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Barry Alvarez must be a lot of fun to work for.

Gary Andersen is leaving Wisconsin for… Oregon State.

Which begs the inevitable question:  think Jeremy Foley’s suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse about now?


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“We’re not sure yet.”

With less than three weeks until the Belk Bowl, Bobby Petrino claims he doesn’t know who his starting quarterback will be.  Let the head games begin!


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Awarding the obvious

Honestly, it would have been a travesty to give this to anyone else.

I guess the Force is still with him.


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“He’s one of the smartest coaches I’ve ever seen.”

Tell the truth, everyone.  After that offseason, did you expect Georgia to finish the 2014 regular season ranked second nationally in pass yards allowed per game?

Sure, Pruitt’s got a ways to go to get that defense to a place we’d prefer, but you’ve got to admit he’s flashed the potential to get it there.


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Uncle Verne on Georgia’s clock management

From an interview with Spencer Hall:

SH: You say that you rarely take stances, but the time I wanted to ask about was the 2009 call in the LSU-Ole Miss game. Facing something like fourth-and-26, Jordan Jefferson throws the ball close to the goal line in a situation where they end up with no time outs and needing a field goal with the clock showing 1 second. Your call on this was: “What are they doing?!??”

That’s all just reaction, right?

VL: Absolutely. I can remember one other circumstance similar to that, in Auburn-Georgia early in my years in the SEC. Mark Richt forgot he didn’t have any timeouts left, and he signaled from the sideline in a goal-line situation for David Greene to kill the clock. I just reacted like people at home did, which was to say “Inexplicable.”


Might have been interesting to hear Lundquist call the last minute of regulation in the Tech game…


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Vegas settles it on the field.

Vegas may not know from “deserving” teams, but some there have an opinion about the best:

The College Football Playoff selection committee set out to identify the best four teams. Las Vegas oddsmakers aren’t sure they were successful.

Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State advanced to the national semifinals, with Baylor and TCU the last two teams out.

However, Ed Salmons, head football oddsmaker at the Westgate SuperBook, said both Baylor and TCU would be favored over Ohio State.

“Ohio State numbers are hard to make because of the quarterback situation,” Salmons said of the Buckeyes, who are down to their third quarterback. “I would say TCU probably would have been 4½ and Baylor about 2½ or 3½ (over Ohio State). Somewhere in that range. But Ohio State definitely would be ‘dogs to both those teams.”

Oddsmakers from sportsbooks at CG Technology, the Wynn and the Aliante casinos also said they’d have both Baylor and TCU favored over Ohio State.

Not that Vegas is always right, though.

Six teams — Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Marshall, Oklahoma and Oregon — were favored in every game this season.  [Emphasis added.]

Oh, well.


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The butthurt is strong in this one, my friends.

If this guy (h/t Bernie) is representative of the Louisville folks (“Already the Georgia fans are belittling the opposition as unworthy of an SEC power like the Dawgs. Good!”  Hunh?), I guess the Dawgs will only have the second whiniest fan base at the Belk Bowl.


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