Stirred, not shaken: Vanderbilt game thread

I’m about to head out.  It occurs to me that tonight begs for a drinking game. Mark Jones is enough of a hack that we ought to hear plenty about the awful doings from last year.

One wrinkle – I’ll let you guys come up with the rules.  So have at it in the comments.


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72 responses to “Stirred, not shaken: Vanderbilt game thread

  1. Puffdawg

    Drink every time somebody says,”vandy under Franklin won’t back down.”

  2. Metal Steel Chair

    A shot every time you hear: “No longer the conference doormat.”. Goldschlager seems fairly appropriate for Franklin/Dores. Shotgun a beer after each “Anchor Down.”

    • Macallanlover

      Anchor down must be new, never heard it before this year, on this blog. Guess I always thought they had their anchor down but maybe they were just dead in the water. Dawgs roll tonight, I just hope we get no significant injuries. I will drink to that!

      • rugbydawg79

        with you Mac

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Anchor Down is a leftover from the Vandy-SC game. Student sign.
        Apparently Vandy does not offer classes in nautical terminology.

        I decided on a more fitting spot for the anchor….from the Dawg point of view.

        As in: Anchor Up They Damn Ass.

        • Macallanlover

          Thanks, missed that sign. Like gt, Vandy fans continue to make you wonder about the value of test scores and academic standings. Their perception of last year’s game is baffling. Not a lot of difference between the ethics of them and Auburn fans in 2010. Selling their integrity to support lil Jimmy Franklin.

        • fetch

          I, for one, would love to see them run out on the field and drop anchor all over themselves.

      • Ben

        I’m a sailor in the military and Anchor Down is a pretty stupid thing to use as a theme. Pretty much saying let’s stay in the same place and slowly turn in circles.

    • Metal Steel Chair

      I’m thirsty, dammit. Time to rethink this drinking game. How’s this: 1 drink per penalty flag, or 1 drink per every Vandy three-and-out…

  3. Dawglicious

    Sez: “football” – take a swallow. Might be the only rule we need…

  4. Dboy

    Plan to punch myself in the face everytime I hear: “Vandy,” “Franklin,” and “culture change” in the same sentence.

  5. Dboy

    Or me and a buddy:

  6. TennesseeDawg

    Anytime “Grantham” and “Franklin” appears in the same sentence for any reason. You’ll be drunk 3 minutes into the game.

  7. It’s 2:40 in the afternoon. Watching the Fl/KY fiasco.
    I believe Andre Ware might propose marraige to Driskell on TV after the game.
    At least 3 times he has proclaimed Driskell to be “performing at the highest level of any QB in the SEC”…..This against the (arguably) worst team south of the Mason Dixon line. He even called out Murray by name, as he did McCaskill (or whatever the Al QB;s name is).
    Kentucky is terrible. The KY QB has thrown more pics than completions.
    Andre is really just ot of control.
    I loved it when he guaranteed a call on the field would be upheld on a review. He was adamant about the call. He was wrong, as usual.

  8. fetch

    Talks about how smart, prestigous, or difficult vandy is OR refers to them as “the Harvard of the South” = Drink a shot of Jack.

  9. 3:33 in the afternoon. Andre Ware just announced that Florida would win the East by beating UGA and SC, based on how much Driskell has developed.
    Saturday afternoon bloviation at it’s finest.

  10. Andre Ward just predicted that Driskell will skip his junior and senior years at Florida, Congress will pass a law stating that Driskell can enter the NFL after his junior year and he will start for New England next year. “He’s performing at a higer level than Tom Brady” said Ware as he tossed rose petals onto Driskell’s path back into the locker room.

  11. joyridingdog

    You guys are so funny. I will be checking your prolific comments all evening. Thanks for making Game Day so cool!

  12. Keese

    Senator, I have one request to ask of you. Please do a drunk blog for one game day. Just whatever comes to mind about the Dawgs after a long day of cheering and drinking some fine whiskey!

