Today, in greatness: a follow up

Again, one of those couldn’t-resist-posting items:


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  1. Normaltown Mike

    Right. B/c if someone disagrees with you, they should be urinated upon.

    • Dude, it’s a metaphor. Sheesh.

    • Derek

      Given what people of your ilk have said about people who you disagree with, go piss up a rope. If you want some winger quotes promoting the summary executions of their political opponents (not just a dog pissing on their leg) they’re available upon request.

      Why don’t you go challenge those people to be more measured and respectful? Once they get below the level of suggesting a dog should piss on liberals, then we can talk about your sensitivities about this cartoon. Good luck and Godspeed.

      • Derek, there are plenty of “winger quotes” on both sides. The right doesn’t own it and the left doesn’t own it. The idea in this cartoon that Uga has a political leaning is just dumb.

        I like the idea of the political spectrum as a circle … the extreme left and the extreme right are very similar in their leanings and their rhetoric. They are against the rest of us who just want to live our lives, let others live their lives and be left alone.

        • Derek

          So Luckovich believes that a dog has political leanings? Huh? I’d suggest that anyone who thinks that of Luckovich probably needs immediate professional assistance.

          I think he was just trying to be funny and that he wasn’t suggesting that UGA follows politics.

          Yes there are all sorts of wacko birds on the left too. The sad thing about the GOP letting this ass hat get the nomination is that they are handing the left political power. Lack of credibility from the right first led to the new deal and then to the great society. If you really want to keep the left at bay, you’d better be tending to your own house. I’m a pragmatist first and foremost. I don’t believe in ideology and both extremes are scary as shit as they’ve both proven throughout history.

          In short, the GOP should throw this guy off the island for the sake of the country. Country is more important than party.

          • Ok – a political cartoonist’s cartoons aren’t supposed to be looked at through a political lens (only as humor)? That’s as ridiculous as thinking Uga has a political leaning. Then allow me to revise my statement … Uga (representing the UGA community including the fan base) should pi$$ on Vince Dooley for his endorsement of Trump. The only other times Luckovich has used Uga in his cartoons have been to mark certain days in the Bulldog Nation — the firing of Mark Richt, the death of Larry Munson, and the deaths of the various Ugas to name a few. To use the image of Uga in this context is pure politics and nothing more or less.

            The problem with throwing the guy off the island is that the process is over on both sides. With 300,000,000 people, the best we could find is a businessman blowhard and a lying, corrupt lifetime political hack to be the major party candidates for the CEO of the government of the most powerful country in the free world? That’s a pretty sad statement for the environment in our country.

            • It’s not about Trump’s politics. It’s about Trump being a narcissistic moron and a bully. In other words, it’s about his personality and his intellect, which are outside the norm. Way outside.

              Said by someone who’s likely to vote Libertarian this fall, FWIW.

              • I’m likely to follow your vote, Senator. I really can’t stand either of the candidates. As a father of daughters, I’m still disappointed about Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly … I would never stand for someone saying those things about one of my daughters no matter their age. Regarding Hillary, I would never vote for her. She’s a corrupt, dishonest phony who isn’t as smart as she thinks she is.

                • 3rdandGrantham

                  First political like book I ever read was ‘Libertarianism — A primer” by Harry Browne (RIP) back in college in the late 90’s. I’ve been a Libertarian ever since and only rarely vote for a member of either of the two established parties.

                  One of my favorite quotes from that book went something like: “Republicans want to be your daddy — telling you what to do, how to do it, what you’re doing wrong, etc. Democrats want to be your mommy — feeding you, clothing you, and basically cradle you from birth to death. Libertarians, meanwhile, simply want to treat you as an adult.”

                  • That’s a pretty good summary. I find the older I get, the more my political beliefs line up with Libertarianism.

                  • Chris

                    That really is a great metaphor for the pussification of America. The regressive lefts wet dream: the rise of the momma’s boys constituency.

