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The sin of wages

So here’s part of a Brian Cook rant about player compensation:

Everywhere else in society, an 18 year old who works really hard at something is financially compensated for it and most of them do not… I mean… why am I even arguing about this? If you’re the kind of person who thinks that young people doing dumb things with money is a threat instead of, you know, life, you probably start arguments with “Speaking as a parent.” Anyone who starts arguments with “Speaking as a parent” wants you to turn off your brain so they can feelingsball you. They are my mortal enemies, speaking as a person who can formulate an argument.

The aura of paternalism that hangs over objections to letting players get theirs is suffocating. “But if they get money they’ll…” They’ll what? They’ll still be under the thumb of a drill sergeant of a football coach desperate to remain in his good graces lest the faucet turn off. They will be the same, just with fewer things to stress about.

They might waste it. They might not. I just don’t care anymore. Let them have their five hundred dollars.

He’s got a point.  What is it about college players getting paid that turns so many of us off?  Hell, we’ve already seen what happens when colleges and conferences get paid.  Can players receiving payment make things worse than what the suits are putting us through as a consequence?



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A lead, if you can keep it

You wanna know who’s at fault for Georgia Tech blowing a 20-point lead against the Dawgs last November?  Would you be surprised that the genius would be the first to tell you to look elsewhere for the answer?

… Yes, we’ve got to get better defensively. Last year in the Georgia game, if you break it down, ‘they made adjustments and shut you down after halftime.’ Well, not really. We scored a touchdown, missed a field goal, threw an interception, and got stopped once. We only had the ball four times. The kicker was that they scored every time. You can say that we should have scored more than once on offense, but that wasn’t the problem.

The triple option can never fail you.  Even when it’s missing 75% of the time.  Better step it up, Roof.


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“I expect our guys to come out every single day, ready to improve.”

Very nice spring practice video…

… except there’s no “c” in Ekeler, guys.

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Friday morning buffet

Pre-G-Day snack time…


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“This is what we’ve been known for for the past couple of years.”

Jon Gruden digs the back shoulder fade.


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But they said Larry Scott is a genius.

The Pac-12 discovers that broadcast partnership thingy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  What a surprise.

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“It is a simple misdemeanor.”

Ames, Iowa police, Jimmy Williamson wants you to know he stands proudly by your side.

(Insert “Mark Richt has lost control” joke here.)


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The NCAA’s Perfectly Fair Rules

I’m just a little disappointed The Daily Show folks couldn’t reach Stacey Osburn.  After all, she’s a self-professed “pop culture nut”.

Maybe Colbert can snag an interview with Mark Emmert.


UPDATE:  “Yes, the love of the sport,” Stewart said.

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