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    South Carolina may be the third best team in the SEC.

  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    I got a really bad feeling we are just good enough to break my heart.

  15. Who love Da U? THIS GUY loves Da U!

  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    Is Da Genius really 35-21? I thought a genius would have more wins than that. Mark…can you verify that?

  17. 202dawg

    If Jones mentions last year’s shenanigans in the first 10 seconds drink the whole bottle. What’s that you say? He did? Down it…

  18. BMan

    Scorpio, your long snapper fears were misdirected, but you clearly found the right hat.

  19. ACM

    Still your father’s Vandy.

  20. Nate Dawg

    Senator: WANTED: musical palette cleanser:
    Anything by the band Humble Pie…

  21. Turd Ferguson

    Pretty satisfying win, I think. Exactly the sort of final score that we should be able to expect from a top-5 team against an over-matched Vandy. But I’m ready for Malcolm Mitchell to stop playing CB.

  22. gastr1

    Here’s what I know:
    Todd Gurley is a frigging tank-man-beast, and I have a serious crush on him.

    The PAT game is a strange and frightening world, and I fear it will haunt us at least once this year.

    Thank the Lord Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that we get Rambo and Ogletree back and the defense can be made whole again a la Mike from Breaking Bad.

    Thank the Lord Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that Pac-12 homer Brock Huard got to (begrudgingly) watch us hammer a decent opponent, forcing him to swallow hard before coming ton grips with the fact that, yes, we have a better team than anyone in the Pac-12 and that, yes, Aaron Murray is right there with Barkley for the best QB in the country right now.

    • joyridingdog

      Aaron is the best….What a wonderful QB. Thank the LORD!

    • Cojones

      While it has been known for his last two games that Barfey can’t live up to the misguided hype of ESPN, we finally saw and heard admission of ignorance about Murray, no matter how many placed him in the Heisman candidacy before the season began. In their haste to crown anything that moves at USC as something special, the pundits find that the crow-eating contest that follows wasn’t on their menu and are now acting as if they have discovered someone new.

      Disregard all their crap, keep Aaron, Jarvis, Marlon and Gurley up there in your minds anytime you chance upon Heisman talk. Don’t worry. ESPN will give them short shrift everytime , but you can let their mention warm the cockels of your earnest football heart. We have something that we can be loyal to through thick and thin; good and hard working players who are holding the UGA flag high in college football and athletics. They makes us proud by their endeavors no matter the ignorance promoted by those intent upon unseating the SEC as the best conference in football while using nothing but ignorant prattle to make their case.

  23. Gravidy

    Man, I seriously don’t know how much more of this shit I can put up with from Bobo…

  24. Russ

    I must say this was the most satisfying victory over Vandy that I’ve ever experienced. Just totally and completely kicked that ass!

  25. Russ

    Oh, and it’s really not fair that USCe gets to play Arkansas this year when we have to take on Ole Miss.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Ole Miss completely dismantled Tulane 39-0 and looked pretty good on both D and O doing so.

      • gastr1

        Tulane is really awful, though. They’re about at FAU’s level. That said, Arkansas gets the benefit of the doubt versus absolutely no one st this point.

  26. Cojones

    Looks like Vandy could have used the snakebite kit instead of UGA. I took it out after the high snap on point-after play. Was ready to loan it out when Vandy was called for roughing the kicker. What an atrocious call by the ref.

    • gastr1

      The refereeing was awful. That crew needs to be paraded in front of the league office.

      • Agreed. Refs screwed Vandy a couple of times and the Dawgs at least once. It made little difference in the outcome of this mismatch, but what if it was a close one like they had in the ugliest village on the plain last night?

  27. Ausdawg85

    There was never anything to worry about.

    Bobo is brilliant when our rushing avg is over 8 yds per carry.

    Best result was OL play. Murray’s jersey was kept very clean.

    I grouch at Grantham…for not giving Franklin a Mai Tai after the game.