The Apocalypse begins.

Fresh off the disappointment of signing the worst 10th ranked class in the history of college football, Georgia fans are now rocked by the possibility that a coordinator has career ambitions.

Unleash the hounds.

Tell me, those of you who have regularly knocked the staff because no other programs have been interested in Richt’s assistant coaches, does this raise their standing in your eyes?

Seriously, the man’s got a contract that lets him leave for a coordinator job in the NFL without paying a buyout and we’re supposed to be surprised when he’s interested in entertaining a suitor?

The only thing that should matter to us is whether Grantham or Richt lied to recruits.  In the absence of that, more power to the man.


UPDATE:  Groo makes the case that Grantham is preparing his 2014 job prospects.


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  1. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Davin Bellamy … “He called me when I was on my way to school this morning, and he assured me he wasn’t going anywhere, so it is what it is,” Bellamy said Wednesday night

    • Heathbar09

      Yep. I thought about that as I was reading the article. I have no problem with CTG’s career aspirations. But if he directly lied to a 18 year old recruit, that’s pretty low. Even though Bellamy won’t regret his decision to come to Athens.

      • heyberto

        Yeah, if he’s trying to get a raise out of UGA, no issue. If he misled a recruit knowing he’d consider a job in the NFL whether an interview was coming or not, that’s another story. If he still has every intention of staying, then this is all good with me.

  2. CTG needs to go to NFL, we don’t need this every year at recruiting time, he needs to go now!!

  3. If he goes, I want VanGorder back. And don’t give me this 3-4 versus 4-3 as a reason not to hire him. Its not like we overachieved on defense last year given all of the NFL talent on the roster.

    • BVG is an indifferent recruiter at best. And I’m not sure the last two years on his coaching resume are anything to write home about, either.

    • mg4life0331

      I kinda want to see where everyone is drafted before I say all “that NFL talent” cause Im thinking there are some surprises. As in some wont get drafted.

      • Juan

        Some wont get drafted?

        Ogletree, Jarvis, Jenkins, Geathers, Commings, Rambo, Washington, Williams are all locks.

        • mg4life0331

          Yeah thats what commenters on UGA boards seem to say all the time. However other sporting news that have mock drafts dont seem so high on all those names.

    • gastr1

      Surely you’re joking. BVG’s high-water mark was clearly when he was with us and he’s done nothing but move in a lateral-to-donward trajectory since then.

      Nostalgia for the good ol’ days is not a good thing. And honestly, even I know the guy didn’t leave on the best of terms anyway, so you can double-forget it.

    • Doug

      Hiring VanGorder to replace a DC who had NFL ambitions is kind of like trying to put out a grease fire with lighter fluid.

    • Bobby

      “[T]his 3-4 versus 4-3” reason is exactly what I’m going to give you. Do you realize how much it sets a program back to make a full-scale conversion like that? We would essentially lose a year trying to get everybody physically and mentally ready for the differences. Our linebackers JUST learned how to run a 3-4; do you seriously think it’s a good idea to force them to learn completely different responsibilities in a completely different scheme? Plus, we haven’t been recruiting and developing players for DE in a 4-3; if you don’t have good 4-3 DEs, it’s as much of–if not more of–a liability than not having a proper NT in a 3-4.

      For the record, I was intrigued when we switched to the 3-4, but I wasn’t for it when it happened. I wasn’t for it when the Falcons converted this past season. It sets a program back.

  4. NC Dawg

    I agree that UGA can’t play this game every year about whether our top defensive guy stays or not.. If he really wants to be in the NFL that bad, best of luck to him. I recommend that UGA doesn’t offer that no-buyout clause in a future contract.

  5. I just want to hold onto the position coaches if TG bails. I know its standard protocol to let a new DC pick his staff in some cases. Still cant get that 35 spot out of my head in Columbia.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      We already have former Mississippi State DC Chris Wilson on our staff as the new DL coach. Is that an accident or did somebody see this coming?

      • Where did the idea come from that a guy who was just demoted by Dan Mullen after three years on the job is now ready to take the reins at Georgia after less than a month?

