Throwback Saturday

Georgia doesn’t do tribute jerseys. It does tribute games.

Some of Saturday’s offensive stats are just appalling.

Georgia’s 243 yards was its second lowest output of the season. The Bulldogs had 223 against Florida.

“We actually have tried to realize that who are right now is a team that’s got to grind it out,” Richt said. “Part of it is field position, part of it is chewing up the clock and helping the defense on that end as well.”

Nobody on Georgia had more than 20 yards receiving. Receiver Malcolm Mitchell had two catches for 20 yards and fullback Christian Payne one for 20. Jeb Blazevich led with three catches for 19 yards.

These, too.

It was the second-lowest offensive output of the season for Georgia and fourth of under 300 yards this season. Greyson Lambert started and went the whole game at quarterback, finishing with 97 yards on 12-of-17 passing. Sony Michel logged 77 hard-earned yards on 26 carries.

This against the SEC’s lowest ranked team in total defense.

But the Dawgs came away with the win, and they did so for two reasons.  Going +3 in turnover margin can make up for a lot of offensive anemia, for one thing.  And for another, they were lucky enough to play a conference opponent with a worse quarterback situation than theirs.

I’ll take it.  Happily.


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42 responses to “Throwback Saturday

  1. AO

    Growing up in Columbus makes this a very good day to be a Georgia Bulldog fan. I’ll take the W and like it. They came, they hunkered. Stats be damned. We know what we’ve got.


  2. JasonC

    Now to see if we can win the “state title” and I think the first one, might be the tougher out, but I expect Tech to give everything they’ve got.


  3. heyberto

    Any win in any fashion against Auburn is an awesome win. Always will be.


  4. Timphd

    After AU’s first drive I thought it was to be a long painful day but thank God for a defense that limited the barns to 6 more points after that. The offense is still putrid and the play calling baffles me at times (Oh how I long for Bobo, did anyone see CSU’s output offensively yesterday?) but they won the game and that is essentially the point of playing. Of the teams I want them to beat each year, AU is number two on the list behind the Gators so a win against the second most important rival is a good day. Did remind me of Dooley’s type of win, I must admit.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Our 2008 team (with its NFL talent) won a game like this down there.

    Take them any way we can get them.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Sometimes those of us in Section HD get some interesting information not readily available to those hardy souls who braved the possibility of getting

    The CBS graphic in the….hell, I don’t know exactly, middle of the third or beginning of the fourth quarters…that showed Georgia’s running offensive production with Chubb and without was simply astonishing.

    Nick is a pretty good running back.

    BTW: Richt said Marshall had ankle and knee injuries…did not seem ready to play in warmups, should be ready for Southern and the other one.


  7. Boz

    5-0 when passing for less than 100 yards. Reminds me of a saying from the morning after – she wasn’t pretty but she had big tata’s. 8 of 10 and takes the series lead for the first time since u can ever remember certainly makes me happy.


  8. The Truth

    Q: What did our o-line and Jeremy Johnson have in common prior to the season?

    A: OVER-RATED (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)


    • Gaskilldawg

      A couple of weeks ago I posted that Gus Malzhan is the most overrated head coach in the SEC, and a lot of folks argued with me because it was not a Richt Sux post. I am even more convinced he is overrated. Anyone still on the bus?


      • Gaskill, I completely agree with you. He doesn’t have a salary cap for recruiting, can pretty much bring in anyone he wants, and gets everything he wants for the program. He’s not a very good in-game coach.

        When Alabama gets through with them in the Iron Bowl, the Auburn Family is probably going to be done with him, too.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          NOTE: RETROPOST: “Auburn: Offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Rhett Lashlee took over as primary play-caller last week and is calling plays this week for Auburn.” some ominousity there?


  9. Spike

    The Dawgs hunkered down on defense, causing the fumble on the goal line. The Joy Stick came thru with no block in the back penalties on that punt return. And we found a way to win. Be thankful for that. And against The Barn. At their house. Erk would be proud. And so would Munson.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Never claim to be a rules oracle, but once the ball goes into the end zone, is that not a touchback if the last touch was by us? Oh, wait, maybe…anyway did not know you could knock it back out of the end zone…guess, maybe, glad they chose not to revue it, or did they? Hell, I don’t know…too busy watching the Kharmic Bitchez dancing in the endzone.


      • Dawgfan Will

        I wondered about that as well. I think it was Kimbrough who knocked it out of the end zone, I assume because he was afraid Louis would recover it for a TD. Maybe it didn’t count because Kimbrough never had possession?


    • Debby Balcer



  10. Siskey

    At least the coaches now have an understanding of what Lambert can do and are not asking him to do too much. If the defense keeps playing as well as it has the next two games should/ could be wins. Eason can’t get here soon enough.


  11. Bright Idea

    It’s starting to look like the best coaching decision of the year was making Ramsey the punter. If he were the QB it would have never been considered.


  12. ApalachDawg

    I hope next year CBS is gainfully employed, just not at the University of Georgia…


  13. This is gonna sound like a snark but it’s not….

    I definitely got a throwback vibe, but it was to the playcalling of the late Richt/early Bobo playcalling eras. Not so much the wildcat stuff, but the timing of the screens, targeting the TE’s and fullbacks, the timing of the shots downfield – there’s no doubt that Richt has asserted a LOT of influence over the playcalling the past two weeks. Almost every time you saw Schotty on the tv, Richt was right beside him, also reviewing the play sheets.

