s gunning for us? Well, they did shut out Presbyterian Saturday. And their 1-2 record and 26% third down conversion rate does scare the hell out of me.

                Good call, Scorpio. Whichever Vandy quarterback can claim the starting job this week ought to light us up. Oh noes!!!

                • Scorpio Jones, III

                  Was Vandy’s record last year better, I don’t remember, all I remember is that I did not worry enough….

                  Anchor up they ass.

                  • Cojones

                    Attaboy! Double up.

                    I’m sure glad a bunch of us were in on it when you went on this worrying tantrum. Seeing some of your latest posts makes us cringe that someone like Cojones will come on here, take you seriously and blow you up….wait a minute…ummm…

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’ve been waiting to see Marshall hit the corner and demonstrate that speed.

  9. The picture was better on ESPN 3 than on the NO HD lousy feed on CSS in Athens. We were the only major game on an SD channel. I

    • bulldogbry

      I watched the whole game on the laptop, hooked up to the tv, only to discover with 30 seconds to go that it was on our Comcast HD station. Odd considering I live in Virginia and they normally show such powerhouse teams like Maryland, UVA and JMU.

  10. Cosmic Dawg

    I think it’s also important to remember, as AusDawg seemed to be implying, that the real benefit of playing these games is not in winning 75-0. The point should be to win comfortably while trying out new schemes and getting some personnel some playing time.

    I am as guilty of the next guy of yelling at the TV when FAU scores *any* points, even against our second-stringers. But we should remember that sometimes it may be the result of trying out something or someone new and not a lack of focus or fire (which, admittedly, it was at times last night).

    And if we give up an extra TD or two against FAU because we’ve been game planning for Vandy and Tenn all week instead, that is totally fine with me and a smart use of our time.

    As far as Bobo and Grantham go, I think so much of their standing with fans is total image and perception based on zero facts. Grantham is the “tough guy”, he’s got “fire”, he’s snarky with the reporters, etc. Bobo is a little more low-key, cerebral (it’s possible!), whatever, and so he’s the “wimpy” guy. Bobo’s just not “footbawl” enough for us.

    It’s funny, UGA fans say they want smashmouth football, but when our RB’s run it up the gut and get knocked back it’s never the fault of the O-line, it’s Bobo’s fault for not calling the Statue of Liberty.

    • I’ve never been the biggest Bobo fan or detractor, but I will say he seems to have put in a lot of work in the offseason in studying what other teams do and trying new things…I’ve always wanted to see us try the Pistol formation and had to look twice when I saw it last night.

      • adam

        I’ve been pleased to see a few new wrinkles in the offense. Especially because (unlike the Logan Gray wildcat) they’ve been intelligent and well-executed.

  11. Irishdawg

    I don’t give a damn how bad a defense FAU had, Murray gave a passing clinic last night (except for that one end zone pick). He had time and was hitting beautiful bombs right in stride. Bennett’s TD was as good a throw as anything Matt Stafford ever threw.

  12. My thoughts on the game:

    I noticed the pistol formation too…was wondering if we had previously tried it and I just hadn’t noticed. We finally saw some flashes of what made Keith Marshall highly rated. He’s fast but I continue to be impressed with Gurley’s speed in the open field.. I love seeing him outrun guys to the end zone. I reaffirm my man crush on him.

    My only quibble with Murray outside of the bad pick you mentioned was that he STILL can’t seem to put the right touch on that pass to the RB out of the backfield..two badly thrown ones in this game I remember specifically.

    Defense has definitely got to get over their first half slumber jobs. So many guys running free it was scary plus the 40 yard TD run where the RB was basically untouched. I said on my blog that Grantham must have been cussing so loud that he was peeling paint off the walls at halftime. I did also notice a lot of young guys playing..Jordan Jenkins seemed to get a lot of PT in particular. Herrera had a nice second half.

    Was good to see Bennett bounce back from his dropsies last week and I too like what I see out of Marlon Brown. I think Conley had a big catch in the first half too didn’t he? I’d been wondering where he was.

    I continue to wonder why Swann is returning punts..has he even come close to breaking one? That’s not even counting the muff that he fell on. I saw they finally put Mitchell back there later in the game.

