They’d no longer like to congradulate one Gata.

I tell you what, watching the retake on Urban Meyer’s term in Gainesville is starting to remind me of how history used to get rewritten in the old Soviet Union after one of its leaders was deposed.

Urban Meyer was certainly not a bust, winning twice as many national titles as Spurrier, but the end of his era at Florida was messy. “Toward the end of Coach Meyer’s time here, a lot of guys were out for themselves – not buying into the team concept,” explains defensive lineman Omar Hunter. “He was out for himself, so they thought the same thing.

“A lot of things were sliding,” he continues, explaining how their coach’s sudden departure, return and re-departure impacted the team. “Guys were showing up late to practice and workouts. Guys were supposed to be back on Sunday and didn’t get back until Monday. There was no discipline.”

I do look forward to the inevitable bowl game matchup between Ohio State and Florida.  Assuming Corch sticks around long enough for that to happen…



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13 responses to “They’d no longer like to congradulate one Gata.

  1. Sounds like they were swerving down a bumpy road.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Hey Mike, in case you’re stopping by to read this article, sorry for ruining your team’s bid for SEC and BCS National Championships!


  3. HVL Dawg

    I understand the good reference in your title, but I wish we could henceforth reserve the letters GATA for a more holy reference.


  4. Rocket Dawg

    Just put an “h” at the end. Go Gaytah! I also thought she “gradulated” them.


  5. Breaking News: Urban Meyer, a coach who had not spent more than two years at either of his two previous head coaching gigs on his way up the career ladder, was only out for himself while at Florida. In other news, Bobby Petrino’s understanding of “long-term commitment” is “next week sometime,” and Todd Graham is interested in a job opening… it doesn’t matter which one.

    They should have just let Urbz quit the first time when the going got tough. He obviously doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to lose like a man. He’ll quit at Ohio State if anyone in the B1G is ever good again.


    • King Jericho

      Well, luckily it’s the B1G and he won’t have to worry about that,


      • Normaltown Mike

        Hate to admit it, but I’m kinda pulling for him to destroy the Big Integer. Not that I like him, but I really hate those fat corn-fed elitist talking down the dirty dirty.


  6. I think Hunter is right. Meyer acknowledged as much on the way out. Everyone has a different perspective on what “great” is. Let me offer a handful of things to put his tenure at UF in perspective:

    1)Most importantly, he was and is a guy that left very little to “chance”. whether it be the recruiting trail or making sure that his players were properly motivated.
    2)he inhereted a very very talented and veteran team from Ron Zook, and he did some things that “under utilized” that talent (chris leak meet spread option offense, and he did some smart things. greg mattison meet your new boss Charlie Strong. we have a very very talented bunch that he has developed, and he is going to run the defense for us but you can still call yourself DC if it makes you feel better.
    3) He did a fantastic job rebuilding their defense in 2008 to where they were as aggressive at scoring points on defense and special teams as any team I can remember
    4)he had a system that PERFECTLY leveraged the talents of Harvin, Tebow, aaron hernandez, and demps/rainey, but as that talent moved on, he was incapable of sustaining success and repeated the stupidity of trying to make a non mobile QB run his offense.
    5)Like any coach that wins multiple titles, he lost his best asst coaches, and like many coaches, the replacements simply were not as good.
    6)like any coach that wins multiple titles, its pretty hard to avoid complacency within the program. new frosh come SUBCONSCIOUSLY thinking that somehow the achievements of prior players is going to sustain greatness.
    7)he was fortunate to be able to play for a title with one loss teams. some years you get “another shot” some years you don’t. some years you go unbeaten and don’t get your shot (see auburn 2004). that said, meyer’s legacy grows as a result of his title and tuberville’s does not. it does not change what they accomplished. it changes people’s perception.

    so how do I view urban meyer today?

    I think he is now the ultimate big fish in a small pond. from his aggressive nature on the recruiting trail to the speed he is going to recruit on both sides of the ball, my guess is his teams are going to be a “shock” to the system where he is. that said, if he gets back to a BCS title game against an SEC team, I would bet that his team will be over matched and overwhelmed. I think the probability of creating a team with SEC caliber speed is low, and the probability of having another tebow who can run between the tackles (to be clear I think mobile QBs who can run the zone read and take the ball QBs are in abundant supply – one that gained the “line of scrimmage” type of yards like tebow and later newton are not so common) is low.


  7. Cojones

    Nah. He’ll recruit speed there and compete on a national stage. The slimey bastard.