Race to the bottom

Nathan Deal is all in on Senate Bill 323.

Our AJC colleague Dan Chapman asked him Wednesday why he signed Senate Bill 323, which allows the athletic departments at UGA, Georgia Tech and other state colleges to wait 90 days before responding to Open Records Act requests. Athletic associations, like all state agencies, previously had three days to acknowledge the requests.

“The members of the General Assembly felt that that was necessary and I’m sure Greg and you have already tried to figure out how long it takes for the University of Alabama to respond to similar inquiries already being made of the University of Georgia as well,” he told Chapman. “We’ll see how long it takes you to get a response from them.”

I never thought I’d see the day when the overriding goal of my state government would be for this state to become more like Alabama.  Or that most people would think that was swell.  Maybe we ought to scour their books for a few more ideas.


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43 responses to “Race to the bottom

  1. Cousin Eddie

    The more time they waste on stuff like this the less time they have to screw up the really important stuff.

  2. Jeff Sanchez

    Well, Alabama did just pass the legal sale of beer from breweries, leaving Georgia as the only state in the union not allowing it.

    That’s one I’d be “all in” on

    • Rampdawg

      As long as UGA booster Mr. Crown distributers has anything to say about it. You can forget about that happening anytime soon.

  3. Tim In Sav

    I’ll take the day we become like Alabama in college football

  4. Normaltown Mike

    “Maybe we ought to scour their books for a few more ideas.”

    That’s impossible, they don’t have any books.

  5. T-Dog

    …That haven’t been colored in

  6. Hardcoredawg 93


    Exactly why I am for this open records change. 90 days and this stupid story dies. Do we really want our head coach having to spend energy on this crap? Ga is arguable the most media covered program in the country and stuff like this can be a distraction to actual work and planning that the guy is trying to get done.

    Let the guy make sausage as long as it legal and permissible.

    C’mon July 1!!!

    • Debby Balcer

      All Kirby has to do is say ask the AD. That information should be public as should all financial doings. As someone who saw money stolen from a nonprofit by someone who appeared trustworthy they more eyes the better.

      • Hardcoredawg 93

        There are more than enough eyes on the football program so I don’t think we have to worry about Kirby or McGarity stealing or doing a big, scandalous cover up.

        This is a silly story that was designed to be provocative and doesn’t put UGA in a good light- I am against that. Everyone (including the readers of the AJC, ABH, or wherever it originated from), are probably better off if it wasn’t printed.

        • There are more than enough eyes on the football program so I don’t think we have to worry about Kirby or McGarity stealing or doing a big, scandalous cover up.

          I can’t say about theft, but as to the latter, I can say you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Hardcoredawg 93

            Are you worried about a scandal? Think 90 days versus 3 is going to make a difference whether they act ethically or not?

            • It doesn’t matter what I’m worried about. I’m not the one who got the law changed.

              • Hardcoredawg 93

                Answer the question please and then you have an argument

                • Hardcoredawg 93

                  Let me be clear because I asked 2 questions: do you think 90 days versus 3 is going to make a difference whether Kirby and mcgarity act ethically or not?

                  • Hell yes it will, come over to Bama and see how they divert. They love the longer time.

                    • Hardcoredawg 93

                      Is Bama breaking rule ? Because, if they are, don’t you think they would be getting in trouble by now?
                      Or, do you just not like how they are winning and want to pretend Ga is somehow traditionally been morally superior?

                • Answer the question please and then you have an argument

                  LMAO. I didn’t realize you got to set the debate rules here.

                  I thought the law was passed to protect recruiting secrets. If so, what do scandal and ethics have to do with it? And if not, isn’t the fact that the legislature has misled us about the law’s purpose a cause for concern in and of itself?

                  • Hardcoredawg 93

                    Well,’you didn’t answer my question you moves the goalposts so I thought I would ask again. I see how this goes. It’s your football and you will take it inside.

          • Agree with you on that, not a clue as to what he or she is talking about. I guess the press is just evil ,evil ,evil

    • DawgPhan

      what energy did he spend.

      If anything he should have kept it moving instead of acting like UGA did something wrong.

      • Hardcoredawg 93

        Mental energy. Having to address it. And, hopefully in a way that Dawgnation deems acceptable. Then, having to read the article that was written about you defending it to make sure you aren’t painted in a bad light because the story might not go away quite yet and you might be asked about it again. That energy.

    • Georgia is arguable the most media covered program in the country…

      LMAO. You need to get out more.

      • Hardcoredawg 93

        Name one

        • Seriously? Off the top of my head, Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Notre Dame all come to mind.