        Just because somebody got to be a defensive coordinator once doesn’t make him an automatic successor.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          My question is: Was the hiring of Wilson done in anticipation of CTG leaving? That would be evidence of premeditation. It also would be evidence of out and out lying to recruits. Or is it simply a coincidence–a guy who didn’t work out as a DC gets a new job as a DL at another program? A simple question deserving of a straight answer–if you know. You may choose to plead ignorance or, alternatively, you may plead the 5th Amendment if you prefer.🙂

        • Rocketdawg

          Not to mention that Wilson is a 4-3 guy. We have recruited and are built for a 3-4 on defense. Changing back would be bad with only 8 D-lineman available.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Some of whom are specifically in Athens to play NG, a position that requires a certain skill set not easily transferable and not to mention that we have no true 4-3 DEs.

  6. Carolinadawg

    I thought the saints hired Rob Ryan?

  7. Hackerdog

    I don’t see Alabama being hurt by persistent rumors of Kirby Smart leaving.

    I am uneasy if Grantham is playing a double game with recruits by assuring them he’s staying while he’s interviewing elsewhere. I understand that we may lose some recruits, and I understand that other coaches would lie to save the class. But he should be truthful.

    However, I have no ill will toward a man whose ultimate goal is to be in the NFL, or a head coach at another school.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      It strikes me that Grantham has fulfilled the letter but not the spirit of his contract. I also don’t like that the news began to come out on Signing Day’s Eve.

      The NFL interest does show Grantham is respected as a DC. It also vindicates Richt and the time he spent looking for the best possible person to fill the defensive coordinator position. One would expect a good hire to attract interest after a few years.

    • David K

      Because the Bama D won’t lose a step if Kirby were to bolt.


    I thought we were about honesty at UGA. If he promised Davin he would be there then bolts, we’ve lost that “honesty” edge in recruiting and it will hurt next year. I knew something was up yesterday when TG answered “Right now, I am the DC @ UGA”. The “right now” was a dead giveaway.

    • Ubiquitous Ga Alum

      Perhaps he knew he was not getting the job … Rob Ryan appears to be a lock now that he’s ended discussions w/ STL

  9. Tronan

    He apparently hadn’t interviewed anywhere else until today and until he’s actually offered (and accepts) a job somewhere else, he’s still the Dawgs’ DC. I don’t know exactly what he said to recruits, but I would assume he said all that, and would hope he added, “Hell, yeah, I want to get back to the NFL someday. Isn’t that where you want to wind up?”

    I personally am not so worried about Grantham leaving – we knew when Richt hired him that he likely wouldn’t be in Athens for long – as I am about the distraction of hiring someone to replace him. Let the Kirby Smart rumors begin anew!

    • ChilliDawg

      Interesting…. Does Mr. McGarity have someone warming up in the “bull pen?” Wasn’t that Gene Chizik sitting around pontificating @ ESPN yesterday? Seems like he’s available… Or How ’bout calling Kirby home? Seems he played a big roll in getting Kamara to Bama. It’s just a phone call Greg. There’s only so many hip replacements CMR can control.

      • Doug

        Kirby’s already spurned us once. Not the least bit interested in giving him a chance to do it again, particularly when we still don’t have much evidence that he, not Saban, is the real architect of that defense.

        • ChilliDawg

          Different time & different AD. And for the very fact you highlight, he needs to break out from under Saban to prove it’s his skills, not Nick’s. His recruiting skills appear to get high marks around the SEC, something that could offset a former Dawg south of the border that came in at #1 (in some services) with his class. Certainly couldn’t hurt as a backup that would hit the ground running.

  10. Dog in Fla

    I blame Bobo for not taking an interview. Then we could blame him even more.

  11. Rebar

    I don’t know. Coach Grantham has always seemed an honest man. If he told Bellamy that he would be here, I expect he will be here! Next years recruits will see the NFL is interested in him and we just put several of our players in the league, so it may somehow help next year.

    • toy

      I think we can conclude that the lack of any public address of the issue was because he had interest in other jobs and did not want to say something false or be put on the spot by reporters. So we waits until signing day to start pursuing the other jobs.

  12. The only thing I expected out of Grantham and Richt was to answer the question honestly about whether or not he had been contacted. I don’t need to know the particulars. I don’t blame the guy for checking out his options, just don’t throw a buch of bull crap out to try and appease everyone.

    • Cojones

      McGarity is the one who kept saying that he had not been approached and when Grantham was approached, he would let us know. He confirmed today so that means that Grantham and the Saints let Greg know today.

      Grantham being in NOLA is just a coincidence. For all we know he was just called in to consult on the SB lighting system.🙂

  13. 69Dawg

    This is why recuiting is the slimy under belly of CFB. After this last week it feels like the whole damn institution needs to be disinfected. The coaches lie, the kids lie, the parents lie, everybody lies to everybody. Then once it’s over the players are screwed to one school while the coaches go to the bank.