                  • Derek

                    The problem with libertarianism is its naïveté. The world doesn’t work the way libertarians suppose that it does. For example I think it’s fine to suggest that in a meritocracy, and without the mingling of the government, that prosperity and failure will find those who deserve it. However, it ignores two basic problems. 1) the people who win the race initially pay to rig the system in the favor of heir useless children and grandchildren in the future. It’s unavoidable and there’s no way prevent it. Libertarians depends upon that not being true, but it’s an immutable fact of elected governments. It will serve money and money will serve itself. Can’t get around it. Much like Castro expected Cubans to work the sugar cane fields for free because patriotism, you can’t rid yourself of people who want to (and can) tilt the playing field for themselves. 2) if you want to look at what the natural order of things are without a strong central government, there’s a very profound historical example. Look at Europe after the fall of Rome. You know, the Dark Ages. Lords and Knights and peasants. That’s how society naturally orders itself without representative government. It took some 500 years to go from the Magna Carta to the bill of rights. Do we really need to redo this again?

                    In short libertarianism has the same flaws as communism. It doesn’t reflect who we are. It assumes we are something that we are not. We may eventually evolve out of it, but most of our fellow citizens are fascists and we should just thank God that one half of them can’t agree with the other half. Once your organizing prinicple relies upon the charity and good will of my fellow citizens, I’m sorry, you’ve lost me. I’d rather organize are government the way the founders did: assume everyone is a total bastard. At least it’s a more accurate assessment.

                    • Cosmic Dawg

                      How could libertarians dramatically shrink the government and return power to the individual (or at least make it a bit more local), without reducing the amount of pork available to be handed out to ones progeny or cronies?

                      You say you don’t trust your neighbors to be charitable or ethical, but the bigger the govt the greater the influence they have on you. If people are self-interested, why give them your money and power to divert to their own causes? I actually do trust my neighbors to be sensible and ethical, but only when they’re spending their own money or feel personally responsible for a decision. I don’t think the “principal-agent” problem in Washington can be overstated – it’s the whole problem, perhaps.

                      As to your second point about societies without a strong central government – I think most libertarians would agree the central government has certain duties only it can perform. But I disagree with the idea that we must choose between anarchy and Castro.

                    • Derek

                      The choice isn’t anarchy or Castro. The dark ages weren’t necessarily anarchy, but just closer to the state of nature than we are today. Someone was in charge, just not anybody who was elected by you. Your chance of freedom or independence was nil. Upward mobility was non-existent.

                      Those in charge were because they could and would kill you. Then they decided that they were in charge because of God or “watery tarts tossing sabers” and they still killed, but maybe not as often.

                      I hear what you say about others taking from you and then deciding what to do with it. The problem I see is two fold. First, the concept that you have or earn anything is really dependent upon the health and security of society you live in as a whole. In other words, if society collapses, your bank account is meaningless. It is in your interest to have, and to pay for, a stable, productive society.

                      Personally, I’ve never understood why its better that you keep all your money so that you don’t have to educate people so that you can then worry about them taking from you by force and then paying more to incarcerate them. Poverty and hopelessness has its costs and they are substantial. More costly than school lunches and books. It is supposed to be an investment. Whether those investments pay for themselves, as any investment should, is certainly something to be analyzed.

                      Second, your money is taken and redistributed only as we as a society decide. We voted for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS, etc… The people get to decide where to invest the nations wealth. You can agree or you can disagree. If you lose the argument, you lose the argument. That’s democracy.

              • Napoleon BonerFart

                Sure, Trump is a tool. But that’s not why Lukovich doesn’t like him. You must know that.

                • Hmm. Dooley first endorsed Jeb. I must have missed the cartoon with Uga peeing about that.

                  • Napoleon BonerFart

                    It’s in amongst the cartoons where Luckovich lampoons the narcissistic morons of the left.

                    • I think you’ve confirmed my point.

                    • Napoleon BonerFart

                      I must have missed it. I thought you argued that Trump’s politics played no part in Luckovich’s animosity towards him. That’s obviously bullshit. Luckovich is an ultraliberal political commentator and draws cartoons as such.

