“I’m not saying Georgia’s program is headed for the toilet just yet.”

Take a Gator fan who’s still smarting over this year’s Cocktail Party results (“And if Florida turns it over three times or less, it wins that game.”) and is trying to sound far more in the know about Georgia’s recruiting than he actually is and the results are epic.

I guess this is what you console yourself with in the offseason when your head coach is 0-2 against your most hated rival.


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  1. just imagine what this clown is gonna write after we make it three in a row this october.


  2. HottCheese

    “I’m just one year older than all those kids making decisions. I understand how fun it is to play with people’s minds.”

    No need to continue reading after this sentence.


  3. UFTimmy

    The kid writing that article is just 19 years old.

    Georgia isn’t his most hated rival. 🙂


  4. Julie

    He must have pulled an all-nighter in mom’s basement to come up with this masterpiece.


  5. I’m glad someone else noticed this important point. Another barely out of high school kid trying to make a journalistic name for himself by talking out of his ass. All the piece lacked was a Michael Carvellian “spurned” thrown in.


  6. The other Doug

    I like how the comments section has Gator fans correcting him.


  7. James G.

    I love this line: “Never mind the fact that no bowl game aside from the BCS Championship Game means anything whatsoever.”

    Spoken in the true fashion of a fan whose team just got demolished by an undermanned and undersized Louisville squad in the Sugar Bowl. Hell, maybe Will Muschamp agrees with him.


  8. Orl Dawg

    The gators got lucky with their home schedule last year. No way they beat LSU and USCe if those were road games. Additionally they got Johnny football for his first ever start. I dont think they win that one if it’s later in the year either. The gators could’ve easily lost 3 more games last year. We’ ll see how they do this year with those road games. If Driskel doesn’t improve his decision making, they’ll lose at least 4 games next year.
    That article was typical myopic gator fan hoping that the Dawgs are on a decline. Stop playing the ” what if” game. Murray gave them a couple gifts last year too. Georgia was the better team that day and deserved to win. No the Dawgs didn’t get any 5 stars this year; but they got a lot of solid players. Barring injury, AM will light them up next year


  9. Wilcodawg

    If you consider 4 and 5 star players, tOSU got 18. UGA got 15. Funny how spin works…


    • Russ

      It depends on who’s ranking them. According to ESPN, we got 20 4-star recruits. Either 15 or 20 4-stars out of 32 total, and I’d say we had an excellent recruiting season.


      • Wilcodawg

        Yup – and to suggest there is some real difference between tOSU and UGA recruiting is difficult, yet all I hear is praise for Urbs and poor-mouthing of MR.


  10. Jax

    I didn’t follow recruiting all that closely this year (probably a sign of my age and priorities), but I believe I read where we have twenty 4-star players in this class. If that is correct then we’re in good shape, very good shape in fact.


  11. Joe

    FWIW, Carl Lawson will have a less meaningful career than Tray Blackmon did. I have no idea how he skyrocketed in the recruiting rankings, but there is no way he is the 2nd best player in the country, probably not even a top 20 in the state of Georgia.

    Georgia got a kid named Shaquille Fluker at S that will start from day 1. As we saw with the Marshall/Gurley thing, there are recruiting rankings and then there is actually watching a kid play and learning a little about his background.

    Bama is the ONLY place that provides a reasonable chance for Reuben Foster to provide a meaninful contribution on the football field, but the odds of him actually doing that are so miniscule that I doubt anyone will remember his name until 4 years from now when Mel Kiper is touting a draft sleeper out of Alabama St.

    Losing Tunsil was a disaster, and there is no way around that. Obviously Ole Miss cheated and will be on probation in a couple of years and Hugh Freeze will be at Texas, but that does not make it any better. Richt has only gotten a star LT once in his career at UGA and Sturdivant had huge injury issues. Fact of the matter is, Tunsil was not needed immediately as Gates, Beard and Theus are all NFL offensive tackles.

    It’s also funny that the Gator writer makes no mention of the fact that UF had NO CHANCE with Tunsil, was not even in Tunsil’s top 5, even though he was the best player in the state of Florida and UF needs OT’s. Pretty funny to compare that to his logic on Nkemdiche. Oh what, Tunsil was the 2nd best player? Oh, that’s right, Matthew Thomas was the best player, at a position of need for UF and UF was not even in his top 5. Wow, UF recruiting must be on death’s door.


  12. D.N. Nation

    A few things about those six turnovers:

    – Only one was *really* unforced, a botched handoff. All the rest, someone for the Dawgs made a play.
    – Jarvis Jones forced two fumbles and recovered them. Because he’s an awesome player. He saw that Jordan Reed was going to be stopped short of the goal line, so he went for the strip. Because he’s an awesome player. Florida should invest in getting awesome players again. You know, playmakers and stuff.
    – Georgia largely shut down Gilllisssiillleee, forcing the Gators to go to Jeff Driskel. The results there shouldn’t have been surprising.


