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Pay no attention to that organization counting the money.

Shorter John Infante:  until the people running the BCS decide they want to usurp the NCAA’s responsibilities, the NCAA has nothing to worry about.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Fill up before tomorrow’s news.

  • Disney’s earnings expected to take rare hit, partly due to higher programming costs for college football games on ESPN.
  • Here’s a good look at how high school offensive linemen recruits are evaluated.
  • Spurrier isn’t worried about Clowney getting hurt because “He doesn’t stand around a pile stiff-legged.”  Wonder how he’d feel if South Carolina faced an opponent that cut blocked.
  • Texas beat writer thinks ESPN will be announcing an agreement on the SEC Network soon.
  • Tennessee conducted a formal study on a subject about that any mook who’s followed SEC recruiting during the last five or so years could have given Dave Hart the lowdown over a couple of beers after work.
  • Somebody comes up with a model that purports to use recruiting rankings as a predictor of the college football season.  Somewhat surprisingly, Georgia overperformed last season.
  • And John Infante tells you three things about the National Letter of Intent you didn’t know.


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When marketing strategies go bad…

Tell me you didn’t see this coming from a mile away.

The one thing that Bellamy said could keep him from signing with Georgia is the uncertainty he feels about how long defensive coordinator Todd Grantham will remain in Athens. Bellamy said other schools have used Grantham being connected in reports to the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator opening to put questions in his mind.

“The thing is right now I don’t want to sign somewhere and then have the coach bounce after signing day,” Bellamy said.

Bonus chutzpah points to be awarded to Kirby Smart if he was among those using that pitch.


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