                      His cartoons of Hillary and other leftists feature halos. Even if those figures are narcissistic morons and/or bullies. His cartoons of right-leaning politicians feature horns. Even if those figures are reasonable people who happen to think that lower tax rates doesn’t equate to lynching black people.

              • Sides

                That sounds like one less vote for Democrats. Why don’t you just vote for Trump and get it over with?

                • I live in Georgia. You really think one less vote for Clinton will make a difference?

                  • Sides

                    A lot of Democrats seem to think the state is in play.

                    • There was a lot of that kind of thinking in the last general election for governor and senator, too. That worked out swell for the Dems.

                    • PTC DAWG

                      What else do you expect them to say?

                    • 3rdandGrantham

                      In fairness, I see Georgia as the next Virginia — a purple state, if you will. Virginia used to be solidly red and now is solidly purple. IMO, Georgia will be a legitimately purple state in the 2024 election.

                    • Bulldog Joe

                      Agree. Georgia will be swept up in the Hillary Clinton landslide.

                      Trump’s narcissism has left him with no ground game.

                      The only question remaining is how large the Democratic advantages will be in congress.

                    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

                      @Bulldog Joe June 16, 2016 at 2:52 PM

                      Please clap.

                • PTC DAWG

                  I vote Libertarian because it most fits my view of what our Govt should be. Seems reasonable to me..what say you?

                  • Sides

                    I think the Libertarian ideology is better than the Libertarian party. I really like about 70% of what Ron Paul says but the other 30% scares me away.

                    • rchris

                      FWIW: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were both very effective governors. If by some miracle they won it’s entirely possible the country would not be worse off than under Trump or Clinton.

                    • @Sides: Agree it is that 30 percent that keeps me away. A lot of 2hat Derek said falls in that 30 percent. Snark: and Derek says a lot.

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  I didn’t realize the Democrats owned the Senator’s vote. Why don’t you not vote for Hillary and vote for Gary Johnson?

                  You guys keep voting for these dirtbags and it does nothing but create an incentive for more of the same dirtbag policies and more dirtbags to try their hand at politics.

                  The “lesser of two evils” is getting more evil and harder to tell apart – it’s not going to matter who the next Supreme Court justice is if we keep gradually voting away our civil and economic liberties to authoritarians.

              • PTC DAWG

                I almost vote Libertarian myself…might vote Trump this fall. Will not vote for the Dem nominee.

                • Don in Mar-a-Lago

                  @Billy Mumphrey June 15, 2016 at 2:36 PM
                  “Gary Johnson is awesome: fiscally conservative, socially liberal and a little bit crazy. Plus, no eye-brows. The perfect candidate.”

                  If the no eyebrows part is true, that’s almost enough to make me vote for him.

              • doofusdawg

                Saw where Mark Sanford was offered and turned down the libertarian vp slot. Ill still vote straight republican because they are the closest thing to an anti government party…imo… despite the social conservatives and neocons. Maybe Trump will choose Milo as his vp… although I think it has been Scott Brown all along.

              • I am so thrilled to hear you’re also voting Libertarian this November, Bluto. Really makes me feel better about the future
                To know the people I respect are all leaning the same direction.


          • HirsuiteDawg

            Amen! Agree, country is more important than party. Preach it brother.

          • Walt

            I was thinking that Uga metaphorically represented UGA grads. The people that came here to get educated so that (hopefully) they won’t vote for a demagogue like the Donald. But as my Dad used to say, we buy them books and buy them books and they just gnaw the damn covers off.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          “The people who make wars, the people who reduce their fellows to slavery, the people who kill and torture and tell lies in the name of their sacred causes, the really evil people in a word—these are never the publicans and the sinners. No, they’re the virtuous, respectable men, who have the finest feelings, the best brains, the noblest ideals.”

      • Normaltown Mike

        It’s cute how angry you liberals get. Loving your fellow citizens is obviously tiring and sometimes somebody needs a wittle nap.

        Here are some of your fellow “progressives” making the Bush = Hitler comparison.

