The NCAA does reform like nobody’s business.

Also from that Maisel post I linked to:

The reduction of training table to one meal per day took effect in the NCAA’s cost-cutting reforms of 1991. That was the same package that included the 20-hour rule, which has become a mockery, and the “restricted-earnings” assistants, who could be paid only $16,000 per year. The NCAA had to pay a $54.5 million settlement in 1999 to undo that decision. Undoing the cutback on meals nearly guts the entire reform package.

“Nearly”?  What’s left?


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6 responses to “The NCAA does reform like nobody’s business.

  1. 69Dawg

    I think they are still enforcing the 20 hour rule, wink wink nod nod.


    • They are, but with so many loopholes to the hour count it’s worthless.


      • Cousin Eddie

        Typical NCAA rule. Broad rule with many loop holes that only punish the ones that follow the rule and self report when they make a mistake while the ones who do as they want and denies wrong doing get away with breaking the rule.


  2. DawgByte

    Oh wait, libtards promoted the hell out of Title IX… correlation maybe… oh wait, unintended consequences. Good grief.

    Memo to Bluto Libtardo:

    Your obsession with the NCAA is beginning to get old.