I’ve got your competitive fairness right here.

The SEC, bastion of competition:

Next time you think about parity in college football, think about this: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee – six of 14 SEC members – have won the last 37 league championships. Kentucky shared the 1976 championship with Georgia. Before that, you have to go back to 1963, when Ole Miss won and 200-pound linemen roamed the earth. Not to mention that none of the four SEC expansion teams (Arkansas and South Carolina, 1992; Missouri and Texas A&M, 2012) has won the league.

College football has never been about equality and fairness, Mr. Emmert.  If it were, Alabama would be sharing some of this with its less fortunate SEC brethren.


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5 responses to “I’ve got your competitive fairness right here.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    And this is a problem? 🙂


  2. JR

    wait, where is south carolina on that list? but.. hey at least they got those cool not-championship rings..


  3. Charles

    SEC Championships since 1977:
    Florida, 9
    Alabama, 9
    Auburn, 7
    LSU, 6
    Tennessee, 5
    Georgia, 5


  4. How about SEC Championship game appearances? South Carolina has those, as does Arkansas and Miss St. Missouri too. The only teams that don’t are Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Ole Miss, and probably gonna make it sooner rather than later like the other 3, Texas A&M.


    • Charles

      SEC Championship Game appearances since 1992:
      Florida, 10
      Alabama, 8
      LSU, 5
      Auburn, 5
      Georgia, 5
      Tennessee, 5
      Arkansas, 3
      Missouri, 1
      South Carolina, 1
      Mississippi State, 1

      But only the top 6 teams have actually won a Championship Game:
      Florida, 7
      Alabama, 4
      LSU, 4
      Auburn, 3
      Georgia, 2
      Tennessee, 2