Four months and two days away

CFN has a list of all the action for the first week of the college football season.

Can it get here soon enough?


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7 responses to “Four months and two days away

  1. Silver Creek Doug

    Absolutely not…


  2. dc_oliver

    Can’t help but notice how many of those games are on SEC Network…if the major carriers don’t have it by the first week of the season, I bet they have it for the second week after hearing from the avalanche of angry customers.


  3. Spike

    I want to tape my ankles and put eye black on…


  4. Ed Kilgore

    As a West Coast Dawg, I am very concerned Comcast won’t pick up the SEC Network out here. ESPN 3 may have to be a frequent fallback, if they even allow us that (ESPNU games are usually blacked out on ESPN3).


  5. Tom

    TBA Ga Clempson? CBS


  6. Macallanlover

    As much as I prefer night games early in the year, I am hoping for a 5:00 PM start against Clemson this year. That would be a good lead in to the 8 and 9 o’ clock games. ESPN should be down for that because ABC has an outstanding game with FSU/OSU at 8:30.