  14. paul

    Grantham has a job. Grantham has a wife and family. His top priority and first concern is his wife and family. He has to do what s best for his family first, his job second. Who among us wouldn’t at least consider a job opportunity when it is offered to us? The truth is we’d be stupid and irresponsible if we didn’t. So would he.

    • Mike, not Gator Mike

      Being someone that moved as a child following my Dad’s career, that’s BS. If he was doing what is right for his family, he wouldn’t move his kids around and be okay with $1MM a year in compensation. He has career ambition is what is driving this…not what’s best for his family. Richt is doing what is best for this family.

      Stupid and irresponsible? Yes, if he was a Financial Analyst barely getting by making $45K and not taking a new opportunity, that is stupid and irresponsible. But, someone making a cool million, it’s not stupid and irresponsible to stay put and be content where you are.

      I don’t fault him AT ALL for wanting to move up and take on new challenges and obviously, he made it clear to Coach Richt and McGarity that he is ready and willing to leave for a bigger job. If we are going to have good coaching talent in Athens, then we have to expect that people are going to leave for larger opportunities.

      Based on who they hired for the D Line job, I’m guessing that the timing wasn’t unexpected to our Athletic leadership. So does Chris Wilson get a quick promotion? Or do we make a liar (to recruits) out of other D Coordinators that said they weren’t going anywhere?

      • paul

        Money is only one of many factors that should be considered when you make a decision about what is best for your wife, family and yourself. I can’t speak for your dad or CTG. My wife and I decided stability was more important to us than money. So we turned down several more lucrative jobs over the years to stay put for thirty years. We felt that was right for us at the time. More recently, we opted for a complete lifestyle change that actually involved moving away and working for far less money. Everyone has their own set of criteria. My point is I don’t begrudge Grantham for taking the opportunity to consider his options. I think everything we’ve seen since CTG has been in Athens points to the fact that he’s a stand up guy. So he gets the benefit of the doubt in my book.

        • Mike

          Couldn’t agree more. Big fan of CTG. Don’t begrudge or blame him for moving on to the next thing. Don’t begrudge Pop either.

  15. Irishdawg

    If he leaves, we have to get a 3-4 guy. We do not need an inexperience defense learning a new system again.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I think Chris Wilson is a 4-3 guy.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I’m not sure our defense ever “learned” the 3-4 to begin with. The same players deployed under BVG or WM would’ve performed similarly.

      The greatest problem we had began mid 2K’s with performance was CMR’s belief that if Georgia offered a kid then the kid was a good player. Not the other way around. I think CMR has improved that issue these last few years.

  16. DawgPhan

    doesnt grantham make more than most NFL DC’s in athens?

    • mp

      That was my thought, too. My recollection was he makes about 800k, and that’s in line with the NFL coordinators. So maybe he can get a bump of a couple hundred thousand to be at the top of the DC pay-scale in the NFL. So the move to the NFL has to be about positioning himself as a head coaching candidate.
      So, maybe a slight raise, worse hours, leaving Athens, and worse job security in exchange for a chance at in all likely hood winds up being a 2-3 year head coaching gig. To each their own, but I think it’s crazy. (Of course it’s always possible that he hates recruiting, doesn’t like dealing with college kids vs. pros, but I somehow doubt it.)

  17. Cali Ben

    I just want Grantham-Gate to be over. Leave or don’t, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. We aren’t New Mexico State. We’ll find someone good to replace him. Go Dawgs!

  18. Irwin R Fletcher

    There are so many details that aren’t known here. Could Grantham had told Bellamy, “I might interview, but I’m not going anywhere” b/c he is working on a new deal from UGA? Could he be doing a favor for his friend, Sean Payton in order to give them leverage on Ryan? Who knows.

    Unless he told a kid, “I will not interview for another job while I’m at Georgia”, there is nothing to be concerned about yet.

    Anyway, I assume Richt already has a short list of replacements based upon the last 4 weeks of speculation.

  19. Bright Idea

    At this point if Grantham leaves I expect Olivadatti or Wilson to become DC. It is too late and close to spring practice for an AJC drama filled search.

    • Cojones

      We don’t need no dash of reality here. We are going to have a snit-fit and the sky is falling! Didn’t you get the friggin’ message?🙂

  20. Robert

    Offer Kirby $1.2ish and head-coach-in-waiting.