    All in all, Offfense looked like a well oiled machine mostly…young RBs continue to excite me…defense got a lot of young players some playing time and no Jarvis, but if they keep sleepwalking thru first halves defensively, it could get ugly against better teams.

    • Macallanlover

      Our offensive issues will come when we meet a terrific DL that can expose our OL weaknesses but I agree with you, we have much to be excited about on offense. Talented depth at RB, a large group of receivers that can run and catch, a QB that undertands the offense and is accurate, and a couple of fullbacks that can level you. Our issue is the OL and I hope they continue to learn/grow as the season goes along. They don’t have to be great, just get in someones way to shield the defense from the RBs and QB long enough to get the shot off. And this isn’t new, we have been pretty prolific at scoring the past few seasons, and that was without the quality of RBs we have this year, and the number of “go to” receivers which means the DBs cannot just focus onone or two guys.

      I have been saying all along, some are giving up on Marshall too quickly, fortunately we don’t have to choose between the two freshman…we have them both. This isn’t to take away from Todd Gurley one bit. I am as impressed with him as all of you are, but marshall is a special weapon that complements TG, and Boo is another breed of RB himself. Best I have seen us at RB in a long, long time. CMR and CMB look at that position as a team and no one RB is going to get all the carries, hasn’t happened since Musa, and that might be the reason we were able to attract two such highly rated runners in one class. I like it, I know everyone wants to fall in love with just one, but we can have it all and one twisted ankle will not totally cripple the team.

      • I’d agree with ya. The offensive line could still be a problem against the big boys of the SEC. And while I’m in love with Gurley, if not for him looking like a man amongst boys so far, we’d probably all be bragging about Marshall more. For a true freshman he’s looked pretty good. I was glad to see the flashes of talent from him last night and to see him have some big runs…I think he just needs some confidence and time.

        This might be revisionist memory on my part but Marshall’s probably been more impressive than Crowell was at this time last year. Future definitely looks bright at RB. I just wish Murray could find his touch on that pass out of the backfield. The thought of either Gurley or Marshall catching the ball in space makes me salivate.

        • Dave

          you’re right – that is revisionist history. Marshall is sooooooo close to breaking really long runs and being awesome, but Crowell was the real deal from the very first touch. You could tell the guy was fluid and had skills.

      • Dave

        I love Gurley and rightfully so. But I will also say Marshall is FASSSSST….that 20 yard pitch where he was six inches short was pretty impressive. He was moving twice as fast as everyone else on the field. Right now all signs point to Gurley and rightfully so, but we need to be thinking about some other opportunities for Marshall too. If he develops just a little, he could be lethal. Think about slot/wing/Wildcat touches as well as a change of pace back behind Gurley. The Dawg fans need to keep Marshall on the forefront as well as he as some really explosive potential.

        • Yeah..I guess my memories of Crowell are all of him having a nice run and then taking himself out of the game..probably just clouded by disappointment.

          • Both Gurley and Marshall seem to WANT the ball more than Crowell ever did to me…but again…when I think of Crowell it’s through a veil of disappointment.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Then don’t think about Crowell, he’s gone….think of all the disappointment you will save. If you want to think about somebody who is gone there are a whole lot better candidates.

  13. Tatum


    Highlight link from Georgiadogs. Two observations. One – on FAU’s long touchdown run in the 1st, we had a strong safety blitz on, but Commings was lined up wide left with two other DB’s on a slot right formation. Unless there was another WR I couldn’t see, I don’t know what was going on. 2 – Artie Lynch’s touchdown catch was a lesson in futility by FAU’s #7. He tried to jam him, got knocked down, got up , chased Artie down and received the stiff-arm for the final few yards.

  14. carpie

    I think it’s worth mentioning, the one bright spot for the defense in the first half was Shawn Williams. Dude came to play! Perhaps he was already thinking about Vandy…

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  16. CDawg

    Nice use of the word churlish.

  17. A new Dawg record; 713 total yards. I blame Bobo.
    Sixth best all time SEC total yards record. I blame Bobo.
    Starting the season with 3 straight 40 plus points per game.
    I Blame Bobo..

