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Why you gotta love bowl season.

Going into the fourth quarter of the inaugural Popeyes Bahamas Bowl (motto:  “What’s Not To Like?”), Western Kentucky was in possession of a seemingly insurmountable 35-point lead which turned out to be almost mountable, as Central Michigan pulled off this play to close to within a single point as time ran out:

I say “almost”, because CMU went for two to win the game in regulation and failed to convert.  But, damn, that was fun while it lasted.



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Hard times in the Classic City

While we’re taking stock of folks in the athletic department, what does it say about Greg McGarity that over the past year, Georgia slid from eighth to tenth in Forbes’ rankings of college football’s most valuable teams?

Okay, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek in asking, but I bet some others’ aren’t.


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When you put it that way…

… that Mike Bobo fella didn’t do such a bad job.

* Only two SEC schools have scored more than 300 touchdowns over the last five seasons — Alabama (312) and Georgia (301).

* Georgia is one of only three league schools to have scored more than 50 touchdowns in each of the last five seasons (along with Alabama and South Carolina).

* Only two SEC schools have rolled up more than 29,000 yards of total offense over the last five seasons — Alabama (29,874) and Georgia (29,024).

* Georgia and Alabama are the only two schools in the conference to post more than 5,000 yards of total offense in each of the last five seasons.

* Only two schools — Georgia and Alabama — have had their quarterback rank in the top five in the league for QB rating in each of the last five seasons.

* In his eight seasons as Georgia’s offensive coordinator, Bobo’s offenses averaged more than 30 points per game seven times (averaging 28 in 2009).

It’s a good thing Todd Grantham was there to hold things together.


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“You’ve got a career ahead of you, but you’re being a total dumb ass right now.”

The question I have about Michael Dyer missing the Belk Bowl as a result of being declared academically ineligible isn’t over another bump in the road over his seemingly decade-long career – hell, he’s made a, um, career out of bumps in the road – but, rather, how does one go about being declared academically ineligible at Louisville, of all places?  That’s gotta take some effort.

I guess it’s too late for a second second chance with Malzahn.  Ah, well.

We’ll miss ‘ya, big guy.


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Musical palate cleanser, up where he belongs edition

Joe Cocker, R.I.P.:

His early tours — particularly “Mad Dogs & Englishmen” in 1970, which was documented in a live album and film of the same name — were rowdy affairs, awash in both drugs and the artistic excesses of the era. The sprawling “Mad Dogs” entourage included not only more than 30 musicians, among them the keyboardist and songwriter Leon Russell and the drummer Jim Keltner, but also spouses, babies and pets.

At the same time, Mr. Cocker’s onstage contortions had, for better or worse, become his signature. John Belushi performed a sendup on “Saturday Night Live” in 1975 that ended with his convulsing on the floor; the next year Mr. Cocker performed Traffic’s “Feelin’ Alright” on the show, joined by Mr. Belushi in imitation.

Asked about his mannerisms in an interview last year with The Guardian, Mr. Cocker said that they “came with my frustration at having never played guitar or piano.” He added: “It’s just a way of trying to get feeling out. I get excited, and it all comes through my body.”

I can’t think of any better example of all that than this version of “Cry Me A River”, which converted a slow, sultry tune into… well, something very different.

This death shit’s for the birds, by the way.  Sigh.


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