  2. Argondawg

    Really? I am no Trump fan but damn, between the damn gorilla being shot, The Stanford swimmer rape guy, The Voice singer getting gunned down, the LGBT attack in Orlando killing 49, the 2 year old boy getting snatched from his parents and the never ending hate of Trump, Hillary and Obama the damn negativity and outrage is overkill. I just want some solid football talk with out all the bullshit. I know Trump is an idiot and Hillary is a liar and quite possibly a criminal. I just need a place to talk football and ignore all the bullshit. FFS

    • Amen … we’re 79 days away from the start of the season. I would rather be discussing who’s going to be the special teams specialists right now.

      • Gosh, you make it sound as if there aren’t any posts here about Georgia football.

        Again, for the umpteenth time – if you don’t want to read about a particular subject I post about, don’t. Nor do you need to discuss something you don’t want to discuss.

        I don’t know why some of you continue to voice the same complaint ad infinitum. Sorry, but it’s not going to change what I want to blog about.

        • Lame attempt at snark … I wasn’t complaining.

        • 3rdandGrantham

          In fairness, SB, they fork over their hard earned money monthly in subscription fees in order to read and respond to content here. Thus, you certainly can’t blame them for wanting their contributed funds to go towards something more worthwhile pertaining to UGA football.

          As my granddad used to say, and is to this day one of my favorite sayings ever: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

          • The other amusing thing worth noting in passing is that whenever I toss one of these politically themed posts out, they invariably generate lots of comments. So somebody out there in Dawgnation thinks they’re worth reading.

            • 3rdandGrantham

              Indeed. When a politically oriented topic generates 2-3 times the responses as several of the previous entries combined, I’d venture to say that conversation has been stimulated by said topic. And to say that we don’t care about politics during a 100+ entry thread (while other more football oriented posts generated 10-20 responses) is quite ironic. More like tongue-in-cheek humor honestly.

              • ugafidelis

                Along those same lines during the season, if I miss a game, I can always tell how it’s going by glancing at the comment’s waves in the game day thread.

            • Sides

              I find it much more interesting than articles about UGA’s off-season. Keep up the good work. It will probably be tough to separate Trump and SEC football this season.

            • doofusdawg

              Politics and football…ahhh. I think it’s funny that the editors of Garden & Gun had “no politics or sec football” as part of their mission statement.

        • Argondawg

          I am not telling you what to blog about. I am just bitching. Your skin is getting might thin.

          • I guess only the readers here are allowed to bitch.

          • 3rdandGrantham

            “I just want some solid football talk with out all the bullshit.”
            “I am not telling you what to blog about. I am just bitching.”

            These two comments of yours are akin to saying to your wife that you want more sex — then backing down later and saying you don’t necessarily want more sex…you’re just bitching about your limited sex life in your marriage.

            • Argondawg

              Are you really spending time analyzing my comments? Then relating it to my sex life? I was bitching and SB talked me off the ledge.

          • If I ran a blog my skin would be real thin. The rules would match Jim Wrights rules. Reading a number of the comments everyday on here, this is fairly tame. Try reading a blog on an MSN article that features Obama. Truly brings new meaning to angry and vile.

      • DawgPhan

        no one is stopping you from having that discussion.

    • AO


  3. Cojones

    Can’t believe that Vince did that. He stripped away a lot of my respect for his thinling. Hell, he was too liberal for most folks at UGA when I was there. Damn, just damn. This would be tantamount to endorsing Lester Maddox in my day.

    • Bulldog Joe

      It would be interesting to learn what led to his change of heart, considering he attempted to run for the US Senate as a Democrat and he now supports the man who twice owned the team that took his best player from him.

      • As it has been stated, Trump didn’t sign Herschel. The Donald bought the team after Herschel was already in NJ.

        • Bulldog Joe

          As I remember, Trump was part of the original ownership group but sold his share to Duncan. He purchased it back after Herschel had joined the team.

          Don’t remember much of the details beyond that, other than I was pissed.

          • I just remember the Senator told me Trump wasn’t the owner when Herschel signed. If he had been, some super-PAC would have run ads during the Georgia primary to remind voters of that.

