That time when déjà vu felt like a warm, familiar blanket

Groo hits on one big reason walking out of Sanford Stadium Saturday was such a downer.

Kirby Smart’s first game at Sanford Stadium turned out to be a lot like Mark Richt’s last. In Novemeber the Dawgs needed a second-half turnover to come from behind and force overtime against Georgia Southern. On Saturday the Dawgs again faced a second-half deficit, and a timely turnover provided the margin of victory as Georgia almost choked on the cupcake Nicholls.

Each time the reaction leaving the stadium had a lot more to do with relief and bewilderment than the thrill of victory. In fact, with the lone exception of a win over a cratering Kentucky team, there haven’t been many occasions to hold heads high after a home game since the South Carolina blowout nearly one year ago. Whether it was Saturday’s horror show or the 9-6 win over Missouri or that overtime survivial against Georgia Southern, “What the hell did we just see?” has been the predominant postgame tailgate topic of conversation in Athens.

And those were the games Georgia won. There has been only one home loss during this stretch – the miserable loss to Alabama where tens of thousands rose and left as one body during the third quarter of a game where it was quite clear what the hell we were seeing. Since that day the program has stumbled on, winning far more than they’ve lost but sucking the life and joy out of the experience.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who got the “this type of game is why we fired the coach” texts after the game. They were exactly right. As much as the players can be faulted for the lack of execution and the mental mistakes that kept Nicholls in the game, it was also a reminder to Smart and the staff that they were brought in to be better. Yes, there is trust in Smart’s way of running the program, but old habits can die hard.

That’s assuming they die at all.  And, yeah, that’s a cheap, emotional reaction on my part.  When I read sad stuff like this, though, it’s one that’s a little hard to avoid.

For what it’s worth, Eason and Lambert were bracketed on the official depth chart UGA released Monday. Last week, Lambert was listed as the starter, though Eason actually started in the game. Odds seem good that both will play again this week.

“I don’t think it’s a distraction,” senior center Brandon Kublanow said. “We had it last year, so it’s nothing new to us. I know both of them are great quarterbacks. Whoever’s in is going to make great plays. So it can’t really be a distraction for us.”


I used to throw some of that definition of insanity shade in Richt’s direction.  Don’t make me use it on you, too, Kirby.


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106 responses to “That time when déjà vu felt like a warm, familiar blanket

  1. Jt (the other one)

    I think this is a case of young freshmen combined with upper classmen who are in the “old habits die hard crowd”. Combine this with the euphoria over a hard fought win over a good NC team and IMO a little too much patting ourselves on the back and…you get what we saw. We easily score in the first few minutes and I think the players —-and maybe coaches just assumed Nichols would lay down…except Nichols had other ideas.

    • Greg

      The talent is there (10 wins last 4 of 5 years)… other way around it, I put this performance squarely on Kirby- especially after Smart said he began to worry about the team’s performance Wednesday. He needs to learn quick & quit complaining about what he does not have (depth, lack of leadership and etc.). It will catch up with him in my opinion, player/players do not want to keep reading about it… that crap behind closed doors.

      • PTC DAWG

        Outback, Capital One, Gator, Belk and Tax Slayer Bowls….one decent one among the last 5. We haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire.

        • Greg

          Yep, and we certainly did not against Saturday. From what I watched, we would be fortunate to get a bowl this year. The staff better wake up.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            Seriously…when the staff dropped that punt, I was like ‘Come on, staff! Wake up!’

            And when the staff threw the ball to the WR that was setting a pick that led to a 90 yard INT return, I was like “This staff needs to wake up.”

            It was the garden variety sleepwalk game ..wake up call…go score 7 and driving for another 7…until the INT gave them a 10-14 point swing…then the muffed punt gave them another 7…

            over-exaggerations aside..I’ll judge this team based upon real opponents and right now they are 1-0. (UNC put up 48 on Illinois on Saturday…woo)

            • Greg

              LOL!!…nice. But in all seriousness, I put this performance squarely on the staff. It is their job to keep them focused and have a good gameplan. There probably is not a position on Nicholls team that they are stronger than…..they just wanted it more – staff & players.

