Why you gotta love bowl season.

Going into the fourth quarter of the inaugural Popeyes Bahamas Bowl (motto:  “What’s Not To Like?”), Western Kentucky was in possession of a seemingly insurmountable 35-point lead which turned out to be almost mountable, as Central Michigan pulled off this play to close to within a single point as time ran out:

I say “almost”, because CMU went for two to win the game in regulation and failed to convert.  But, damn, that was fun while it lasted.



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14 responses to “Why you gotta love bowl season.

  1. Patrick

    My friend with $100 on WKU -3.5 disagrees 😄


  2. WF dawg

    One guy on Twitter called it the best football game ever played outside the U.S. That sounds about right.


  3. kdsdawg

    well WKU.that was a prime example of taking your foot off the gas and it almost cost ya the ball game. watched the whole game


  4. Cosmic Dawg

    By the way, you got to like that the Bahamas bowl actually got a sponsor that fits their deal, you know? When you’ve got stuff like the Dr. Scholl’s Citrus Bowl or whatever it’s just sad.


  5. Russ

    Damn, wish I could’ve watched. That’s why I like these bowl games.


  6. Merk

    I watched a few minutes of that game. It sounded like Mark May and Lou Holtz were the announcers for the game.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Absolutely worst commentary in the history of cfb broadcasts by holtz and may. The droning was so lifeless and boring I had to fight to stay awake, even though TDs were being scored by the bushel.