“I think we do the best we can.”

Hey, Booch and Dan, I think this guy’s talking to you.

“If there’s any message these coaches should take out of Baylor, it’s that their self-absorbed way of looking at their sport because they can put 100,000 people into the stadium is a liability to the institution if they do not look at their students the same way that admissions looks at all students,” McPherson said.

But, they got this rule now, boss!  That makes all the difference.  Ummm…

The SEC transfer rule provides cover as much for the coach who kicks out a player as it does for the new coach who would have signed him, McPherson said. In other words, a coach can get protected by kicking out a player for misconduct without fans getting upset because the player goes on to another SEC school.

Ouchy, but true.  Even better, Saban won’t ever have to embarrass himself with a Jonathan Taylor-type signing again.  That Greg Sankey’s a genius, man.



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2 responses to ““I think we do the best we can.”

  1. BarneyDawg

    From now on, I am calling him Butch Briles. I do believe the kid who said he was accused of being a traitor.


    • Macallanlover

      Yep, that kid had no reason to lie, not to mention the thug teammate who punched him. Rotten to the core in Knox Vegas, and always have been. Home of the cop stomp.