  18. Brian Dawg

    Give Bobo credit when the offense does well. He earned it.

  19. Scorpio Jones, III

    Senator, I am going to take a straw poll, hope you kin dig it.

    How many of youse guys( and I use that word as an androgyne) have actually lived, as adults (well) through a truly magical season, sweated and worried, read the entrails of goats, fired wives or girlfriends cause they washed yer shirt?

    Wore the knees out two brand new pairs of good jeans and began a continuing relationship with the Kharmic Bitches?

    Had one of those seasons when all that stuff your friends kid you about, your wife or new girlfriend thinks is insane, childish actually worked and at the end of the hunt produced a season like no other in modern memory?

    My suspicion is that they ain’t many here who can actually make that claim.

    Here’s a hint….somewhere in the bottom of a drawer is a genuine terrible towel still redolent with the sweated blood of the Tennessee game.

    And that’s why most of you don’t have a clue how to worry properly.

    It is, apparently, my lot to keep you grounded….it is a tough job, but this old Dawg is up to the challenge.

    First lesson….we play Vandy this week, nobody else matters, nobody else counts, we are not the fucking WWL with a gazillion empty hours to fill with speculative bullshit about down the damn road.

    Anchor up they ass.

    • Scorp, you can thank me and two of my buddies for the stellar success of 1980.

      Early in the season, during a close game, we put an old football shoe on top of the TV, and kept the toe pointing in the direction which UGA was moving with the ball. We did that the rest of the season, rotating the shoe every time teams changed ends.

      We also employed a few magical chants, choruses and refrains.

      It was a football miracle, that sustained the Dawgs right through the Sugar Bowl. I still have that shoe.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        See…there was this hat….it was 34-3 and there was a national championship….and there was a Herschel. Then there was the 82 Sugar Bowl against that team that should have been forced to forfeit that game, too.

        We were in a cab, going back to the hotel out in Metarie or some other godforsaken place and, in a fit of black despair, I threw my hat into Lake Pontchartrain.

        Nothing has ever been the same, and it is all my fault. I asked the Chicken Man what to do to get my JuJu back….he said…..Worry.

        Lost hats are a heavy burden.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Good gawd, man, you must reignite that footwear for Cocktails and the Plainstiglemen game and the Show-in-the-Dome on Dec. 1! This is an order ….!

    • Biggus Rickus

      2002 was pretty magical, but I don’t do all that superstitious bullshit.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        “pretty magical” Maybe the reason for it being only “pretty magical” was that you do not pay proper attention to all that stuff you don’t seem to understand.

        • I’m sorta curious about one thing: with all the fretting you do, when do you actually get to enjoy the season?😉

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Well, let’s see…since “fretting” is part of the seasonal ritual, I enjoy the opportunity. But to actually answer your question, I enjoy the part at the end of the game where we are 30 points ahead and kneeling. And I really enjoy when the fat lady sings and it is over and we won.

            Dude, just because my chosen path to football glory is a different path does not mean the path does not arrive at the same destination….as long as I worry enough and wear the right hat.

            I can’t hit people or catch the ball or run over a safety, but I can damn sure worry…I relish the opportunity.

            And hope like hell to celebrate at the end of the hunt.

  20. Russ....actual mascot for life

    Did you notice what he said there, that Richt guy as they were lining up for the kick off?

    He clearly said “Get after their Ass” Dude acted all serious-like.

  21. Russ

    While I thought it was funny to see ULM beat Arky and almost beat the wartigerplainsmen, I worry in the big scheme that those games and WKU beating UK will cause our overall SEC schedule to be dawgraded, costing us in the polls. I still think this team has what it takes to make a deep run in the playoffs.

  22. IWanaBDaveGrohl

    I just scanned the comments, so I don’t think anyone made this point already, and if someone did, I apologize:

    I picked up on the pistol, as well, but we only ran running plays out of it. Something to keep an eye on, because if all we do is run out of it, obviously it gets predictable and becomes a problem.

    • Sanford222view

      Could be that was by design. Show the formation so teams have to prepare for it but don’t show everything you are going to do from that formation.