Second thoughts on Ole Miss

From the excellent Red Cup Rebellion:

With the type of talent Georgia has, especially the gamechanging talents in Jarvis Jones and Todd Gurley, this sort of statistical overview is nearly useless. Georgia is undeniably the better team between these two, but they are not demonstrably good enough for me to think the Rebels don’t have a puncher’s chance this Saturday.

Any given Saturday thoughts aside, what’s interesting to me in that post is the stats on sacks.  Ghost calls it a “good edge”, but it’s more than that.  Until Saturday, Georgia’s defense really hadn’t been racking up the sacks as might have been expected – a lot of that being due to Jones’ two-game absence, no doubt – but the Dawgs still manage to have a healthy lead over Mississippi’s defense in that regard.  And the Rebel Black Bears have given up almost twice as many sacks this season as Georgia has.  You’ve got to like that combination if you’re Todd Grantham.

Remember that last year, Ole Miss was the team that got Georgia’s defense going in the sack department.

And it seems that Grantham is honing in on his best personnel grouping for quarterback pressure.

But it’s clear that Grantham likes having the two dynamic pass rushers on the field at the same time — often with hybrid outside linebacker Washington also in at defensive end — because of their collective ability to harass opposing quarterbacks from either side of the line.

“[Jones and Jenkins are] the kind of guys that you want to have obviously from a setting-the-edge standpoint, from a run standpoint and then from a pass-rush standpoint,” Grantham said. “Those two guys have got a pretty good pass rush, a pretty good twitch, get-off, and it allows them not to be able to say that they can totally go to this guy. If they do, it’s going to leave somebody else one-on-one.

“By doing that, though, a guy like Cornelius Washington went inside and that was really big for us. I thought Cornelius did good inside, so at times we had as many as three outside backers in there, maybe four every now and then.”

No matter how fast an offense the opponent runs, good things tend to happen when you disrupt the quarterback.  Hopefully, there’ll be a lot of disruptin’ going on tomorrow.


UPDATE:  It seems Ghost got his sacks totals backwards.  But check Ole Miss’ split stats out.



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29 responses to “Second thoughts on Ole Miss

  1. One of my favorite defensive plays….Sacking the QB.


  2. William

    So, you’re saying its a wash?


  3. Otto

    Jones and Jenkins should have a field day. If UGA wins the turnover battle / isn’t hungover from last week, Ole Miss should be a comfortable win. If not Ole Miss could be a painfully close game.


  4. William

    I think the bigger point of emphasis has to be Geathers and Big John. They were beasts against that FU line and demanded double teams a significant amount of the time. That allowed Jarvis to run free and for Jordan to make an impact. they need to be big again to allow those two to get free and cause havoc.


    • Bevo

      Agreed. Solid NT play is the core of this defense. Those guys get overlooked a lot because they’re not making the sacks themselves. But you are right — the big boys are responsible for a lot of that chaos that we see from the OLBs.


  5. Cosmic Dawg

    By the way, regarding the “quote of the day”, I think CMR should coach the whole game tomorrow…just sayin’.



  6. Smitty

    Whatever happened to Ray Drew? Is he just a 5 star bust?


    • Bevo

      He’s just a sophomore and he’s adapting to a new position. There’s also some pretty good talent ahead of him. Sterling Bailey hasn’t seen the field much either.

      If he doesn’t do anything by the end of next year, I think it might be fair to ask that question. But I think it’s a little premature for now.


  7. Russ

    Don’t know what game y’all will see tomorrow, but apparently Comcast has coaxed Eli Manning and David Greene back to school for this Saturday’s game on my TV. Just look at the description for the game (took this last night).


  8. Puffdawg

    Bluto, no need for me to talk bad about the Dawgs. All they need to do is go to the archives from this blog for two solid weeks after the Carolina game. Not two days. Two weeks. Any time in there should give them a legitimately solid idea of how bad they suck at least in the eyes of some who comment here. Good Lord that was a tough stretch. Based on the comments here I felt like we’d lost three in a row. Speaking of which, anybody on here know Skeptic Dog personally? I’m a little worried about him. Possibly still sulking along with Gator fans?


    • Puffdawg

      Wrong thread. Derp?


    • Macallanlover

      Don’t worry Puff, our maggot fans only come by to piss on the down-trodden, they will be back th eforst time they feel they can suck more good fans down to their level. They were miserable for much of last season, and again this one, but you can bet they are lurking for the chance to throw mud at UGA’s program. Any wonder why bowls always seem to choose another option when they can? Why not take an excited, positive fanbase that wil likely travel rather than one that feels duty bound to whine and complain for months? It has cost us in the past, may again this season. You can bet it will continue to cost us in the future. Only in our dreams can we hope they leave and go haunt another program.


  9. Cojones

    Mac, you are becoming a curmudgeon little by little, but we need it at this time of ingrown bliss. I just imagine how much good CFB they have missed with these Dawgs. If they hadn’t missed it, they would be howling at the moon with the rest of us.

    Many do not yet agree that what they do sometimes hurts the program. They never will, but I certainly agree that they have already hurt recruiting and perception of Richt with recruits. As fans we don’t have an inkling how to piss and moan within without trying to run coaches’s and player’s lives. When that day of fanciful criticism comes, we will be a happy bunch of bully pups. Until then it’s similar to looking for an oasis each weekend while worrying if our drinking supplies will last the journey. When we fall short of the watering hole, we tend to turn upon each other while trying to solve problems that we have no power to affect but would like to. So goes life in Dawg Nation.

    Smoke’em if you got’em.


  10. You and mac are a real friggin’ pair. A rigid right-wing knee-jerker and a deluded pot-head.

    Nobody’s trying to “turn” UGA fans. And no recruit has ever given a second’s consideration what a school’s followers say on an obscure (sorry, Senator) fansite.

    “Maggot fans?” “Ingrown bliss?”

    Stop with the tilting at windmills. Please.