Johnny Football, a little bit pregnant

If what I’m hearing is true, I want a mulligan on the first half of Georgia’s 2010 season. Or at least an explanation from Georgia’s decision makers why they weren’t more aggressive dealing with the NCAA.  Because this is a complete joke:

Look, either Manziel took money or he didn’t.  If he did, then he should be gone, period.  If he didn’t or, perhaps more accurately, the NCAA doesn’t have convincing proof that he did, then that should be the end of the matter.

So what’s gained by giving Manziel a shorter penalty than a player flagged for targeting will get?  Is it some sort of mea culpa from the school, rather than the player, to send the NCAA on its way?  Or just another example of Emmert winging it?  I’ve got no idea, although it makes little sense that it’s coming from the NCAA.  All I know is if this is how things go down, it makes everyone except Manziel look a little stupider.  And I think we all know how it’ll make Manziel look.


UPDATE:  Year2 ties together what Manziel may be getting dinged over.  Bottom line is that Johnny Football outsmarted the NCAA.  (Not that, as Cecil Newton proved, that’s too hard to do.)


UPDATE #2:  I wonder what Mr. Jones is thinking about now.


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38 responses to “Johnny Football, a little bit pregnant

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Who was the lawdawg representing when Greene was in the heat vs Jarvis Jones?

  2. This entire process aggrivates me to no end. Like you, I can’t help but think about AJ through all of this. So frustrating.

  3. dawgfan17

    AJ was punished for being open and honest. Also between Newton and Manziel they have given the blue print to every player who wants to take a big pay day. Just simply use a middle man, only take cash, and deny, deny, deny.

  4. greeneggboy

    They’re really pullin this stuff out of their asses.

  5. South FL Dawg

    I don’t know what irritates me more – having to suffer the fools at the NCAA or that AJ Green was punished for being honest. The only athletic dept more foolish than Georgia’s has to be Penn State’s for agreeing to any and all punishment in advance. And listen up kids, what you do is don’t deposit your bounty in your account and then lie, lie, lie to the silly investigators.

  6. Connor

    How ironic is that bylaw they cite? Can we logically conclude that any college football players who have elected NOT to participate in the O’Bannon case are violating NCAA rules by failing to do their utmost to prevent the sale of items with their likeness on them? The NCAA is a violation of NCAA rules.

  7. As an attorney, I thought you would appreciate what’s going on here better than most. Moral of the story is….Cash is King.

    AJ had an email thread with the agent and he had a 1k deposit in his account. We knew he was busted so we had to suspend.

    Johnny is straight cash homey. Just like Cam. I think the half game suspension is for A&M to try and get JFF to stop being such a douche bag.

    • Oh, believe me, I know what’s gone on here. And as I’m an attorney, I’m not entirely convinced that things would have gone down exactly as they did if the school had advised AJ to consult with a lawyer before discussing his situation with anyone else.

      In any event, I feel pretty confident in saying AJ will be the last of his kind. Everyone – schools and kids – knows how to game the system now.

      • greeneggboy

        Yeah, don’t take pictures holding cash while shaking hands with a broker, and then lie to investigators.

        • NRBQ

          You mean he didn’t travel all over the country signing nineteen thousand autographs because he’s just that nice to fans? I’m shocked.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Senator, I appreciate your view as stated above but IMHO there was something even more sinister in the AJ Green situation. The NCAA has had a hard on for Georgia ever since the CFA litigation. The NCAA told UGA that investigatores would question AJ about the Miami party situation. AJ was innocent and had not been at that party. He met with the investigators and apparently gives them proof that he wasn’t there. That should have ended the inquiry. Instead the NCAA people quizzed him about all sorts of ancillary matters and rooted up the jersey sale. AJ should have been provided an attorney and AS SOON AS the investigators started asking questions other than those concerning the Miami party the lawyer should have treated it like a deposition and objected, and instructed AJ not to answer. There might have been a big fight but better a fight on the principle that the NCAA was engaging in a witch hunt. The Aubies have been paying players for years. It paid off with a BCSNC Trophy. UGA runs a clean program where we rat on ourselves. Where’s our BCSNC Trophy? From now on everybody needs to follow the Auburn model: Lawyer up and deny, deny, deny. That sure worked for Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel (and Auburn and A&M).

  8. adam

    I feel like these parents that say programs offered them whatever giant sum of money should name names. If they didn’t take any improper benefits, then they’re child is now playing against schools they know are cheating. So, if they are so squeaky clean and their child isn’t risking being declared ineligible, then why not turn in the schools that are cheating? I mean, supposedly their kid ended up going to their school of choice because they didn’t want to have any part in the scandalous dealings of cheaters. So why not out them?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Because the truth is the schools got outbid by aTm and the schools know it. Out them and they out the kid and aTm.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. Anybody want to hazard a guess who the schools were? I’m going with Auburn for the SEC school and Clemson for the ACC school.