  21. AthensHomerDawg

    If CTG wants to “get off the bus” looks like he can. I think the “team and family” meme might get a little harder to sell now. Wonder how the locker room mentality changes if Todd does leave? Anyhow, this whole metamorphosis from college to semi-pro ball is unappealing to me.

  22. CTG danced all around the truth at wednesday’s press conference, to the point of lying to an 18 year old recruit, just to get him to sign a LOI to UGA, we don’t need nor want people at UGA like CTG, if this is going to happen every year at recruiting time, CTG, please leave now!

    • With all due respect, how do you know that Grantham lied to Bellamy? Is it beyond the realm of conceivability that he might have told the kid something different than what he offered for public consumption to the press?

      • Keese

        One day he says I’ll be Davin’s coach in the fall and no truth to rumors about the saints….the very next day he’s interviewing for the saints.

        He may not of lied and a matter of carefully parsing words…but no question misleading.

        • Cojones

          ‘Fraid you are correct. In Bellamy’s case it is hurtful to his family who took the time to get another assurance from Grantham just before committing yesterday. If you think it’s OK to lie to a family who ask for validation of honesty then you may want to ask our school to drop the pretense before our institution is branded as tolerating prevarication if it results in what we may perceive as a better player joining our team. I would ask my school to offer an LOI release to Davin if he isn’t going to be coached by Grantham.

        • Hackerdog

          I don’t know that he lied. Grantham told him he would be here in the fall. And he will. Did he tell the kid that he wouldn’t interview for another job?

          If I state that I will not be elected president of the United States in 2016, and then I campaign as a write-in candidate, I haven’t lied, have I?

  23. W Cobb Dawg

    We had 10 starters return and our D finished something like 32nd. We were behind teams like UConn, Maryland and Vandy. I like CTG but why are we arguing about this? Its not as if his D finished in the top 10 or even top 20.

    • This is more relevant, I think:

      Georgia ranking in scoring defense – 2012, 18th; 2011 23rd; 2010, 36th; 2009, 63rd; 2008, 58th.

      Hard not to like that trend line.

      • Bobby

        I’m not so sure that’s a meaningful trend.

        2010 — Because this was a transitional year from the 4-3 to 3-4, we of course gave up a lot of points.

        2011 — A solid year. No arguments. Our defense excelled DESPITE some (at times) abysmal ball control issues, turnovers, and special teams play. We would have been ranked much higher but for things out of the defense’s control.

        2012 — When compared to GTG’s previous 2 seasons, this statistic is misleading. Our offense was more proficient this past season; we didn’t fumble as much in our half of the field (giving our defense tough field position); our offense didn’t give up as many defensive touchdowns; our special teams didn’t give up as many touchdowns (or big returns to put our defense in tough field position). In 2011, UGA’s offense and special teams committed a lot of sins that lead directly (or indirectly) to giving up more points to other teams; those points are computed in “scoring defense.” In 2012, our “scoring defense” may have been ranked higher than it was in 2011, but it was only b/c our offense and special teams play was far better than in 2011.

        I’m not going to do a statistical analysis to give an “ACTUAL scoring defense” statistic, but the 2011 South Carolina game comes to mind. Our “scoring defense” in that game was 45 points. Off the time of my head, at least 2 of those touchdowns were DIRECTLY attributable to offense (scoop-and-score; pick-six). Then, there was that knife-in-the-back punt return (I can’t remember if they scored, but at the least, SoCar was set up for a VERY SHORT scoring drive). So, really only 24 points were attributable to our defense.

        Our DEFENSE was MUCH better in 2011 than 2012.

        • Bobby

          Oh, wait, I remember: it was fake punt run for a touchdown. So, that was UGA’s punt return unit that gave up the other touchdown. Does anybody remember if this is right?

        • Why did you leave out ’09 and ’08?

          • Bobby

            Because I don’t think those statistics are particularly compelling either. Without a question, GTG is leaps and bounds beyond Martinez. I think any number of defensive coordinators could do a better job than Martinez did.

            My point is that in the 3 yrs under CTG, there hasn’t actually been steady improvement (as the “scoring defense” statistics suggest). I was saying that those statistics don’t paint a complete picture b/c they factor in ALL points scored against UGA–not just the points scored against UGA’s defense.

