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Mark Richt has lost control of Mark Bradley.

Shorter Mark Bradley:  Although Alec Ogletree left for the NFL draft over a month ago and was arrested for driving under the influence hundreds of miles away from Athens, Georgia, it’s clear that the fault for this lies with his college program.

Verbatim Mark Bradley:  “Welcome to UGA, home of the football program in which apparently nobody pays attention.”



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Nice knowing you, Julie.

Somebody’s got to pay for the NCAA’s mishandling of the Miami investigation, and you damned well know it ain’t gonna be Mark Emmert.

With the NCAA set to release an external report detailing an abuse of power in its investigation into the University of Miami, Yahoo! Sports has learned the association has moved to fire its vice president of enforcement, Julie Roe Lach.

Multiple sources familiar with the external investigation said Roe Lach’s dismissal stems from her approving an improper financial relationship between an NCAA investigator and an attorney of former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro. NCAA president Mark Emmert announced on Jan. 23 that the law firm of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft had been retained to conduct an external review of the association’s “enforcement environment” – notably the relationship between the NCAA and Shapiro attorney Maria Elena Perez. That external report is expected to be released today.

Sam Spade nods approvingly.


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Monday morning buffet

Go get a plate.

  • What cracks me up about this story isn’t that Tennessee cops can’t tell the difference between a marijuana leaf and the Ohio State symbol.  It’s that they think drug dealers are stupid enough to advertise their wares on their cars.
  • Georgia Tech’s participation in the last ACCCG had the effect on FSU ticket sales you might have guessed.  In other words, Chantastic!
  • Georgia announces a study into the long-term effects of high school football.
  • Bill Connelly kicks off the preseason review field with a look at newly minted D-1 member Georgia State.  Based on his piece, anybody wonder how soon GSU achieves parity with Georgia Tech?
  • “… of the 20 Georgia recruits that were rated as ‘2’ or ‘No’ stars during the last 13 years, EIGHT of them were signed in Richt’s initial season of 2001.”
  • I’d find John Infante’s be-careful-what-you-wish-for take on the O’Bannon suit more persuasive if the NCAA weren’t so stubborn about trying to find some sort of reasonable settlement with the plaintiffs.
  • And in non-football (although I guess you could call it tailgating) news, the Maker’s Mark folks have their New Coke moment.


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One good class and they go crazy.

It’s getting a little weird for some at Ole Miss.

The most talked about recruiting battle after National Signing Day has been that of Laremy Tunsil of Lake City, Florida. The behemoth tackle has coaches drooling over his projection to be the next Michael Oher at Ole Miss.  His recruitment was a strange one.  He was long thought to be headed to Georgia and had a change of mind at the end that has fueled speculation and a ton of anger from UGA fans and possibly even their administration. Does the current news of Georgia president Michael Adams stepping down play into this?

Adams plans to step down after 16 years at the helm of the state’s flagship university. Adams did a great job growing UGA and its enrollment nearly 6 times of its total when he started.  [Ed. note:  What?]  I’m sure you are wondering why this has anything to do with Laremy Tunsil. It was announced that Adams is 1 of 8 new members on the NCAA infraction committee. In Craig Powers article on SBnation he said, “The NCAA says the move is to allow the committee to handle more cases and process more efficiently.” Powers went on to add, “Many are likely hoping this will be a step towards a speedier and more consistent process in the future.”

As little sense as this makes on its face, as it’s unlikely Michael Adams knew about Tunsil’s change in college plans before Georgia’s coaches did, it makes even less when you look at the rest of the time line – Adams announced his resignation months before being appointed to the infraction committee – for which the poster has conveniently supplied the links.  So either Michael Adams has a prodigious ability to forecast the future which was previously undisclosed or some of the Ole Miss faithful are turning into a bunch that would be right at home talking to Finebaum.  Occam’s Razor, peeps.


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Everybody loves the AJ-C.

Presented without comment, from a current member of Georgia’s 2014 commit class:


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