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Sunday brunch buffet

The chafing dishes are ready.

  • I get that the Packers want to talk to some college coaches about how better to defend the spread-option, given how they got shredded by Kaepernick in the playoffs.  And I see that they intend to go to more than one place for that.  But Sumlin?  Why not talk to the guy who made Kaepernick into a quarterback in the first place?  (Plus, it’s not like Ault doesn’t have some spare time right now, anyway.)
  • Interesting interview with Ellis Johnson about his 4-2-5 defense.  I just wonder how long it’s going to take him to get the right personnel to implement it at Auburn.
  • “It’s like a mini-NFL.”
  • The highest paid member of Georgia’s non-assistant coaching support staff is Dave Van Halanger, at $168,570.
  • Bet Florida appreciates this Mike Slive observation:  “If you watched Georgia play this past year and you watched Alabama play, it would be hard-pressed to say that Georgia isn’t one of the top four teams in the country, right?”
  • John Infante points out that one of the biggest hits the NCAA has taken with the Miami debacle is that it’s made itself less likely to survive a split in D-1.
  • Missouri’s got a nice home schedule this season but elects not to raise general season ticket prices.
  • A look at how Alabama will get down from 95 to 85 players on scholarship.


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