This is why I try to avoid following recruiting too closely.

When you’re so emotionally invested in the process that you make a 17-year old high school kid who has second thoughts about where he wants to spend the next four years of his life look like the mature one by comparison, it’s time to reflect on how big an asshole you might be.


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  1. Rebar

    Interesting article, but I was disturbed by Henry’s high school coach stating something to the effect of “he decommitted from Georgia and signed with Bama and that was the right thing to do”. I wonder how much influence the high school coach had on Henry’s decision.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I think you’re reading way too much into that. I think the coach is saying that it was the right thing for the kid to really study all of his options and make a more informed decision instead of just going off of the emotions of a Dawg Night two falls away from signing day.

      If a kid ended up wanting to play for Saban and Alabama, then he didn’t want to be at Georgia. And if he didn’t want to be at Georgia, it’s best for all parties involved that he’s not there. We have some very special talents on our side. Henry did, in fact, do the right thing by following his heart.

      • Russ

        Agree. I read it the same way. The kid make “the right decision” by taking his time and making up his own mind, not getting caught up in the moment and making a 16/17 yr old quick decision. I’ve got no problem with that at all and wish him luck except when we play. 🙂

  2. Bubs

    Here’s what gets me. If you don’t want the insults, the taunts, the anger, then just don’t “commit”. Look around at all the places you are interested in, find the best fit for you, then commit. These kids don’t deserve the online harassment and verbal abuse hurled their way when they de-commit; I agree 100%. But they can make it much easier on themselves by being responsible enough not to tie themselves to one school unless they are sure it’s the one for them.

    One thing I do feel that I need to point out is these kids are going to be talked about for at least the next 4-5 years in a good or bad way. Star or Bust. Pro-prospect or college-only. People are going to be talking about them (sometimes negatively) so developing some thick skin is something all these recruits need to do.

    • Go Dawgs!

      These guys get that kind of venom from some of the mental midgets out there even before they make a commitment.

    • DawgPhan

      or maybe the grown ups shouldn’t get too hung up on semantics. signed LOI are the only thing that matters.

    • 69Dawg

      +1 I think the guys that commit then decommit are just Drama Queens. I don’t get it either, by not committing they end up with a lot more attention. By committing they get off the front page of 24/7 or Rivals so to get back they decommit. We have been left at the altar by some of these.

    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      They commit because someone asks them to commit. It’s not as if they are showing up this party uninvited.

      Years 13-22 are like dog years in identify formation. Kids can change more in 12 months at that age than some people will from ages 25 to 65.

      Which is why I pay no attention to this stuff until after Signing Day.

    • Bobby

      Some of the kids who do this are drama queens; most of them, though, probably do it because they get hot-boxed into committing prematurely. It’s not that difficult to imagine how great the pressure can be; I’m sure there was plenty of pressure to commit on Dawg Night (from other commits, players, coaches, etc.).

      It’s definitely a pisser when a player de-commits from your school, but it’s probably for the better (honestly, is anybody upset that we don’t have DaRick Rodgers?). Don’t hold it against a kid just because he recognized that he made a mistake when he committed too early.

  3. DawgPhan

    of course with the new rules in place about recruiting, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets a step better.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    “how big an asshole”?

    Gape of the month, at least.

  5. Will Trane

    This time of the year is one of the worst for college football. If you team does not sign a “galaxy beast”, then you are a failure as a program and the next few seasons are already lost. Blog sites thrive on recruiting as does news sources like AJC [and they love to poke Georgia in the eye if they do not get all the top recruits] and ESPN.

  6. Grown men who stalk/attack these kids via the internet or whatever are pathetic. Get a life.

  7. Dawg Alum

    I am over 60 and for the first time I can remember since recruiting became a spectator sport, I have tried not to read anything about recruiting this year. When I see a headline about a recruit or recruiting, I look for something else to read or watch. I plan to watch the news on recruiting day but nothing until then. I don’t know the targets and I am not about to stoke egos by watching the ESPN program that features a national TV unveiling of high school aged children announcing where they plan to go to play football next year…absurd. My blood pressure is lower, my frustration level is gone, and my I’ll congratulate each recruit who eventually runs onto the field in Sanford Stadium.