          I bet I go through a lot more media than you do.

          • Hardcoredawg 93

            Go to any of the aforementioned hometown newspapers and count how many articles are written about that team today. The AJC has 6 articles written today alone about Ga and I’m sure there are more coming tonight. Not to mention the ABH.
            I don’t really get on other teams blogs but I doubt many, if any, have a blog as comprehensive as GTP. My basis for saying that is GA is the local team covered in the biggest media market in the heart of SEC country. There are also a shit load of other GA blogs in addition to this and of course the paysites, Bulldawg illustrated, etc which all the teams you mentioned have that as well.

            Now , if your argument is the teams you mentioned get more national stories that would be true- those are national teams which Ga is not because we haven’t won enough.

            When articles are being written about your spring game pre entertainment and Magnum condoms, wouldn’t you say we have more that enough media coverage on the program?

            And, I said arguably the most media covered team. It’s open for debate. To sit there and totally dismiss that and try to say that southern cal (seriously?) gets more media coverage than us is ridiculous.

            • Really, go and see the coverage Oregon gets and the LA schools. You really need to get out and about.

              • Hardcoredawg 93

                Ga Now has 9 articles written in the AJC on the football team today.
                Please enlighten me about the La times coverage of So Cal and UCLA and the Oregon newspaper or any other media outlet you are referring to that has more coverage that us

                • Today, so what. Talking year round coverage. Go and check the Portland, Eugene, and southern cal papers on a daily basis for a year or so. Plus, I could give you papers in Colorado, Kansas. Check them out. You probably would not belive me, but do check them out. For a long period of time. There you are enlightened— could not pass that up. Get back to me when you have done so.

                  • Hardcoredawg 93

                    Well, I’m sure they really pick up their coverage as the year goes on.😚

                    Colorado and Kansas.? Wow. You gave me a good laugh at least. Thank you

            • You started with “Ga is arguable the most media covered program in the country”. Now you’re at “My basis for saying that is GA is the local team covered in the biggest media market in the heart of SEC country.”

              That’s what we call moving the goal posts. It’s usually an unspoken acknowledgement that the first argument wasn’t very solid.

              Georgia isn’t even the SEC program that receives the most media attention. Spend a week following the Alabama media the way you say you do Georgia’s. Six articles is a slow day at Al.com. And there is no analogue in this state to Paul Finebaum.

              • Hardcoredawg 93

                I did go Al.com and there were not 6 bama articles yesterday. I counted 4. Dawgnation.com wound up with 9.
                9 is more than 4.

                As far as moving the goal posts, do you read your own comments because you are an expert at moving the conversation to fit your narrative. And, if someone comes in with a different point than yours, you try to drop a carpet bomb that that person has no idea whatsoever what they are talking about.

                I stand by my correct statement: Ga is arguable the most media covered team in the country.

                • Alabama gets weaved into just about every article and conversation about UGA these days (can Smart make UGA into Alabama, how will Smart apply what he learned at Alabama, etc) and you think UGA is more heavily covered?

                  Until I hear someone utter the phrase “Georgia fatigue” in the same manner that people around the country say they have “Alabama fatigue”, I will refuse to believe that UGA is the most media covered program in the country.

                • DawgFlan

                  FOIA won’t change the fact that AJC is using UGA coverage and “Dawgnation.com” as the click-bait life support for their entire operation. The only thing that will change is that a higher % of stories will be speculation or sourced outside B-M. They could have gone to Luda to get a copy of the contract just as easily. You really think a law will change market forces, including AJC’s motivations and/or interest in the program? #Hardcoredelusional.

  7. Walon Smith

    Winning a national championship means beating Alabama. Beating Alabama is not just one big thing it’s many small details. FOIA is one of many. I’m thankful Kirby has the balls to ignore the noise and push forward. If the Bulldog nation can’t handle it I’m sure Kirby can find another school that can.

    • Hardcoredawg 93

      You are wise, Walon Smith.

      Let Kirby do his thing and we just might finally have a mean machine coming down the tracks.

  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    What I don’t like about it that they keep all the Dawg pron hid for 90 days.😦

  9. Totally amazes me some of you folks really want to be more like Bama, the U and the state, as long as it means a National Championship. Welcome to the bottom.

    • Hardcoredawg 93

      I remember being on a Bama blog when Sabam got hired. There were a few people bitching about the ridiculous amount of money he was making. Think they are still bitching or feel they are “at the bottom?

      And it not just NC or bust. Many dawg fans are ready to just see some tough, hard nosed football which has been mostly lacking for several years.