I’ll always love my mama.

Over at MrSEC.com, Josh Ward professes not to understand why Malik McDowell went through the NLI signing ritual at this late date.

In the end, McDowell got what he wanted. He signed with Michigan State and will be able to play for the Spartans this fall.

It’s confusing why McDowell wanted to sign at all. The letter of intent isn’t required for McDowell to be able to receive a scholarship to play at Michigan State. With McDowell being so close to enrolling in school, the letter of intent really offers McDowell no advantage.

But if McDowell gets to campus and decides he made a mistake, he’s bound to Michigan State for a year because he’s signed the letter of intent. More heavily-recruited prospects should think twice in the future before they sign a letter of intent and make such a strong commitment to one school.

In many cases, I can see the wisdom in Josh’s point.  But maybe Malik signed the LOI so he’d have an excuse to keep mom off his back.  “Mama, even if I wanted to leave, which I don’t, but even if I did, I can’t, because I signed the letter.”  Hell hath no fury, and all.

That being said, if that day ever comes when McDowell wants to transfer, I hope Dantonio’s got enough of a sense of humor to let him go anywhere he wants, as long as it’s not on mama’s list.



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2 responses to “I’ll always love my mama.

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Your analysis is spot on Senator. If he signed the letter that keeps him from leaving for a year and Mama’s got nothing more she can say or do.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    I bet Momma ain’t happy.