    • Aunt Edna

      Your analysis makes sense to me. A lot of people need to take a deep breath and calm down.

      • @Aunt Edna: excuse me, you are talking about UGA fans(a subset). Take a deep breath and calm down. Yeah right. When that happens, I take that back, it will never happen.

  2. Athens Dog

    So I’ve calmed down…….my reasoning: If Eason throws a TD instead of an interception, we probably score a few more times and win 40 -14. We would still have a lot to work on but not the angst we’re all suffering from.
    (and doesn’t excuse the myriad of issues with vanilla gameplan)

    I think Mizzou is critical though; we need to show more. I’m hopeful that Kirby figures it out and quickly

  3. Billy Mumphrey

    If the team still has these type games after Kirby’s 15th season I’ll be concerned.

    • Jared S.

      If he has these types of games after his 3rd season I’ll be extremely concerned.

    • DawgPhan

      If we are in a close game with ULL at the end of the season I would be totally happy pulling the ripcord on this project. Regardless of what we did in any other game.

      • Vectordawg

        That’s one of the best comments I’ve read on this blog since Saturday!

      • Billy Mumphrey

        So, one year? Sounds rational.

        • Vectordawg

          It shouldn’t take one year to not be in a close game with ULL at the end of the season.

          • Irwin R. Fletcher

            This is so dumb. Cupcake games mean nothing unless you lose.

            For example, for every post someone has made about ULM or GA Southern last year, that’s not what got Richt fired. Losing to Bama and UF like they did is what did him in.

            And the whole ‘is a flat performance against Nichols’ a sign of things to come against other opponents is garbage. Someone please show me ANY correlation between a team’s ability to squash a cupcake and their ability to have a great season. Please…anyone. We’ve got literally years and years of data…if it were true, there would be a blog post on it.

            People want to talk about Saban losing to ULM his first year at Bama as a comp. Fine. What I like is that second year when they crushed Clemson at the Dome…game 2 they played Tulane in the home opener. After jumping out to a 13-0 lead against a team that ended up 2-10, they let Tulane pull within 10 at the half. They scored one offensive TD in the whole game while leaving with an incredibly lackluster 20-6 victory.

            Does anyone really look at the 2008 Bama team and talk about how they played against Tulane? Or Kentucky? Or do they talk about whipping Clemson, UGA in the blackout game, the Iron Bowl, etc.? There’s a reason for that. Cupcakes don’t matter unless you lose.

            • Chi-town Dawg

              I tend to agree with Irwin. Although the Nicolls game was about an ugly a win as they come and there were many lessons to be learned, the Dawgs weren’t the only P5 team with a close call against an FCS team in the first couple of weeks. I’m more interested in seeing how we perform against SEC competition and still believe 8-4 or 9-3 is a reasonable first year W-L benchmark with significant progress made in years 2-3. I wasn’t overly excited about the UNC win and didn’t get overly pissed off about the Nicholls debacle.

            • Brandon

              You can’t talk sense into the senseless. New team, new staff expectations with the schedule should probably be 8-4 9-3… yet at the first loss, we all know there will be a faction screaming for Kirby’s head.

              • DawgPhan

                I never wanted Kirby in the first place so if they fired him today I would be happy. If they also fired the AD, even better.

                • Irwin R. Fletcher

                  Okie dokie. Well, I for one am thankful the only things you are in control of are your irrational hot takes on Georgia football.

                  High five!

                  • Chi-town Dawg

                    DawgPhan, I like many people on this blog would be ecstatic if they fired the AD. Although I had wished the school would have conducted a broader search in earnest for the HC, Kirby is our guy and I’m 100% behind him. I want him and the program to succeed. Whether he can improve our results remains to be seen, but I don’t want to see him fail. I’m intentionally laying low on this blog in order to avoid making any snap judgments about the team, coaching staff, etc. until we have at least half of the season under our belt. Perhaps others may want to do the same.

            • Noonan

              Now who can argue with that?

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Billy, that may be the best comment I have read since Saturday.