            And I’m not trying to trash CTG; I like CTG. I think he’s doing a really good job, but the defensive performance this past season wasn’t THAT great and certainly wasn’t an improvement over the 2011 defense (as the “scoring D” stats suggest). I definitely don’t want to lose CTG, but it’s not like it would be the end of the world if we did.

            I don’t think there is any ONE statistic that is best for evaluating a defense, but I tend to think “Yards Per Play” is pretty telling; it’s not as susceptible to the influence of misleading, unaccounted-for variables.

            • Well, then we may be saying much of the same. The only real downsides I can see to losing CTG at this point is the risk that the next guy in wants to go back to a 4-3, with all the attendant personnel issues such a switch will cause and the fact that Grantham has been by far the best recruiter at the DC position that Richt has had and that most of those guys really don’t like recruiting all that much.

      • In 2002, we finished 4th nationally in scoring defense. In 2003, we finished 3rd nationally in scoring defense. In 2004, we were 8th.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          Don’t have to convince me. I agree BVG did a terrific job. I never did (or do now) get Dawg fans who trash BVG. A lot of fans say they love great defense. If that’s true, you’ve got to have a high opinion of BVG’s coaching ability. DC seems like a poor career choice. Few pan out as head coaches. If they aspire to higher positions and fail when they get there, they are truly dispised and called washed up if they take a lower job.

        • What’s that got to do with my point?

          • VanGorder was not even at Auburn for a full year. What 2 years are you talking about? He was with the Falcons the previous season and did nothing for which to be ashamed. Auburn was a train wreck and you can’t pin that on him.

            In 4 seasons at UGA, BVG gave up 30 points only 1 time. ONLY ONE TIME. And that was in the SEC title game against LSU. Grantham’s defenses have given up 30 or more points 13 times in 3 seasons. He would be a great hire. You guys have amnesia.

            • Bobby

              Scott, you make some really solid points. There is no question that, statistically speaking, BVG blows any CTG defense out of the water. But, BVG also coached at UGA before the proliferation of the spread. That makes me skeptical of how effective he would be in today’s college game. Unfortunately, the only evidence we have is his brief career at Auburn. Even if it was a dumpster fire when he got there, that might have been the worst defense in Auburn’s history.

              • Bobby

                Also, BVG’s pro-career is something to consider (and it’s quite respectable), but it’s really apples-and-oranges to college football. The biggest thing is that, in the NFL, you don’t see the same variety of offenses that you do in college. Think about offenses on UGA’s schedule: Muschamp’s pro-style; CPJ’s high school option; Malzahn’s option; OBC’s power-running single-back set; etc. Those are just the fixtures on UGA’s schedule. What about TAMU and Mizz? Bama’s 2-tight base (which essentially is the kryptonite to a 3-4)? DCs in the NFL never see that kind of diversity in offenses.

                • I just don’t think all those years with the Jags and Falcons did anything but improve him as a coach. Its not like he has been in retirement. With the exception of the one year at AU, BVG has not been a college DC since he left UGA. He is not the failure as so many seem to suggest on this board. He worked his way up to an NFL DC job. As far as the spread goes, its been around a while. My guess is that BVG saw it during the early part of the decade. It is all a moot point, as BVG supposedly has taken a job with the Jets.

                • You could argue that BVG didn’t see that much diversity when he was in Athens, either.

            • He hustled out of Atlanta before he could get fired. Hardly a ringing endorsement. And he managed to take a defense that finished 80th in the country under Roof… and lead it to an 81st place finish. More importantly, the Tigers defense never got better as the season went on – and all BVG could pin it on was that his players needed to be bigger.

              Just curious – do you think Auburn is still a train wreck? Or will that defense play better under Ellis Johnson?

              • Auburn won’t be a quick fix. They had 3 or 4 years of loafing in offseason workouts and lax discipline. That will take some time to undue. BVG believes in intense scrimmaging and is will to suffer the consequences with regard to injuries. Richt let him do that even though we always had a ton of guys hurt. When Willie took over, that stopped. I don’t think Auburn went to the tough game week scrimmaging until mid-season and it was too late at that point.

              • ChilliDawg

                Not to mention that BVG’s boss was a supposed “defensive genius.” Guess Gene and Brian weren’t on speaking terms.

          • You are bragging about top 20 showings in scoring defense. That won’t win a championship. That’s average for a SEC team. Give me some top 5 finishes in scoring defense (like under BVGO) and I will be impressed. BVG had less than one year at Auburn, which was a cancer he could not stop. I am giving him a mulligan on that job.