    I wasn’t a fan of the playcalling back in those days, but it’s a heckuva lot better than we had been getting from Schotty.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. It was classic CMR from 2001 through 2004. Get a small lead, spin wheels on O, and leave it to BVG to win the game. Just insert CJP for BVG.


    • Yes totally agree. We took shots downfield to stretch things a little. Seems to me we are seeing Richts influence mixed with Shotty’s attempt to be creative (wild dawg and and jet sweep to McKenzie at the 2). Whatever keeps us in the game.


  14. do not resuscitate

    Look, I understand it is the “smart” (read as conservative) call to run the ball on 3rd and 1, but damn if we don’t do it up the middle every time. Sure quarterback play is limiting us a bit but maybe mixing it up just a smidge on those short yardage situations would help? Our offense under Schotty is glaringly PREDICTABLE.


    • And maybe don’t go in the shotgun to run it when you need a yard or less. 🙂

      Best tweet I saw after the game was somebody who said “I’m surprised our victory formation wasn’t run out of the shotgun”. Ha!

      Playcalling was predictable for sure, that’s part of what I was getting at above about old school Richt/Bobo playcalling. Those 3 runs straight up the middle before our last FG were straight out of Richt’s “do no harm” conservative philosophy (I’m not saying it was the wrong thing to do, just that when it happened it was the least surprising thing ever).

      But we won, and that’s better than losing!


      • Gaskilldawg

        After white’s fumble I was convinced that Auburn could not score twice on us in 7 minutes, so I was calling for 3 straight QB sneaks to ensure no lost yards or turnovers.


  15. charlottedawg

    You can literally see our offense, qbs, and passing game not only getting worse but more uncomfortable with each game.


  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Why these young whippersnappers have it easy. Back in the day, if you won like that at Auburn they’d turn the fire hoses on you.


  17. Tronan

    I commented to some friends yesterday that yesterday – really, the last month – has been like a journey back to 1978. Lousy QB play, 3.5 yards and a cloud of dust from the RBs, and good defense feel very Dooley-like.

    Also, the SEC isn’t very good this year. There’s one near pro team in ‘Bama and then a whole lot of mediocrity. Though I know the Dawgs have amazing powers to disappoint, they have a very realistic shot of finishing the season with ten wins. If so – just because of the offense – they’d be the worst ten-win team I’ve ever followed. Not that I’d complain.


  18. sniffer

    Was Dooley ever 10-5 or 8-2 against Auburn? Living in Alabama, I can live with the Bamalonians, but a year of “weagle weagle”, well, not so much.


  19. Will Trane

    Pruitt keeps Shotty employed…for the moment.
    Shotty is a substandard OC.
    Does the AD regret paying this guy.
    When we settled for those first three points, I shut it down.
    Worst offensive game i’ve seen…from formation to personnel re formation to field position.
    Sitting on the goalline Lambert does a pitch to Michel who has a arm in cast rather than hand off.
    Almost stopped watching at that play.


    • Did the D play offset that feeling just a little? I agree tho, they need to figure that crap out fast on the O side. Bobo took a few years, but we are paying Shotty way too much for that sort of learning curve.


    • sniffer

      Will, watch or don’t watch. Just please, stop commenting. Thank you.


    • lakedawg

      Rough day for you Will Dawgs win again. You might as well get used to it for next Three games, or better yet start working on what whining you can use after each of those.


  20. Macallanlover

    Painful to watch our offense but minimizing mistakes is probably the best strategy. I am just confounded at how far we have fallen from expectations in August, or even how different we look since ULM and SC. Not giving Schotty a 100% pass, but there is more going on: OL primarily, Chubb injury, QB decision, use of personnel, narrowness of play calling options, etc. etc.

    I watch several games after our very satisfying victory up to, and including, the great finishes of AZ and Wazzu games. Man, I saw nothing that resembled the UGA/AU offensive snorefest. The speed and fluidness of offenses, especially outside the SEC and Big? is really fun to watch. I grew up with conservative offenses and appreciate what they bring but the pure numerical ways these offenses come at you is exciting. It might not be what the NFL wants as a test proving ground but it is what so many of the HS programs are running, and increasingly more of the college teams.

    I know Malzahn and Fish Fry are considered geniuses by some deluded guys but they aren’t even close to the variations and multiplicity of others I see. I hope SC does bring in a Kirby type coach and not a Herman, Fuentes, Briles, Patterson offense. into the East.


  21. Gonna get blasted for this but here we go:
    Clemson is #1 mainly because of upgraded D and good QB play. Up to this point, they’ve been known for ‘Clemsoning” and losing games they shouldn’t. Now they have the QB play and D they need to be a top team.

    Arguably, Richt has yet to put all those pieces together. But he may not be that far off. Go ahead, insert the ‘next year again’, ‘we’ve seen his body of work’, ‘settle for mediocrity’ response here, but a tiny glimmer of hope popped up when I saw how our D played yesterday. I think this team can seriously improve next year and the year after and be a force. Of course, there is still coaching work to be done, and if Pruitt is gone all bets are off.

    Also, a note from this old timer…I won’t ever take a victory over a rival for granted. In case you’ve forgotten, before the obsession over playoffs and rankings and national championship games, college football was primarily about pageantry and rivalries. It felt really good to beat your rivals, and the notion that your team wasn’t going to the playoffs didn’t damper that feeling at all. It feels good to smack Auburn in the mouth and take that victory. Now lets go and kick some yellow jacket ass like we were Kook’s pest control.

    Rant over.


  22. Chuck

    I am just happy we overcame the skill of Auburn’s long snappah. 😉