“The defense figures it out and the offense goes and finds something else.”

Chicken or egg question for you:  is SEC quarterbacking worse this year than last year because the quarterbacks aren’t as good, or because the defenses are better?


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14 responses to ““The defense figures it out and the offense goes and finds something else.”

  1. uglydawg

    Mostly, though QB’s are a not as good as last few years.


  2. QB play is mediocre to weak. Other than dak Prescott and Nick marshall there is very little quality or experience at the position. Kentucky may have the third-best qb in the conference, that’s how bad it is.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    The QB’s are definitely not as good as ladt year, but what is the comparison of offensive, and defensive, points per game vs last year. If both are up, the defenses aren’t better,


  4. I don’t think there’s any question on this. Murray, Mettenberger, McCarron, Shaw, Manziel; all gone. All put up solid to spectacular numbers last year.

    Is there defensive improvement? At Georgia there is, but I’m not sure about anywhere else (except South Carolina, whose defense looks terrible).


  5. Skeeter

    QBs a step down from last season. They don’t have hot GFs, either.


  6. baddawg

    This is the rotation. Last year offenses and qbs were superior BC def’s were young. That’s why sec looks like a running league again. Every one falling on the run. Def’s have more experience this year, and look better BC qbs are young or replacing big time talent. Its mid season folks. These qbs still have time to get there heads right. And these def’s still have time to figure out how to stop the run. By the end of the season there will 4-6 sec teams that are very well balanced.


    • .Dash

      Georgia, Missouri, South Carolina, A&M, Bama, and LSU all had dramatically better QB play last year. Out of the remaining teams, only Kentucky can claim actual improvement at the QB spot.

      So, no, it has nothing to do with defense, and virtually everything to do with talent behind the center.


  7. Cosmic Dawg

    Where previously it was said of Coach Bobo:

    “The offense figures it out, and then the offense goes and does something else…”



  8. H. Boots

    Dak Prescott is the only real good QB in the conference. Everybody else is just meh.


  9. AusDawg85

    Aren’t the best QB’s in the SEC on our bench?