“It just so happened on those plays he was turned loose.”

Normally, I’d save something like this for a bullet point in an Observations post, but Leonard Floyd played so well last night – calling his effort lights out almost doesn’t do it justice – that I thought he deserved a post of his own about it.

He was dominant on a night, sadly, when they needed him to be just that.

There’s no denying what Georgia did at the end of the game. The Bulldogs’ performance on the Eagles’ only possession of overtime was the stuff of legend, particularly for Leonard Floyd. The junior outside linebacker had a hand in on every play, including the final tackle for a three-yard loss on fourth-and-1 at the Georgia 16. Floyd and Jordan Jenkins combined on that one.

That wasn’t even my favorite moment of his.  What he did on the Eagles’ last play in regulation was incredible.  A third-and-eight play call that looked like it gave Upshaw a run/pass option, Floyd defended it by first playing Upshaw to throw, then, when it looked like he might run, taking that away, and then, incredibly, when Upshaw pulled up to throw it in the flat where there was some space (and where the play was designed to go in the first place), Floyd adjusted again to defend that.  The end result was that the pass was dumped inside where there was coverage help and the play was stopped for a two-yard gain.

All on a single play where Floyd’s name won’t even show up in the box score.  It’s hard to believe he’s the same player who once routinely bit on fakes and was as guilty of overpursuing a play as anyone.  It’s also scary to see how much he’s improved just in the last six or so games.

It’s a damn shame he’ll be moving on to the pros after this season, but for him, it’s definitely time.  Meanwhile, thanks for last night.  I enjoyed the hell out of it.


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12 responses to ““It just so happened on those plays he was turned loose.”

  1. HVL Dawg

    We get to watch him wear the red & black two more games. I sure hope #7 will grow into the role next year.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    In the second half and the overtime, our defense did a great job reading its keys. Ganus was often moving our linemen into gaps on the side where the play was going.

    Jenkins and especially Floyd were firing out and blowing up plays from the backside without being concerned about reading the QB down the line.

    I couldn’t tell what it was, but something Georgia Southern was doing before the snap was tipping off our defense.


  3. Debby Balcer

    Has anyone heard if Ganus is out for the rest of the season? There was some dirty blocking by Southern.


  4. Falcons, you need Floyd. Get him!


    • Dawg Stephen

      The Falcons once had WR as a top priority… They chose Jamie Jerman over some clown named Hines Ward…. This past year, with Gurley on the board they chose that chump from Clemson… Dont EVER count on the Falcons to draft with a brain… it aint happening.


      • merk

        Gurley is killing it. If he was on a team that actually had a QB and WR, he would be unstoppable. Teams are doing to the Rams what they did to UGA and stacking the box because the Rams literally have no passing threat. Austin is probably their best WR and he really is just a poor mans Randle Cobb.


      • People ripped me on social media for daring to question the Falcons’ selection instead of Gurley. Could you imagine the Falcons’ offense with Gurley and Julio?


  5. Floyd was unstoppable, and Jenkins was darn good in his own right.


  6. Macallanlover

    That was truly an epic game by Floyd, and I am grateful for that effort. But honestly, I don’t think he helped his draft chances at all in 2015 and may have lost a few spots. Granted he was held a lot, right in front of the ref on edge rushes where it is most visible, but he was not factor in several games and looked weak against runs. He has the type of frame where he can add another 15-20 pounds or so but he did not dominate as I had expected, Wish him well but he just may not be ready for that next step.