Does Gurley’s uniform make his butt look fat?

I’ve seen a little 2013 weight-related criticism directed Number Three’s way lately, and I have to say I’m not really getting it.

He’s ridiculously explosive throughout that clip, starting with that 75-yard TD run against Clemson.  Then there’s the catch in the flat against Florida when he outruns most of the Gators’ defensive backfield.  But even some of the plays where he picks up less yardage are displays of his burst.  Check out that screen pass against LSU at the :30 mark, when he turns up field and just explodes through the line of scrimmage.  He didn’t seem to have any problem elevating himself at the goal line, either.

Did Gurley have conditioning problems?  Yes, especially later in the season when he was coming back from missing games due to the ankle injury.  And he was clearly laboring because of the ankle late in the season, most notably in the bowl game.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have a problem if he wants to drop a few pounds, as long as he’s comfortable doing it.  But the other thing that comes across in that clip is his power.  That combined with his top end speed is what makes him such a special player.  And I’d hate to see him drop so much weight that it compromises his ability to plow through defenses when called upon to do so (given what’s expected out of the offensive line, I doubt the need for that will lessen this season).

Then again, when I see pics like this

… I realize it’s probably not worth arguing about.


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41 responses to “Does Gurley’s uniform make his butt look fat?

  1. Spike

    His ass is the least of our problems..


  2. 202dawg

    Yep, it’s spring alright…


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’ve commented that he looked heavy in 2013. Compare 2013 and 2012 views. It could be natural growth. It could be that he wanted to get heavier. Could be a number of things. He did seem to have more stamina in 2012.


    • Did he have more stamina in 2012, or a healthier Marshall who was able to give him a chance to catch his breath throughout the season?


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        No way to tell,of course, He also didn’t have injuries to slough off in 2012.

        His big moment in 2012 was the second half of the Bama game, where he looked stronger as the game went on. The end of the Tech game in 2013 was nice, but not as protracted.

        I recall some news about him gaining weight that off season. Maybe the weight all went to his tuchus. Maybe he’s just a bit of a lard butt. I’m just putting together the published weight gain with ‘the uniform made his butt look fat.’ There’s no way to factor in injuries and conditioning except ‘seat of the pants’ judgment.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    “QB Hutson Mason is 24-of-30 in pass attempts for 288 yards and three touchdowns. No interceptions.”

    “(given what’s expected out of the offensive line, I doubt the need for that will lessen this season).”

    Ahhh…don’t these two comments seem to contraindicate?


    • You kidding? A spring scrimmage or two, and you’re ready to proclaim the o-line is fixed?

      If you’re trolling there, fine, although it’s pretty silly. If you believe it, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say when Karempelis lights up G-Day again. 😉


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Where, pray, did I say anything about anything being fixed?

        What I am saying is that, despite many expert opinions to the contrary, the offense last year seemed, with a rotten–terrible–players out of position- and no real tackles-offensive line, to be reasonably efficient, at least based on the stats I read here.

        My suspicion is that the offensive line is not as broken as we have come to decide. And sometimes I have been on that bandwagon me own self, but it is widely known I may be wrong once in a while.


        • What I am saying is that, despite many expert opinions to the contrary, the offense last year seemed, with a rotten–terrible–players out of position- and no real tackles-offensive line, to be reasonably efficient, at least based on the stats I read here.

          Which was my point about Gurley maintaining his power. So I’m not sure what you’re rebutting here.


          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Actually I am not rebutting, but trying a little misdirection…really dood, after looking at the offensive production from last year…and yes, Murray was a helluva quarterback talent…how bad, really, could the offensive line have been?


      • Ronnie Powell ran for over 100 yards in a spring scrimmage again, I think this fall is finally his year.


      • Olddawg 55

        Beware of Greeks running the ball…


  5. Barbershop Bob

    First of all fat ass needs a haircut


  6. Doggoned

    I don’t care what he weighs, so long as he stays healthy. That could be the key to the whole season.


  7. DugLite

    The little celebration after the run at Clemson still makes me cringe.


  8. Merk

    There were a few times he did appear hesitant or to pull up short, but both were occurring after the ankle injury. I think by the last part of the season he was just trying to make it to the offseason w/o a season ending injury. I mean when pretty much every other starting O skill player tears an ACL I would be a bit hesitant at times too. Also I think a lot of people did not realize how bad that ankle roll was. The clips I saw made me surprised he did not tear ligaments/tendons or break his ankle completely. Guess all these internet bada**es would have been back at full speed in 2 weeks from that. They also would have been in the gym pounding weights/doing agility drills the whole time too, cause it is not like an ankle injury hurts or anything.


  9. Moe Pritchett

    I see no problem here at all……my wifes butt is large as well, but her performance is as stellar as ever.


    • You are a brave man, sir. Or your wife doesn’t read GTP. 😉


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Not prudent my man!
      My bride occasionally peruses Get the Picture and Bernies Dawg Blawg. Especially if she knows her sons will be swinging by for supper on the weekend. She likes to be part of our Dawg talk. I would like to add here that her derriere is every bit the same svelte and toned posterior now as it was in college. Even more so.

      *A couple had been married 10 years. One afternoon, the wife was working in the garden while the husband was grilling hamburgers out on the lawn. As the wife was bending over pulling weeds, the husband said…

      ‘Hey honey, you’re getting fat. Your butt is huge. I’ll bet it’s as wide as the gas grill.’

      Feeling the need to prove his point, he got out a yard stick and measured the grill, then his wife’s butt.

      ‘Yep,’ he said,’ just what I thought, just about the same size.’

      The wife became mad and left him outside alone. She went inside the house and didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day.

      When they retired to bed that evening, the husband cuddled up to his wife and said,

      ‘How about it, honey? How about a little hoochie coochie?’

      The wife turned her back to him, giving him the cold shoulder.

      ‘What’s the matter?’ he asked.

      She replied…

      ‘You don’t think I’m going to fire up this big A$$ grill just for one little old weenie, do you?’*


  10. John Denver is full of shit...

    I see a triple rainbow


  11. awreed79

    It’s hard to make a ghetto booty look anything but phat.
    I like big butts and I cannot lie.


  12. Cojones

    Can’t wait until a team member reads this and the team learns that fans are looking at Todd’s ass size. Like telling jurors to ignore, psychologically everyone at GTP will be looking at his butt when he runs the ball this year. Nice going, Bluto.


  13. Doggoned

    I hope the other teams will be watching a lot of his butt as he crosses the goal line.


  14. DawgPhan

    Of course, Georiga fans would nitpick the ass size of the best RB in college.


  15. Irishdawg

    Of course Gurley’s cardio was going to suffer while he nursed that injury; it’s tough to run wind sprints or stadium steps with a bum wheel. And anyone who’s been in a gym knows an exercise bike ain’t going to get you in game shape. I want Gurley big enough where he can punish a defense, setting them up for one of Marshall’s jitterbug runs.


  16. I beg y’all’s pardon…but from what I’ve read a Big Butt = Big Bucks in the NFL. Keep it Large and in Charge, Todd.


  17. “Baby got Back!”
    This needs to be played every time he breaks one in Sanford.