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Quite the year he’s having.

Todd Gurley has more rushing yards after contact than Florida, Vanderbilt or South Carolina.


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Um… maybe this Pruitt guy’s not so bad, after all.

David Hale has a few interesting stats about FSU’s defense worth sharing with you.

Now, the ‘Noles lost a goodly chunk of talent to the NFL, so that’s a factor.  But they also lost a certain defensive coordinator.  I gotta think that’s a factor, too.


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Will the last defensive back in Athens please turn out the lights?

This is getting ridiculous.

I feel for ya’, Rico.  I really do.


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Let it rip: lather, rinse, repeat?

Seth Emerson, from today’s chat:

The issue right now is confidence. That’s why the “let it rip” mantra is back – something that, by the way, Bobo said to Aaron Murray at a couple points in his career. And one of those was after the Vanderbilt game last year, when there also was no deep game because of the massive run of injuries at receiver.

Nobody is going to confuse Mason’s and Murray’s comparative arm strength.  Still, there was no question that Murray’s hesitancy in last year’s Vandy game allowed Stoop to compress his defense, because there was little concern Georgia was going to try to stretch the field.  That’s no different that what we’re worried about now.

Murray looked like a different quarterback in the first half of the Florida game, too.  Part of that was him getting injured skill position guys back and feeling more confident as a result.  But part of that was Bobo being aggressive with his play calls.  (Which burned Georgia’s offense in the second half due to poor execution.)

So there may be something to that phrase being tossed out.  Just sayin’.


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The SEC is crazy, man.

Just ask Bill Connelly.

The way things currently stand, we could have an incredible SEC race on our hands.

East F/+ Ranking Proj. conf. wins
Missouri (1-0, 4-1) 29 5.17
Georgia (1-1, 3-1) 16 4.66
South Carolina (2-2, 3-2) 26 4.12
Florida (1-1, 2-1) 37 3.86
Tennessee (0-1, 2-2) 47 3.11
Kentucky (1-1, 3-1) 76 2.22
Vanderbilt (0-3, 1-4) 98 0.74
West F/+ Ranking Proj. conf. wins
Mississippi State (1-0, 4-0) 7 5.54
Alabama (1-0, 4-0) 1 5.38
Ole Miss (1-0, 4-0) 5 5.23
Texas A&M (2-0, 5-0) 11 4.88
Auburn (1-0, 4-0) 8 4.73
LSU (0-1, 4-1) 10 4.08
Arkansas (0-2, 3-2) 24 2.27

Those are three East teams projected within 1.05 wins of the top spot … and those are five West teams projected within 0.8. That’s incredible. This is something you tend to see when projecting lower-caliber conferences without standout teams. This isn’t what you expect from the best conference in the country (and while the SEC is not the best every year, it absolutely is this year).

That is about as up for grabs as you can get.  That’s also why this is a huge, huge weekend in the SEC West.

Yeah, it’s been easy putting my Power Poll ballot together.


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“Todd Gurley is just another running back in the SEC we’re going to have to tackle.”

Vanderbilt may have the 11th ranked rushing defense in the conference, but you have to admire Caleb Azubike’s approach.

Of course, that approach is part of the reason the Commodores are ranked 11th in rushing defense.


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“It’s not the place that it maybe was once.”

(Photo via Colonel Reb Foundation/Saveolemiss.com)

Ole Miss:  making the effort to escape the unsavory part of its past, but holding its breath over what signs or flags might show up on GameDay this Saturday.

Faulkner smiles wryly.


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