Maybe Boom can learn how to throw a visor disgustedly from the master.

Here’s a breathless report that Steve Spurrier’s got him a new DC.  And aside from making Muschamp the highest paid assistant in America, all it costs is naming him coach-in-waiting.  I guess Muschamp feels like his odds of succession in Columbia are better than they were in Austin.

Then again, maybe it’s grain of salt time.



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15 responses to “Maybe Boom can learn how to throw a visor disgustedly from the master.

  1. Rick

    Really hope this isn’t true. I thought auburn was the worst case, but this is worse in the short term. Why can’t Muschamp just go to the NFL for a couple years?


    • Ben

      Muschamp as a DC doesn’t worry me too much. Bobo lit him up in 07 Auburn game, and in the 2004 LSU game, David Greene made Muschamp, Saban, and LSU look silly. He’s a good coach and a good defensive coordinator, but he’s not impossible to beat. The success he had at those other schools was happening when the rest of that division wasn’t so strong.

      Malzahn isn’t going to have a strong DC because his offenses never give his defense time to rest, and if Muschamp ends up in Columbia, it’s not like it’s going to give Spurrier an edge of any kind. He’s already got our number.


      • Rick

        So Muschamp as HC worries you more? I know Bobo has done just fine against Muschamp, but he’s not going to do that year in and year out (and hasn’t while Muschamp has been at florida). And even if Bobo can hold his own against Muschamp, whatever SEC team gets him is going to be stronger with him as a DC, so I’d rather that team be in the other division.


        • Ben

          Like at Auburn? Because you’re right, we don’t play them every year. And Carolina has had no problem beating us w/o Muschamp. That’s not going to add anything new to the mix.

          And where did I say Muschamp as HC worries me more?


  2. watcher16

    I didn’t even know the current DC was gone?


  3. tbia

    They still have the rule that a “coach in waiting
    ‘ cant recruit like a regular assistant?


  4. Cojones

    This will make SC stronger. Most of their games were lost a la Grantham; they were outscored. This will shore that up, Muschamp’s FU coordinators are following him so no experimentation needed for new concepts and they start on the same page. The coaches bring with them their recruits from FU on D for next year thus adding significantly to SC recruits already there.

    Run and Gun plus a good D will be a future thorn in our side beginning next season. There is nothing good for UGA in this deal. Muschamp’s concentration on D only will only strengthen SC; whereas, all the disavowing of Muschamp’s ability by comparing to the past is whiny at best. “Agent” Muschamp is no longer a humorous label and this announcement is akin to Pruitt joining us last year.

    Somewhere in FL, a 15 yr old young girl and FU fan is smiling.


  5. Jack Klompus

    He’s going for “Coach in Waiting” again? That’s pretty lame Boom. No the salary on the other hand, not so much.

    Giving him that title makes me wonder if the AD at USCe missed the last 3 years of SEC East football.

    Boom is a good DC, but I don’t think he’s the end all be all of DCs out there- not even sure he’s the best Defensive mind on the market- me thinks Pellini was a little better in that regard although I think he may end up in an HC job.

    I’d put our DC up against him any time.


  6. DC Weez

    Changing my post from earlier today. I’m glad Agent Muschamp is going to USCe. And after he gets fired there he can go to Second Chance U. and after he gets fired there, he can go to Tech. Thus will he complete the entire cycle of undercover agent. Oh, and he’s welcome to go to Tennessee too.


    • Head of Operations, Georgia Illuminatti

      I read this announcement with much glee. We’ve been working on getting an agent in Columbia SC for years but now the one who worked to well in Gainesville is coming to our rescue again! Even if that announcement is not true and he ends up in Auburn, that’ll be just fine!! I only wish we hadn’t thrown that game to Florida to save his agency there and it didn’t work. If we had it to do all over again, we should have just gone ahead and won that game.


  7. Uglydawg

    In my book he’s not better than CJP. Bobo is a very, very fine OC and UGA’s recruiting is on the fast track to excellence. We want the SEC to be the best, so if Boom is a good addition at SC, it ultimatley helps Georgia, if Georgia does, as it should, beat them fairly regularly.