            • Bulldog Joe

              True. I’ll at least give Trump credit for twice playing the Georgia card here. Scored more political points than he did playing the Bobby Knight card in North Carolina.

              I knew Rubio was toast once he played the Georgia Tech card.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          It was my understanding Herschel signed a personal services contract with Trump, and not a player contract with the NJ Generals.

          • 81Dog

            you understand incorrectly; J Walter Duncan, an oil billionaire, owned the Generals, and drafted and signed HW to a personal services contract. Trump came in a couple of years later. He had nothing to do with signing HW.

    • doofusdawg

      Didn’t Barbara run for office as a democrat?

  4. Uga X says ” I don’t approve of you’re message dude”, LOL.

  5. MDDawg

    I don’t have a comment on the cartoon. Just geekin’ out because I went to high school with Mack Williams.

  6. Otto

    A fake friend can do more damage than a known enemy. Never Trump

  7. Cojones

    Vince played the first black players at UGA and preached integration at a time when it was not popular. This is a 180 from what he stood for on issues long ago.

    • Macallanlover

      I don’t see anything inconsistent at all. 180 from what? I haven’t seen anything purporting to say Trumps is opposed to integration, or that Vince has pivoted. Those cookies and pipes seem to have killed too many brain cells in the political section of your brain. Either that or you are leaping around sporadically from lilly pad to lilly pad from some other malfunction, or medication. Back to football which you seem to understand more better. Who gonna be the long snappah?

  8. SemperFIDawg

    Why can’t living icons just stay lovable……..and quiet, and quit messing up our adoration of them.

  9. Yesterday, I was trapped behind a local Athenian driving 35 mph down the hill on Atlanta Hwy (in the middle lane, no less). He had a handicap tag and a TRUMP sticker adorning the back of his car. I thought to myself, “We heard you the first time…”

  10. Big Rick

    Good grief. I can see how an ignorant redneck that lost his or her job cause the plant moved to Mexico supports the orangatan. But Vince and Barbara at not dumb. They are my mother’s age so I assume they also have dementia

    • Rampdawg

      UGA having a dilemma on were to take a whiz. hmmm!! You know what though? He always has his two favorite spots to take a dump. Obama and Hillary’s heads are full of Dawg shit.

  11. ASEF

    “In the end, I believe the goals of the Brownback administration are going exactly to plan – starve the state of resources to the point where it just makes sense to turn over critical government functions to for-profit entities. I can’t, in good conscience, continue to give our tax money to a government that actively works against the needs of its citizens; a state that is systematically targeting the citizens in most need, denying them critical care and reducing their cost of life as if they’re simply a tax burden that should be ignored. It’s because of these moves that I have decided to deny Kansas revenue from Pathfinder’s taxes by moving our company to Missouri.” CEO Jeff Blackwood

    “This guy says it flat out–Brownback has engineered the failure of government in Kansas to prove to himself and to the world that government inevitably fails. It’s not often that you see it made that plain, and now it’s time to point out that enough voters in Kansas showed up and re-elected this cluck in what only can be seen now as a suicide pact.” Charles Pierce

    This is the “path to enlightenment” that seems to guide the people most eager to end political discourse with “libs,” “libtards” and “Obama lovers.”

    Come on, our resident stewards of True Conservatism Orthodoxy – is Brownback’s vision your dream also? Because if it is, may I suggest you move to Kansas, since Georgia is too liberal (?!) for you. Your nirvana awaits.

    • Tim In Sav

      WTF did that mean?

      • illini84

        Go find a liberal and have them read it to you.

      • ASEF

        Sorry. After Tuesday evening’s time warp, a reminder that Kansas is turning back the clock to pre-New Deal America, with North Carolina in hot pursuit – all of it just seems at complete odds with a lot of the rhetoric I’ve been hearing.

        Imagine if, during the final Bush years, California’s leaders had started urging petitions to secede, while Minnesota and Virginia started aggressively moving to impose state ownership on all healthcare and private schools. All the while, Democratic politicans and pundits were loudly warning about a global conservative conspiracy of (X) getting ready to enslave the USA.

        WTF? indeed.