        • adam

          Auburn or Ole Miss in the SEC and definitely Clemson in the ACC. They always recruit really well and a) no one wants to play in the ACC, really, b) their defensive coaches are usually quite bad, c) Clemson is in the middle of nowhere.

  9. David

    He may have been honest and said that he did not receive money………….his buddy “Uncle whatshisname” got it and he (Johnny) will not see any of the money. When asked why he could say, TAMU is making a lot of money from me being on the team and I am not compensated, why can’t my buddy make money and I not be compensated?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Or more likely the buddy is acting as a front for Manziel until the season is over and Manziel goes pro. Buddy collects the $$, holds it for Johnny Football, then when the time is right they split it. Then he gives the BS story you just stated above if quizzed.

  10. D.N. Nation

    AJ was punished for being honest with the NCAA, and was flagged by Marc Curles for being excited while playing football. AJ was one of the nicest hombres you’d ever see in the college game, and the knuckleheads running the show responded by treating him like a Problem. Shame on them.

  11. Senator, you cannot have a mulligan! No one can. When you play with me, you take it off the First TEE BOX or not at all.

  12. Bulldog Joe

    If A&M was opening the season with Georgia, it would have been a one-day retroactive suspension last Monday.

  13. Dog in Fla

    Manziel will “be suspended for first half of season-opener versus Rice on Saturday.”

    As an additional reward, he will co-star with the owl who says “who?” about Meghan the co-worker in the MOB halftime presentation of, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”

    • Will (the other one)

      I’ve heard a horrible rumor that the MOB isn’t making the trip.

      • Dog in Fla

        That’s beyond horrible. In related news, Macallenlover is having an angina attack unrelated to the Rise and Fall of Western Civilization.

        In other news, Johnny ®, a young but combat hardened veteran, having most recently been in the shit while attending a frat party in the West Campus area near the University of Texas, when outnumbered, was “quickly and harshly” kicked out of the episode during a firefight barely evading the brunt of a rocket propelled grenade (an airborne beer can) amid general overall taunting that included “Aggie go home!” and “Get the f— out!”

        Johnny ® evacuated with his posse/recon squad across a rugged outdoor patio terrain, dressed in a soaked pink golf shirt (standard issue) with a matching black baseball cap with flat bill.

        Taking a cue from UT frat boys, NCAA asks Johnny ® to: “Get the f— out!” For the first half. Against Rice.

        Johnny® farts in their general direction making it rain, of course, and leaving a smell which Emmert ™ loves in the morning

        • Dog, you do spin a good tall tale! 🙂

          • Dog in Fla

            Gracias! I’d like to thank my agent, all the comedy writers here and Macallenlover without whom my job would be so much harder. Those professionals inspire me day after day to do something I rarely ever want to do – think about something even momentarily. For example, the little things we all want, desire and demand such as beating Dabo and beating the everloving living daylights out of Spurrier to claim the Lower Carolina swamp territory in its entirety so we can annex it to Okefenokee and forget about it

  14. Russ

    What a croc, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

  15. Wonder how much $$ those NCAA employees are taking in? Bet you if we investigated their goings on, we would find some serious corruption up in there.

  16. NC Dawg

    Half a damn game. Half. That’s coach’s punishment for being late to class. Newton get no time, and his daddy was shopping him around. JFootball gets to sit for a half against Rice, and everyone on the planet knows he was selling thousands of autographs. Whatever grounds of credibility the NCAA had left, and there weren’t many, are totally down the drain. I think this will help push the body over the ledge. Can’t wait to see what replaces it.

  17. NRBQ

    This just in….
    The NCAA announced that, were Johnny a football a combat-veteran U.S. Marine, he would be inelegible to play college ball for, like, ever.

  18. John Denver is full of shit and so is the NCAA.

    I want to see him in the SEC Championship game with AJ Green on the sidelines.

  19. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Excitement for college football in general at 75% normal levels relative to what it has been years past. It’s just getting tiresome.

  20. Mayor of Dawgtown

    How do you spell “joke?” N-C-A-A.

  21. 69Dawg

    I pointed out earlier this week that the rule that got him would get him. I just didn’t think the punishment for breaking that rule would be so small. It must be nice to live in the NCAA’s Fantasy Land where you get to make stuff up as you go along. Always a plus to hire the law firm of the SEC commissioner to carry your water.

  22. Castleberry

    Dez Bryant got a 10 game / career ending suspsension for “lying to an NCAA investigator about a lunch with former NFL star Deion Sanders that didn’t violate any NCAA rules.”

  23. AlphaDawg

    I think , and someone may be able to correct me if i’m wrong. But according to their Honor Code, if he is caught lying isn’t he kicked out of school?