Hello, Inman.

Hey, how come nobody told me Dan Inman is working as a graduate assistant under Will Friend this season?

If his approach is anything other than “do as I say, not as I did”, he’s wasting his talents.  The man’s not a Lexicon entry for nothing.


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  1. Brandon

    For the love of…, why don’t we hire Terrell Owens to give our team a lecture on sportsmanship and personal responsibility? I guess we are just banking on our kids being too young to remember ole Inman, probably not a bad bet, the American public does seem to have the collective long term memory span of a common housefly these days.

  2. Senator,
    I know our memories are not what they used to be but look back in your archives to August 2. You’ll find a post titled “Name that caption: baby he’s back”. You’re the one who told us.

    • Dang. I’m better at this stuff than I thought I was.😉

    • Castleberry

      Good work. I remembered commenting on that one.

      • Macallanlover

        Makes me feel better, even I recall that discussion. No time for bad thoughts, I am assuming he will get results for us. OL is actually better than I expected this year, not dominant, but look where we are. GATA Coach Inman, we need to ratch it up a notch tomorrow. And no mistakes on snap counts, xplain that is why we get together and tell them the secret number to go on.

  3. Senator
    Your need to buy a program at the game his goatee wearing mug is in there under Football Office Staff. As I recall he’s the only one not wearing a tie

  4. Bright Idea

    Callaway connection still at work. Callaway and Inman’s dad are tight. Callaway coached Friend and Inman. Daniel back at UGA.

  5. Love the Lexicon. Inman what a guy!

  6. Mudcat's Impala....

    Holding-ing-ing, offense-nse-nse, number seventy one-one-one, ten yard penalty-ty-ty, from the spot of the foul-oul-oul…..Ah…memories…;-)

  7. Mike Cooley

    Now I know how Mark Beard and John Theus perfected the art of the false start.

  8. “Inman” (said like Jerry said “Newman”) is the punchline to each of the line’s crazy penalties this season among my seatmates.

    • WF dawg

      That’s also the way I read the Senator’s title for this post. As an aside, I think I remember Ray Gant saying that Inman was like a “mean, snarling warthog” in practice. Maybe some of that will rub off on our OL this week.

  9. Gravidy

    I think we are all ignoring the obvious. Since the SEC refs have officially stopped calling offensive holding, Inman is the PERFECT coach. Heck… imagine how awesome he would be as a player under the current enforcement situation. 🙂