You liked it. You really, really liked it.

If I can engage in some brief horn-tooting, it would be an understatement to say that yesterday’s Montana Project post went over well.  GTP drew a record 31,468 site views of which nearly 20,000 were attributed to that post.  After one day, it’s already the third most visited post in the history of the blog.  The post also got plenty of attention on Twitter and at the site.

Needless to say, we are all gratified.  It’s always nice to see a labor of love appreciated by a wider audience.  So thank you all very much.  And, again, if it’s not too much trouble, please check out Travis’ post and see what you can do.


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34 responses to “You liked it. You really, really liked it.

  1. hunkerdowndawg

    Great idea from Hoppy and Travis. Done.


  2. gastr1

    And there was a sidebar mention at Dawg Sports, with one comment, even. The planets have aligned!

    It was great, and a lot of fun. Next year: the Michigan helmet project.


  3. I also noticed that Stewart Mandel started Following you on Twitter…
    Not sure what that’s worth but it stands to reason he is aware


  4. paul

    Stewart claims that the video validates the point he made to begin with. I’m not so sure I agree.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Stewart has made so many splendid points since that one I doubt he can remember the point. He can claim what he chooses, the fact he thought it in the first place gives him a good shot at permanent membership in the Dingleberry Hall of Fame.


    • Gravidy

      I’m certain I don’t agree. For it to have validated his point, he would have to believe that “all 100” of those people (not any mythical, undefined group of “average college football fans”, but THOSE PEOPLE) would be able to identify a Michigan helmet, the USC Song Girls, and Joe Paterno. It is plainly, painfully evident to me that there were a significant number of people in that group who likely couldn’t have identified any of them.


      • tbia

        I also believe that “THE U” has lost its luster and would not fall into his power category.


        • Dawgfan Will

          You are ascribing far too much logic to his criteria. In fact, he simply should just come out and say that Georgia is not one of the “kings” simply because he doesn’t think they are, because that is pretty much what it boils down to.


      • gastr1

        “It is plainly, painfully evident to me that there were a significant number of people in that group who likely couldn’t have identified any of them.”

        Yup. I can’t see more than 73% for the Michigan helmet.


      • paul

        Oh I’m certain I don’t agree either. That was supposed to print out in sarcasm font. Danged interwebs.


  5. heyberto

    Well deserved reward for running a great blog senator. I send all kinds of people here, CFB fans, SEC fans, and the few UGA fans that don’t know about it, and I’m proud that this is a UGA slanted blog. It’s because it’s informative, broad in scope, snarky but fair, unapologetic, analytical, interesting, funny, sensible, opinionated, and much more. The lack of fanfare and quality of the content is the secret to its success. If I ever wanted to be a CFB / UGA blogger, I couldn’t, because I know I couldn’t do it any better. Can’t say thank you enough.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    They need to open one a them Paypal accounts for the donations…some of us older folks have not written a check in 20 years.


  7. Jrod1229

    Just out of curiosity what were the two larger posts?


  8. BCDawg97


    Time to start pushing hard for the Mumme Poll. Strike while the iron is hot!


  9. DawgBiscuit

    Thank you Hoppy and Senator for doing the Montana Project. I love that you guys have demonstrated the power of independent blogs in the Internet age and that people no longer have to just accept some hack’s dubious claims just because he writes for a major publication.


  10. Marshall

    I agree with pretty much everyone here that the Montana Project was a crowning achievement. First off, it was just a great video that was well-edited and very entertaining, not to mention the fact that it’s a really good for UGA and UGA football. Also, it further validates that GTP is undoubtedly one of the best college football blogs out there. Just a bit under 12 million hits–awesome!

    On a personal note, I know that the time the Senator linked to a write-up on one of my blogs is still, to this day, the number one post in terms of hits in its three year history. The power of GTP, baby!


  11. fetch

    Someone should take a Michigan helmet, to say Delaware, and see how many recognize it.


  12. JCB

    So, has the Mandel requested restraining order been issued yet?