            • Jesus Christ. I’m not bragging about shit. I’m simply pointing out that from a defensive standpoint, Georgia is in a much better place than it was under Willie. And it is showing improvement over time.

              BVG did a fabulous job coaching defense when he was in Athens. He was never much of a recruiter. And you can excuse his tenure in Auburn all you want, but the reality is that it was shocking to see how poor that team’s fundamentals were when I saw them play the Dawgs late in the year. It’s big of you to give him a mulligan, but it seems that every head coach in America who had a DC opening this year disagrees. Maybe you’re just smarter than all of them are.

              • Why do you think he was such a poor recruiter? I see a lot of studs from those years. 2002 may have been one of our best years if you go by ALL-SEC honors. 8 from that class became ALL-SEC. Just looking at the numbers, it was the 2005 and 2006 classes that turned out to be busts. Now it might be that we garnered a lot of SEC honors during the BVG years as a product of our teams being so good. So he maybe BVG just coached them up….I am ok with that too. As I recall, Ray Goff was a brilliant recruiter and how did that pan out for us?

  24. PTC DAWG

    Heard on 680….Seattle paid the UF DC 5.7 Million over 3 years…

    That’s a big jump…

    I don’t blame Grantham for taking the interview..

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves……
      DQ “Quinn’s defenses ranked among the top 10 nationally in his two seasons at Florida. In 2012, the Gators were fifth nationally in scoring (15.4 ppg), second in pass efficiency defense and fourth in rush defense (94.9 ypg). Florida gave up only seven passing touchdowns, which was second only to Boise State (four).”

  25. SouthGaDawg

    Hey, this has been out there all off- season. Where there is smoke there is fire. If he goes fine, if he stays fine. But, do not give him a raise just to stay. He makes plenty. With the talent he was afforded this past year, he probably should give some of his salary back. Oopps…sorry, I said I was not going to complain about Grantham anymore.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Wow! “He makes plenty” …”he probably should give some of his salary back” goodness! I don’t suppose you were an Obama man? Cojones? What say you?

  26. Will Trane

    So the bloggers and sportswriters throw down a little on this class of recruits. Big deal. If Grantham wants to go to the Saints, that could be a big deal.
    Just puzzled why no other school in the SEC is poached for coaches like UGA. Can’t get classes like the other schools, but not one coaching soul leaves those schools unless he is going to be terminated. Something just does not click here.
    If Grantham goes, does that open up a position for the former HC on the Plains to be in play. Was not his resume on the D side. You damn well know he would be motivated to coach against Auburn and every other school in the West.
    The guy calling the AD and asking him to pony up some bucks for TG is the old ball coach. And Muschamp, hell, he is on the phone to the Saints begging them to hire TG.
    Maybe Diaz at Texas should be in play. But then again the cowpokes stampeded the herd. Texans may want Diaz back in the SEC. Well, would that not be a hoot. Two former MSU D coaches now with the Dawgs. Endless possibilities. Not sure VG is on any list of CMR.
    Is it not amazing how much influence Slive had over CMR, his hip, and his doctors to dictate the surgery. Where in hell was Slive in those lousy damn calls by the officials against the Dawgs the past couple of seasons. Sorry, CMR is would be cold day in hell before Slive would have any input in my health.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Just puzzled why no other school in the SEC is poached for coaches like UGA.”

      Except for Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and LSU

      • The Eagles are set to hire Alabama’s OL coach.

        And, btw, the Jets just hired VanGorder as their new LB coach.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Is PornStach the main linebackers coach or the outside linebackers coach?
          Is it me or is a coaching bubble looming? Last time I saw such foolish expenditures was in Oconee County and the Atlanta crowd paying high dollar for farm land to develop. Recently some of those 100,000 dollar lots were sold for 15 grand a pop. Anyone need a lot? Will build to suit.

        • Dawgbro42

          Any concern about Will Friend jumping to Bama? But that would be the next storyline for Dawg fans to hyperventilate over, I imagine….

          • Is there any reason to think Friend would be a candidate other than that he played there? How often does that enter into a Nick Saban hiring decision?

            I’m more curious to see if he takes another run at Searels.

            • SCDawg

              Something is wrong in Texas right now. When is the last time you saw mack brown recruit 15 guys? Is there some numbers reason why it was so small? Might be a reason for searels to make a move if asked.

  27. AusDawg85

    Never had this problem with Willie!