You’re not so tough, SEC.

Big Game Bob wants you to know the SEC is overrated because his Sooners would have given Missouri as much of a righteous arse kicking last season as Texas A&M gave Oklaho… hey, wait a minute!


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7 responses to “You’re not so tough, SEC.

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If you look at apples to apples, the SEC is better than the Big 12 top to bottom. Could certain Big 12 teams beat certain SEC teams? Sure.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    So their bottom of the barrel was better than our bottom of the barrel for one year. Q.E.D.


  3. Dog in Fla

    “You’re more than smart enough to figure it out….Again, you figure it all out.”

    I think they’re smart enough and good enough to have figured it out. BGB will soon be fed propaganda from a relative who is coaching one of the “bottom six, seven, eight, whatever” (Kentucky) what a candy-ass league it is


  4. WarD Eagle

    Duh! He’s a genius! Both conferences have .500 records in-conference so they’re competitive equals!


  5. Cojones

    You have to stop the early morning laugh-a-thon. My wife thinks I’ve begun to smoke in the AM.

    Talk about open mouth and insert foot: – Bob loses the only game they played against an SEC team yet we ain’t so hot. Good Lord, he talks like Manziel is the second coming of …..OOoh!…and he plays like an outlaw? Would this be The Third Coming and it’s ahead of schedule? If he wasn’t at Ok, I’d swear he was an FU coach. Oh, really?

    My son-in-law in Texas is a big A&M/Tex guy who has fun at Choklahoma’s expense(sports a t-shirt with choking sign above “___lahoma”). He was reticent in his views of A&M joining us, but I think he has gotten over it now. He still hasn’t made any fan-like gestures concerning this past season, but the bet would be that he wakes up humming every morning since 45-17 hit the scoreboard. He teaches class and coaches Jr-High football, but won’t get into football conversations since the wedding celebration.

    Think prewarning my daughter before e-mailing this story to her husband would be in order?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    His entire argument seems to be “well, there are teams in the SEC that we could beat” and “a bunch of Big 12 teams managed to qualify for bowl games.” Well, yeah, Bob. Oklahoma could beat several SEC teams. But, Bob, qualifying for a bowl game doesn’t mean jack in this day and age no matter what the coaches’ association tells you in their pamphlet.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Could Oklahoma beat Kentucky? Yeah. But if you compare apples to apples BGB’s analysis is flawed. Let’s say the 10 team Big 12 played the first 10 teams in the SEC each paired against its respective opponent. Is K-State (the 2012 Big 12 Champion) gonna beat Bama? I think not. How about Oklahoma against UGA (the Big 12 runner-up against the SEC runner-up)? Again, the SEC wins that one based among other things on the teams’ respective bowl performances. Is Texas going to beat Texas A&M? No way. Okie State against South Carolina? Nope. Baylor against LSU. No. Come on–this is getting absurd. You could go through all the teams and the SEC would be favored in just about every game. BGB once again proves that he is FOS. Shut up Bob. The more you talk the worse you look.