    • Greg

      If you are referring to Richt……Hell, right now I would take 2 SEC titles within Smart’s 5 years as a coach – or even an average of 10 wins in his the last 4 or 5 years. What I watched last Saturday, ain’t gonna get it.

  4. The other Doug

    Can someone explain to me how wasting time releasing fake QB depth charts helps us on Saturday?

  5. Jared S.

    Poor results are forgivable if you know everyone did their best. But that was sooooo painfully and obviously not the case on Saturday. And that comes from the top.

    I don’t mind CKS calling out the players for their apparent lack of interest in the game, but I wish he’d take more of the responsibility for the failure publicly. He can chew as much ass in private as he wants, but he needs to do more publicly to own up to his team’s failures. He’s included himself in his criticism of the team so far, sure, but it’s always like a throw-in at the end like he’s thinking, “Oh yeah, I should include myself and the other coaches when assigning blame for this debacle.”

    I’ve been really wanting to hear him say. “We weren’t prepared and it was my fault.” Because it was.

    But we haven’t quite gotten that.

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      The lack of accountability on his part is definitely frustrating, especially given how much he seems to be fixed on accountability.

      FWIW. I’ve heard that Kirby chewed no ass after the game Saturday. Coaches didn’t say a word about the game to the players. Basically made them think about it over the next 48 hours until Monday practice.

    • @gatriguy

      He owned it in the first sentence after the game. What else do you want him to do? It’s his fault as much as anyone. He knows it. Let’s move on.

      • Jared S.

        Yeah, and then he harped on and on about how the kids didn’t have energy, show leadership, practice hard, play with technique blah blah blah. Well, that’s what he’s there for…. leading is about getting people to do what they’re supposed to be doing anyway and getting them to like it.

        This loss was as much as his failure as any of the players but he spent 10% (or less) of the time talking about his failure and 90% (or more) talking about his players.

        • Jared S.

          Notice I think of it as a loss. =P

        • @gatriguy

          So you’re upset that he was holding the players TOO accountable and not taking the bulk of the blame himself?

          You do realize how that’s a completely unwinnable situation, right?

          He acknowledged that it starts with him. He also used it as a forum to try to call out the team. Honestly, I don’t see how that’s different from any other coach…that’s what they do.

          • DawgPhan

            It doesnt just start with him, the effort given by his players is a direct reflection of the quality of work that he does during the week. He didnt earn his paycheck last week. Hopefully he earns it this week.

          • Jared S.

            True, many coaches do use press conferences to “call out” their team for poor performance. But I guess I like the approach of a coach taking the blame when his team performs poorly and giving the team the credit when they perform well.

            Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

        • Otto

          Good to see, I was tired of a coach who didn’t have leaders on the team.

  6. DawgPhan

    ugh….that sums it up so much. I was going back through the last 10 games or so that I have attended and was wondering why I keep going.

    The homes games mentioned, plus the game in Knoxville make for a really depressing run of games.

    He is exactly right, lots of wins, but not a single game where you really feel that great about winning.

    The worst part is that saturday was the worst of them. The chart is going down and to the right. Not great.

  7. two games gentlemen…’s been two games. Y’all need to take up hunting or fishing so you can learn some patience. But if this last game is an indicator, I highly recommend bourbon.

  8. sliceshs

    Senator, please just don’t go the Bradley route and blaming lack of talent on Saturday’s game😉

  9. 92 grad

    On some level this game is supposed to be entertaining. The UNC game was fun to watch, most of our home games have simply been boring. Whether it’s attributed to a mundane opponent or a vanilla game plan, it’s just been low on the fun to watch scale lately. I’m willing to just accept that our brand of football is boring to watch and it won’t be fun to watch until we get a team that comes together and plays as a top-20 team. At the moment our D is inconsistent and watching them play is twitching the “oh shit” meter. The O is young and barely exists without #27 and they are only fun to watch when they manage to jump off the ball and block decisively.

    The whole thing is like leaning back in your chair on 2 legs and trying to see how long you can balance. That feeling of falling backwards is where we are. I heard a comedian say “yeah, I feel like that all the time” and that’s kind of where we have been for 3 years.

