“Yeah, I’m gonna coach again.”

You can’t keep a good enabler down, boys.


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16 responses to ““Yeah, I’m gonna coach again.”

  1. Faulkner

    Auburn is waiting. Nobody on this site would be surprised now would we?


  2. Cojones

    Oh hell no! And there’s not enough said about the inequity of air-conditioning their player perps have to go through.


  3. ASEF

    I’m skeptical. Coaches rehabilitate themselves after personal scandals all the time, but this is something entirely different. If Butch Davis is untouchable after UNC, then Briles is untouchable squared.


    • DawgPhan


      this will be some AD and President deciding to put their balls squarely on the chopping block for someone else.


    • heyberto

      Well, there is the teflon Bobby Petrino, but I still think you’re right. This kind of thing is much more serious.


  4. Gurkha Dawg

    I hope the hell he does not got to AU. He might be a prick, but he can coach some football.


    • Trbodawg

      Don’t we keep hear that phrase… ” … yeah, but he can coach some football…” I wonder if anyone has ever done a meta-analysis of coaching records and the words “asshole” or “prick”….


  5. Uglydawg

    It may be a year or so too early to get him to the Knox Village, but the hillbilly hoard would welcome him if they had an opening.


  6. Spike

    The Bagman would like to speak to Art…


  7. Skeptic Dawgs' Better Half

    If only the NCAA and ole Mr. Emmert had the sack to put a show cause sachet around Briles neck, maybe something might start to change with the ole “culture” Bootch likes to toss around.


  8. 69Dawg

    NCAA will not punish Briles, they learned a lesson for good or bad from PSU. They might pound the school but they won’t issue a Show Cause to him. It will take a desperate school to offer him a job. He might be too radioactive for the NFL as well, given their PR in the sexual assault area.


  9. First come first serve and Aubum is first.