He said, he said.

My first reaction to the whole Art Briles – Chris Peterson dust up about what the former was told about Sam Ukwuachu in the process of Baylor deciding to admit him was the Briles had made a mistake dragging Peterson into the mess.  But the more I think about it, the more I think it may be a rather clever attempt at deflection.  Instead of focusing on what happened once Ukwuachu arrived in Waco, everyone is parsing the words of the two coaches.

Even so, when you get down to what everyone knew, it’s still not so great for Baylor as this Texas Monthly follow up summarizes in its conclusion:

While we don’t know exactly what was said between Briles and Petersen, there is evidence that Petersen knew the extent of Ukwuachu’s actions in May 2013 and that he took it seriously enough at the time to immediately dismiss Ukwuachu from the team. We also know that the discipline enforced by Petersen wasn’t a question asked by Baylor on the form distributed to media on Friday evening. There are a number of questions remaining, but the nature of Sam Ukwuachu’s final days at Boise State—and who knew the details—is not among them.

In other words, Peterson may have chosen his words carefully, while Briles and Baylor were equally careful in choosing not to read between the lines.  I expect there’s more to come on that front, and it probably won’t be pretty.


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3 responses to “He said, he said.

  1. Macallanlover

    It is a sticky wicket for sure Senator. Many years ago I recall a UGA player who had a problem in HS, I think with a female, and was admitted. He then committed a sexual assault on a coed and the victim’s parents sued UGA for placing a “predator” in an environment where opportunity was everywhere. The parents thought they had the right to think the school was taking steps to ensure their child’s safety while attending. (I may have these facts jumbled but I think I am right as to the situation because I remember thinking about what the school could actually do. The athlete has privacy rights and, assumedly, no legal restrictions on him.) And, “Second Chance U” titles go to many institutions if you look beyond just the glare on athletes.


  2. South FL Dawg

    Briles saying Ukwuachu was not playing because he broke team rules after he was charged with rape….intentional or not this was enabling.