SEC Power Poll, Week 2


A sort of normalcy returned to the conference this week.  I feel as strongly about number fourteen as I do about number one.  Progress of a sorts, I guess.

  1. Alabama.  Nick Saban doesn’t know if he’s been “this disappointed after winning a game, maybe ever.”  Coach, please.
  2. Texas A&M.  Flat out crushed its cupcake game.  Nothing else to see here, move on.
  3. Tennessee.  Started out slow, but took out an opponent that couldn’t get out of its own way for the rest of the game.  Which is what a good team is supposed to do, right?
  4. Florida.  Man, the pleasures of an early light schedule.
  5. Arkansas.  Enjoyed a nice win over a ranked team.  Let’s see if this is the year the Hogs fulfill their early promise.
  6. Ole Miss.  Cruised against an FCS opponent in a yawner of a game.
  7. Georgia.  If you’re into hot takes, the Dawgs are giving you a severe case of whiplash.
  8. LSU.  Sayonara, Brandon Harris.
  9. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs may have found themselves a quarterback, too.
  10. Auburn.  When in doubt, play a team with a bunch of kids who went to the hospital during the week prior to the game.
  11. Missouri.  I know it was against Eastern Michigan, but when you consider that the Tigers only broke thirty points once last season, scoring 61 looks like a step up for their offense.
  12. Vanderbilt.  Is Ralph Webb the SEC’s best player on a shitty team?  (That was a rhetorical question.)
  13. South Carolina.  Boom, you lost by thirteen points to a team that couldn’t get past South Alabama.  The only reason the ‘Cocks aren’t any lower is because…
  14. Kentucky.  In a conference full of stupid coaching contract provisions, is there any one stupider than Mark Stoops’ $12 million buyout?


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10 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 2

  1. Macallanlover

    Mizzou did that primarily by passing, I don’t think their offense will have that success against UGA’s DBs. We learn more every week as our sample size grows but I would put Florida ahead of TN at this point and might have UGA just ahead of Mizzou….but not so much ahead that home field advantage at night doesn’t make this a game that now concerns me. I think we are better but last Saturday makes me not trust what we will see yet. When you struggle against Nicholls like we did, every bad result in now on the table again.


  2. down island way

    Stoops attorneys have stoopider highlighted in bold face with #14 font size 17 times in straight kentucky verbiage during the 12 page contract……. And the ad plus college president signed off.


  3. ASEF

    I think the East is going to come down to a couple of coin flip plays, and the West will come down to who manages their freshman QB better.

    But damn, everyone’s got a lot of growing up to do this season. Some will, some won’t. Good luck predicting that.


  4. lakedawg

    Mizzou might win 3 games this year and one will not be this weekend.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Wait. Stoops has a $12 million buyout?! WOW.



    UGA has a better win than UT.


  7. Gawd I hate to say this but I put UF #2 and the East looks the same as it always does…UT and UGA looking at the Outback Bowl. I hope I’m wrong but that is what my eyes are telling me.