It’s great… to be… a pessimistic Georgia Bulldog!

It seems that ours is not an easy course this season, my friends.  Only a Georgia fan would have to have his or her emotions tempered after a tremendous win like last night’s by a potentially career-threatening injury to its star player and by the unsettling realization that Gary Pinkel may have borrowed Gus Malzahn’s rabbit’s foot.

Here’s hoping that Gurley’s injury isn’t too serious.  As far as Missouri goes, I said a couple of weeks ago on the podcast with Weiszer and Page that I was starting to detect a faint whiff of 2007 to this season.  That scent is only growing stronger. So, here’s hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself.  Let’s face it:  we’re all Vols fans this week.


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22 responses to “It’s great… to be… a pessimistic Georgia Bulldog!

  1. joe

    This is why mark right makes it so hard on us. We have championship caliber teams that do not control their own destinies because of mind-boggling losses. Happens too often.

    On the plus side, he owns auburn’s ass and I HATE auburn.


    • Cojones

      You need to go potty again, son. You don’t have all the shit out of your system.

      Don’t you realize that last night’s game was the first time we had the entire band (except for three) together for as long as my mini-stroked brain can remember?

      The snakebite left our system halfway through the first qtr. May it never return. Life is good as a Bulldog. If you can’t revel in this, you don’t have anywhere else to go to cheer so you might as well join the rest of us in enfolding this team and QB to your heart. Hutson has proven his ability to be loyal during hard times; why can’t you drink the red Kool-Aid prepared in front of you?


      • Andrew

        Don’t speak for UGA fans. He’s got a legit gripe that I think a good many folks are in line with. This team inexplicably lost to 2 dog shit teams. “Son”? Are you the fatherly guide to fandom?


        • Macallanlover

          Nor do you speak for more than the usual disgruntled minority who are unrealistic in their continual expectations for perfection. Don’t know how much football you have followed over the years but I don’t recall any team that plays every game at over 90%, so you will have a few B and C games every year, just have to hope the other guys are not at full bore when you are “off”. Doesn’t mean any of us like it but some need to learn how to handle the non-perfect days and show some perspective.

          The continual whining does get tiresome, sounds like a room full of spoiled brats at a day care class room after UGA hits any bumps in the road. You think the team and staff don’t hurt after a loss? Do you know any team that hasn’t suffered that? It is bad when we lose, but we have to listen to all you negative perfectionists come on after wins too and remind everyone that we should feel bad because of other games. Are youy really that miserable in your life outside of football. “Yep the marker went up 350 points today but I remember that day in 1987, so don’t enjoy this too much.”


    • Not sure how long you’ve watched the dawgs, but This was not a championship caliber team.

      Losing always sucks, but this team is on track to finish 2 games over reasonable expectations


      • masivatack

        That may be one of the most ass backwards things I I have read about this team. So you think that, after seeing where we stand today, that we should have lost to Florida AND USCe, plus two other teams? So tell me this… What two teams? Tennessee? Missouri? Please. We shit the bed in two games this year, and if we don’t in just one of them, we are talking about some championship hopes right now.

        Not necessarily blaming Richt 100% for this (though he shoulders a lot of it), but the Florida loss in particular just gets more and more mind boggling.


        • Dawgfan Will

          I won’t deny that both of our losses were mind-numbing, but there’s a reason most had us NOT as preseason favorites to win the East. We had too many question marks at the beginning of the season. We have absolutely outperformed expectations this season.


  2. AusDawg85

    You can’t have enough running backs for this offense. Tough times for the FIRERICHT and STARTRAMSEY crowd. Poor things will have to dwell in their basements again until the after the Tech game and outcome of Mizzo’s season. Must make the turkey taste bad, huh?


  3. What fresh hell is this?

    While looking at Mizzou’s 3 remaining games this week I thought they had an even chance of losing any of them. Now that the A&M ship has sailed, next weeks game against UT is huge. Not insignificant is the fact that it’s at UT and it would make UT bowl eligible. I really don’t want it to come down to the hogs on the road.


  4. Brandon

    I’ll be surprised if MIzzou doesn’t lose both games. A&M’s defense is absolutely horrible.


  5. Several things, good and bad, played out last night in such a way that I briefly contemplated going into fortune telling. Only a Georgia fan can be both ecstatic and saddened at the same time. I feel guilty.


    • Question: Didn’t have my DVR on and it all happened so fast and the issue then became confused: Who caught Erickson’s pass and ran it to the four yard line…then was called back by a pissant call???


      • Honestly, I’m not sure. I miss way more being at the games than I do on tv. I even carry a radio but I don’t hear half of what is said. It’s the while sensory overload thing for me and I get so emotionally caught up that I miss a lot. Sometimes nothing gets by me and then there are times i
        I miss a lot.

        I haven’t even been able to watch my recording as I’ve tried to get some things done today and recover since I got up at 6 yesterday morning and didn’t get in bed til close to 4 this morning. Only thing Georgia that I’ve been able to process today is Gurley. I couldn’t even enjoy the damn win for a day.


  6. WF dawg

    If you want an optimist’s approach, here it is: there isn’t a better time Mizzou could be playing UT and ARK than now. Dobbs has given UT a spark, and ARK has learned how to win a conference game. If ARK rolls out the kind of defense they played against LSU and Bama, that Mizzou offense won’t get much. The pessimist in me says that playing TAMU in College Station coming off a win over AU was a tall order, and Mizzou did it. But then again, that A&M defense is putrid.