    • “[T]hey are only fun to watch when they manage to jump off the ball and block decisively.”

      That’s the maddening thing about our team since the Florida 2014 debacle. It’s like they don’t understand there’s only 12 games in the regular season, and you need to be at or close to your best emotionally and/or physically every Saturday. If you’re at your best emotionally (think Missouri or Arkansas 2014 when TG3II was out), you can will your team to win games that nobody thinks you can. If you’re at your best physically, you should be able to beat teams soundly that you’re superior to (like any non-Power 5 opponent). When you’re at your best in both, you see games like Auburn or Clemson 2014 or South Carolina 2015 where the team looks like world beaters.

      Maybe the “Process” will correct this tendency to be all over the place … overachieving at times and underachieving a lot. This issue may be the battleship that Kirby claims to be turning.

  10. Jared S.

    This is a serious question:

    Could part (even a very small part) of our lack of energy at home games in recent years be attributable to the fans in attendance at the games? Maybe they suck.

    I’m just wondering.

    • DawgPhan

      yeah that’s it. Or maybe the guys dont like playing without wifi. or are scared that a transgender woman is going to sneak into the locker room and ogle all them.

      maybe they were all upset about the issues in Aleppo or that one of their teammates didnt seem sufficiently knowledgeable about the issues there.

      Maybe they had all run up large cell phone bills playing pokemon go and were busy scheming to figure out how to double cash their checks without getting caught.

    • doiknowu

      Yeah, because the fans sure weren’t ready for Bama last year. Nobody showed up in the monsoon. Except for a full house. Nobody with a lack of energy sits in a storm like that when they could be dry at home. I think you’re really stretching it here.

    • Nacodog

      Georgia is not Georgia Tech. It’s always more or less a full house, even for an FCS opponent.

  11. paul

    For me, the one thing I wanted more than anything from our new coach, was to make sure we showed up for every game. We don’t have to win them all. Heck, we don’t even have to win nine or ten this season. But we do need to show up every game. We do need to put in our best effort every Saturday. We do need to leave everything we have on the field. That’s my definition of success anyway. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even muster that for our home opener with a brand new coach. That’s depressing. Culture change? Not yet anyway. The season is young though. Let’s see how we bounce back this week.

  12. MGW

    Take a deep breath and count to ten, people. UNC was a big win in the dome, and this week sucked but we survived. The season is young and so is Smart’s career.

    This isn’t a shot against Richt, but its going to take a while to completely change the culture of the program. He wasn’t here for a just a few years; there’s a long standing culture within the program (for better or worse) and for Smart to get it to where he wants it to be will take a while.

  13. PTC DAWG

    We changed coaching regimes for a reason…we are WEAK in many areas, that will not be changed in two games.

    Beat Mizzou..

    • TXBaller

      God bless you south Fayette….a voice of reason.

    • dawgman3000

      PTC DAWG for the win!


      • Rocket Dawg

        This is such bullshit. You two are letting your personal hatred for CMR cloud your thinking about Kirby. Here’s the deal the “we have no talent” meme is a bunch of bullshit. Do we have the talent of Bama? Hell no, no one in America with the exception of possibly Ohio State does. The cupboard is far from being bare as you would be lead to believe. We have recruited at the top half of the SEC for the last 15 years. There is plenty of talent to win the SEC East this year and if Kirby doesn’t do that then he fails in my book.

        Coaching is getting the most out of your players and putting them in a position to succeed. So far we haven’t done that on the offensive side of the ball or on special teams. The defense has looked good but not any better than last year so I consider that a wash.

        You can’t have it both ways, either we were a talented team and CMR couldn’t win the big games because he was a shitty coach or we don’t have any talent and CMR won 10 games with a bunch of stiffs.

  14. ToccoaDog

    Another possibility.. Expecting to win the game handily, the coaching staff used last week to practice and lift very hard. The kids could have been extremely tired and dead legged by the time Saturday rolled around.

  15. Damn! People are really blaming the old coach for a really bad performance while giving the new one a free pass. Culture change?? Really? Lmao

    • PTC DAWG

      I assume the Senaror wants some type of comment, it is all I have. We have had let downs for years.

