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Methinks Freeze doth protest too much.

Touchy, touchy.


I got news for you, Hugh.  It ain’t the players people are insulting… it’s the coaches.

And I’m sure your compliance department appreciates the shout-out.


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Maybe you can teach an old Dawg some new tricks.

Two years ago, did you ever think you’d hear somebody say this about Georgia’s recruiting?

“I just think that Georgia is gonna do everything they can not to under-sign. They’ve got 29 commitments right now, 13 early enrolleees. But they’ve still got spots left,” Mansell said on Thursday…

Has Mark Richt been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a pod person?

I think that for those of us who were skeptical that he had it in him to change the way he did business a small apology may be in order.  Mea culpa, Coach.  And keep it up.

(By the way, does anybody think Garner’s departure has had an effect on the way the staff is trying to close out this year’s class?  I don’t know anything… just wondering.)


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This is why I try to avoid following recruiting too closely.

When you’re so emotionally invested in the process that you make a 17-year old high school kid who has second thoughts about where he wants to spend the next four years of his life look like the mature one by comparison, it’s time to reflect on how big an asshole you might be.


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Paul Johnson haz a euphemism.

The AJ-C pushes him on the Johnson Doctrine, he gets testy – of course he does, bless his heart – and then he caps off the crankiness with an oblique reference to his biggest rival:

“Our policies are no different than 90-percent of the other teams in the country,” Johnson told a group of reporters. “I mean, they make a big deal of it. It’s like ‘Will we lose some guys?’ Possibly it could happen, everybody does. But it’s a much bigger deal when we lose them because it’s our policies. I saw that the other school in the state has had five (de-commitments), and it’s no big deal. But if we lose one or two, it will be because of our policy.”  [Emphasis added.]

He does have a lot on his mind these days, so is it possible he was just a little tongue-tied and forgot a name that happens to be part of his own school’s?  Yeah, sure.  Then again, maybe he’s referring to Georgia State.  It’s all so clever.

I sure hope he hears about it when the other school in the state beats his ass for the fifth year in a row this November.


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