Example #14765 of how the NLI is the best deal in sports

To some extent, this…

… explains this.

A chaotic week that saw Baylor not only lose coach Art Briles, but also its AD and president in the wake of a sexual assault scandal, has decimated the Bears’ 2017 recruiting class, and seven freshmen from Baylor’s 2016 class have asked, or plan to ask, for releases from their scholarships, according to an ESPN report.

On Wednesday night FOX Sports spoke to Collis Cobb, the father of one of those seven players, Parrish Cobb, a highly regarded cornerback. The elder Cobb told FOX that they filed to get his son’s release from his LOI on Saturday, two days after Briles was let go, and someone in Baylor’s compliance office told him they weren’t willing to do it. Baylor has a 30-day deadline to respond to each recruit’s request for a release and without that release, the recruit is not allowed to have any contact with another school.  [Emphasis added.]

Could you possibly be more tone deaf if you tried?

On Wednesday Collis Cobb said he got a visit from Jim Grobe, Baylor’s new acting head coach, and three other staffers who visited his home in Waco to try to convince them to stick with Baylor. The elder Cobb said it was a “good visit, but we let them know my son wants to pursue other options. His mind is made up.”

The Cobbs’ biggest concern is the uncertainty around Baylor. “Right now, we don’t know the status of Baylor’s football program,” Collis Cobb said. “We don’t know if (the current coaching staff) is going be there through 2017 or 2018. No one can give us that information.”

Gee, I wonder why.

“All I can say is, it’s in Baylor’s hands now,” Collis Cobb said. “I’m hoping they want to do right by these kids.”

That’s been Baylor’s mantra all along, so I’m sure this will work out well.

Meanwhile, upon hearing the news, Roquan Smith nods his head sagely and mutters, “could have told you so…”



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14 responses to “Example #14765 of how the NLI is the best deal in sports

  1. DawgPhan

    sucks for those kids. Great example of how rigged the system is.


  2. BMan

    Baylor could stand a little of George Costanza’s “do the opposite” advice, because the opposite of every instinct they have seems to be the consistently better move. Do you think the folks in Knoxville pucker up a little every time they hear a little more about Baylor?


    • Russ

      Maybe get Butch to hire Baylor’s PR firm? They’re obviously top notch. Especially after that Starr interview with ESPN.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      Seems more likely that they’re going to school on Baylor and drawing up the blueprint of how to weasel their way through.


  3. Don’t these kids know that they sign with the school and not a coaching staff? They should just be grateful they got to keep the pens they used to sign these completely one-sided agreements.


  4. ASEF

    Maybe because someone at Spaeth is telling Baylor that this will all go away with the next Harbaugh tweet. And on some level, that’s completely accurate.


  5. Macallanlover

    I understand how recruits may be viewing Baylor these days, doesn’t require a genius, but how many are still not getting that Tennessee is Baylor Lite”? It may take the Feds a while to get things rolling but they will get their pound of flesh. And like Baylor, coaches were involved in places they shouldn’t have been.

    I do think hiring Jim Grobe was a good decision by Baylor, perhaps as good of a coach as they could have gotten on such short notice to wok in that environment. He will immediately have more talent to work with than he has ever had before, and he is used to working with a recruiting disadvantage.


    • Cojones

      “Baylor Lite”? Nice shot into the football fan covey that sits here nodding our collective heads. That label has to be continued on this blog as a distinct niche that Tenn fits into for those of us who sit and wait.



  6. Cojones

    I thought that kids had been given permission to transfer anytime these conditions arise and it would be permitted by the NCAA. Because this self-indictment precedes any NCAA action, the NCAA can still reach in on this basis and tell the kids they are free under rules placed there after Penn St.

    Baylor does not own the intent of the NCAA rules nor do they have the power as a member school to interpret this for themselves. What is this 30-day delay shit? The kids are held hostage to Baylor’s wishes? Baylor Athletics is more full of horse manure than Trump. Their own Compliance Dept is bereft of feelings for individual kids and is the epitome of douchebaggery decisions that demonstrates the absence of control in their athletics program. Kids nor their parents want to sit around doing nothing, especially while complying with Baylor’s prohibition of communicating with other schools, while waiting to be given the go-ahead of their own rights. Certainly they don’t have to sit and wait for the NCAA to concur with Baylor’s self-investigation (the NCAA may have more and harsher penalties) before they can continue with their life’s plans. So Grobe is trying to save the program; well, why don’t they start with compliance to their own mission concerning student-athletes instead of trying to hold the program together against the player’s wishes? Isn’t this where Baylor’s troubles started -the good of the school’s football program above all else?


    • Jared S.

      Yeah, I’m betting these kids are granted a release. Either Baylor grants it to try to (further) save face, or the NCAA forces them to.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I just want to know what kind of big lineman types CKS can be vetting and try to get them out to Athens. You know he’s thinking about it. 🙂


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Hudson is one of those asking for his release, and actually made an official visit to the Dawgs. Have we got room? I sure hope so; if he gets a release, he’d have to be thinking about us especially since our situation is more stable than it was when he decided earlier. C’mon and check us out Patrick!