  13. Omar Oliver

    I Love it when Haters calls us out, that means we are relevant in the
    mighty SEC. DAWGS in 2013 Baby!!!!!!


  14. Cojones

    It seems like each paragraph and subject change the kid stated wrong-headedness thinking. Rodney had no Recruiting Director title and we have had a recruiting office now on campus for some months. We already had a great class before the anticlimatic finish.

    I blame none of these recruit kids as having been fixated on Rodney for interest in UGA plus most of these kids had decided not to come to UGA before Rodney left. Hell, some he didn’t even try to recruit.

    How does a kid with nothing but rumor for info suddenly become a sports writer? He doesn’t read or know as much info as fans who don’t write articles.

    Heh, Heh. Those posers are going to get it in the ear this year. Can’t someone change the Everbank scoreboard sign at Jax (using a pasteup) to Everbark? It’s a sign waiting to happen.


  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    We’re doomed, DOOOOMMMED!


  16. TennesseeDawg

    Game over, man! Game over!


  17. OKDawg

    “Recruiting is a 365-day-a-year job, as Florida fans all saw: Most of our recruits committed early, and Will Muschamp got about a third of them to sign early.”

    Based on his logic, Richt seems to understand recruiting is a 365-day-a-year job more than Muschimp does. We had well over one third of our recruits enroll early.


    • Muschamp is indeed gifted, if he “signed them early,” as it’s not allowed by the NCAA to sign football agreements until last Wednesday.


  18. The state of Florida has twice the population of Georgia. With Miami down and FSU not quite what it used to be, any UF coach should be able to land a top 3 recruiting class. Florida was the worst 11-2 team I can remember. They could easily have lost 6 games, including the likes of Missouri and La. Lafayette; yet they have the audacity to whine about turnovers in the UGA game.


  19. The kid also make a big deal about UF landing 5 players from Georgia….that’s the same number UGA signed from Florida. But he omits that fact.


  20. FRED

    Look I don’t know if the kids a hater but I as a UGA fan I know that we are falling and regardless of our record in 2012 we are not on a level with the top teams in the SEC. Next years schedule will be much tougher than the last 2-3 years and that we will see just how good we are.


  21. Nate Dawg

    Sweet. Flaurida fans are still assholes even when they loose. Thanks for the confirmation.


  22. rampdawg

    In all likelyhood, Gayturds fans are seeing what this series has always been. 20 yr. cycles where one team rules for two decades. ( beginning, all Dawgs, 30s+40s all Dawgs, 50s+60s all Gayturs, 70s+80s all Dawgs, 90s+ 2000s all Gayturs, now2 in a row, Dawgs on top) Now the pendulum is swinging back to the rightous, and worry is starting to commence in Gay nsville. A Dawgs win next year, and full blown panic will set in. Can’t wait for the stories of how a former Dawg ( Muscamp ) has the Gayturds spiraling down the tubes.


  23. Senator, the King & Spalding investigation and critique of the Freeh report has been released and can be found on ESPN.com and also here: http://paterno.com/Default.aspx
    It makes a pretty compelling case that the culture of football at PSU is not to blame. Whether or not it changes your mind in any respect, you have to concede the Freeh report was a piss poor effort.


    • I’ve read the ESPN story. K&S is a hired gun for the Paternos. It’s what you’d get from a very good defense lawyer.

      I never thought the Freeh report was perfect. But I have a very hard time believing that all of Sandusky’s activities went unnoticed by JoePa.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree, the Freeh report seemed rushed and was certainly not the final statement on that mess but anyone who doesn’t think the football culture, and those with self interests within it, wasn’t the major contributing factor in how that played out is totally naive. The role of the NCAA in all of this is an interesting debate but there should be no doubt the protection of PSU football program was almost 100% to blame in how Sandusky was treated and allowed to hang around. I am still disgusted everytime the subject comes up and still do not understand why they didn’t get the death penalty, basically they had a slap on the wrist for all the misery they swept under the rug.


  24. Hackerdog

    So, basically, this kid is saying that since UGA “allowed” Nkemdiche and Tunsil to choose other schools (because UF and Bama certainly don’t “allow” top talent in their state, or targets on their board to choose other schools), and since we didn’t go after a very good 4-3 DE (even though we run a 3-4), we are doomed to failure.

    That entire piece looked like an expanded AJC comment, not something worthy of publication.


  25. Steve



    • G Marmalard

      i like his comment that no bowl game other than bcs champ game matters. subtext florida lost to louisville bc they were focused on recruiting rather than game prep, and this was clearly the correct order of priorities. georgia on the other hand made mistake of preparing for and winning bowl game, hence our heinous recruiting year . . .