Wait, what?

Of all the WTF things that have gone on in the world of college football in the last few months, this has to be the WTFiest.

If there is anything to that story beyond Miles’ agent trying to scam a few more bucks out of LSU, were I Joe Alleva, I’d sure be tempted to call Les’ bluff.


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19 responses to “Wait, what?

  1. First of all…that is some heavy bullshit. I say call his bluff. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

  2. The other Doug

    Tons of talent on the roster, easy recruiting, and money equals LSU could sway an A level coach to Baton Rouge.

  3. Brandon

    Those cajuns are crazy and will turn on you in a heartbeat, he may want to get away and that is some serious money. With that said, I am inclined to agree that this will end up being a false alarm, it would be hilarious though, just following through a little bit with the insanity, imagine Miles leaving for Arkansas and then Saban going back to LSU, in that case keep Bama fans away from sharp objects, for their sake and yours, they may form an army and attempt to burn the State of Lousiana to the ground, the day after Finebaum show would be the classic to end all classics.

    • Why would you want to do that? Ain’t no way those Coon Asses would allow that to happen.

      • P.S. Why would anyone want to watch that weasel Finebaum? He has a face for Radio and that bothers my ears. Hey, everyone if you have Comcast, put on MC Channel 919. Enjoy!

      • Brandon

        Right, I agree it’s beyond unlikely that’s why I said “following through a little bit with the insanity”, it’s sort of like imagining what you’d do with lottery money you won, the reason for listening to Finebaum after an incident such as that would be pure schadenfreude, the butthurt he and the other Tahd disciples would have over losing their little armani bear would be wonderful to behold.

  4. Bulldawg165

    That’d be a serious downgrade for Miles in every category except money IMO. Sounds like a bluff that could easily backfire.

  5. TennesseeDawg

    World’s worst bluff. At least use Tennessee or wait until Southern Cal or Texas comes open to bluff.

  6. Everybody’s forgetting the real reason this will never work. Arkansas doesn’t have any real grass in their stadium.

    • Who would want to live in a place where everyone runs around saying, “Sueeeeee”.

      • Cojones

        With that kind of money, he could buy a few Ark retirement villages. It is a state of natural beauty and created beauty, especially around the Buffalo River and all the large TVA lakes. Caught my limit of trout on fly rod there many times over the years (White River especially).

  7. What fresh hell is this?

    WTFiest. I like it. Do I have your permission to use that?

  8. Conspiracy Al

    Hey guys everyone is missing the big picture here:

    1. Jerry Jones screws up LSU by stealing Miles for Arkansas.
    2. Jerry Jones screws over Louisiana by stealing Sean Payton to coach the Cowboys
    3. Rick Perry emboldened by his alma mater’s defection from the Big 12 to the SEC has Texas defect from the US.
    4. The new President of Texas seeing a wounded and confused Cajun population rolls the Texas Militia eastward to annex the new territory of “East Texas”

  9. 69Dawg

    Caller from Ark on Dan Patrick said he didn’t think Les would be great at Arky. He said Les was a great coach because of the talent LSU had. At Arky he would just be a crazy man with so so players.

  10. Chuck

    Whatever. It worked. Seven year extension. On real grass.