“That dude is a beast. If only you would have seen him in camp.”

I love it when the Johnson Doctrine fails.  And this is shaping up as my all time favorite example.


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  1. BMan

    The Johnson Doctrine = SIAR, B!


  2. Russ

    Gurley, Marshall, Hicks, Douglas, Hall. That’s a great backfield regardless of the QB.


  3. mwo

    Shorter Johnson Doctrine ” If you have one, be one”!!!!!


  4. Irishdawg

    Can anyone remember Georgia having this much skill position talent? I would put this group, even without Malcolm Mitchell, against any team in the country.


    • gastr1

      I was thinking that the only time I can recall it being close was in 1992, when we had Zeier, Hearst, Mack Strong, Terrell Davis, and Andre Hastings. In ’88 we had Worley, Henderson, and Hampton, but the QB and receivers were weak.


      • gastr1

        ’97 had Robert Edwards, Olandis Gary, Patrick Pass, Hines Ward, & Champ Bailey, but the QB was some guy named Bobo.


      • hunkerdowndawg

        The ’88 backfield was full of NFL talent but the QB and receiver positions were not. TE Troy Sadowski spent 9 or 10 years in the NFL. I would sya that with a healthy Malcolm Mitchell, this group would easily be the most talented at all the skill positions that I have ever seen at Georgia. But, the young receivers stepping up have a chance to make that true even in the absence of MM.


  5. Vinings Dawg

    If Gurley refers to you as a beast… That’s a massive statement.


  6. mdcgtp

    When we signed Douglas, I was still smarting from the Tunsil disappointment that it hardly eased the pain. That said, the one thing that was obvious to me from how folks were talking about his film (i admit i did not watch it) was that even if he never played much for us that avoiding him as fishfry’s stable B back for 4 years was worth the scholarship.

    Of course, it certainly appears he is going to contribute during his time in Athens. Richt basically said he will be used in short yardage situation, presumably to take away a bit of the wear and tear off of Gurley. While that sounds great, I really believe that it needs to be thought through carefully.

    For example we have a 3rd and 2 from anywhere where we would NOT consider going for the it on fourth down, I think you have to have Gurley in the game. On the other hand, in “Four down territory,” I tend to think the risk/reward of him vs. Gurley makes sense. I say this based on the fact that Gurley almost never lost yards a year ago. If Douglas displays a similar skill for always getting positive yards, I think we can adjust.


  7. www

    ANOTHER georgia tech blog posting?

    at least this one has a uga connection.


  8. Biggus Rickus

    I think my favorite part of the story is Lynch calling him hard-nosed and deceivingly fast. I think I read too much Fire Joe Morgan back in the day.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    It’s good to have some OL depth to go along with the fresh legs in the backfield. As our defense matures, It’s important to keep our offense on the field late in games.

    It looks like things are working out well for both Douglas and Ken Malcome so far as Boo is getting carries for Southern Illinois. He had 11 rushes and a TD last week.


  10. godawg

    I saw an article back during camp somewhere and one of the d-linemen was calling him, “The Great White Hope,” He said he didn’t know white boys could run like that…LMAO.

    As Vinings mentioned above, when TG2 says you’re a beast…..


  11. DawgPhan

    I believe that someone called him the White Adrian Peterson. I dont know if he is that good, but he is fun to watch. I am guessing he ends up at fullback though with Sony and Chubb coming in next year…we need 2 footballs.


    • Will (the other one)

      I’d like to see it this year, but I’d love to see some diamond formation looks with the TE/RB/FB talent we have on hand.


  12. NRBQ

    Folks in Augusta are really buzzed about Brendan’s debut.

    He’s from a large, well-known family, and was quite an over-achiever at Aquinas.

    He also made 200 tackles as a junior and senior. Maybe Grantham should give him a look.