    • Nacodog

      Culture is not something that disappears over night, and neither are bad habits. That being said it’s still not unreasonable to expect Kirby to have been able to have coaxed something more out of the team.

  16. Jane, you ignorant slut (aka W Cobb Dawg)

    When did old white men become such whiny bitches? We won! Fuck the style points. If it makes ya feel better go watch the UNC replay. But for god sakes quit the fricken whining!

  17. “Smart isn’t in the Alabama situation where he can out-athlete the opponent at every position, and I’m looking forward to some creative solutions to overcoming those weaknesses.”

    I touched on this a while back and thought Groo was spot on. Not sure when the last time Kirby was forced to get creative to cover deficiencies. His approach this weekend appeared as if we believed we could just mail it in from a game planning perspective. Unfortunately turnovers and a false confidence in the line of scrimmage being able to impose its will no matter how many stacked the box torpedoed this mindset.

    Kirby is going to have to be creative a lot earlier and more often than he expected. My fingers are crossed.

  18. The Truth

    Could it be that Kirby saw things were going south in practice last week and allowed it, knowing he would have a better object lesson going forward if the game wasn’t the 77-3 blowout everyone expected? If so, he probably never felt it would get 2-points close, but close enough to make a point.

    And without going full-on Richt vs. Kirby, I think one of the key changes Kirby needs to make from Richt is instilling a killer instinct. Richt teams tended to let up off the gas instead of mash that pedal to the floor. After the scoop and score every instinct we had as a team should have been to make it brutal for Nicholls the rest of the way — we don’t have that instinct, and I think that’s a leftover from Richt.

    • VoxDawg

      I was encouraged by the decision to go for 2 after the scoop & score. Right now, since we’re in virgin territory with a new coach, we’re forced to compare it to what we’ve come to know in the last decade and a half, and I applaud the break from CMR’s conservative tendencies in that instance. It was a breath of fresh air.

      That said, I echo the sentiment that if Eason avoids the INT in the RZ, and we score another TD, we win walking away, just as God and McGarity’s checkbook intended. I hold out hope that this was a colossal wake-up call for the team, and that they’re mad as hell at their own lack of execution.

      Take it out on the milquetoast MiZzzou SafeSpacers, Dawgs.

      • PTC DAWG

        I am against going for two until the 4th quarter…possibly would consider it if I was down by two VERY late in the 3rd…possibly.

      • The decision to go for 2 was a terrible decision, and I hope it’s one Kirby learns from. That has nothing to do with being conservative or playing not to lose. That was a lapse in judgment that someone (Chaney, Pittman, or one of those analysts we’re paying) should have told him it wasn’t the right time.

        • PTC DAWG

          Agree, it almost cost us dearly.

          • I wonder if that was a breakdown in communication. It was a sudden change situation with a defensive touchdown. The offensive staff is probably focused on game planning for the next drive. Kirby makes the call to go for 2, and because of the sudden need to act, no one has the time or the foresight to tell him no.

            Typically, I assume the head coach is telling the offensive staff when a scoring drive is in progress, “Hey, we’re going to go for 2 if we score a TD.” At that point, the staff can say challenge the judgment or begin to think about a play call for the 2 point play.

            In this case, there was no time to think about a call … whatever it was.

            All of this is pure speculation as opposed to some great insight into what happens on the sideline.🙂

        • stoopnagle

          Hey, y’all remember the 2000 Outback Bowl? When the Dawgs came from behind to beat Drew Brees and Purdue? Do you remember that Purdue senselessly went for two when up big because of a chart that told them to? Guess who was on that other sideline with Joe Tiller lookin’ at that chart? Go on! Guess!

          • Wow! I didn’t make that connection. I truly just figured it was a bad decision in a sudden change situation, and no one stopped the process. Someone needs to ask Kirby about this on his Thursday show.

        • DawgWalker07

          I know I’ve heard someone else say this and I can’t remember who, but to me the decision to go for two indicated the staff never thought for a moment it would come back and bite them in the butt. They never imagined this game would be close.

          And I think that attitude trickled down to our players too. If the coaching staff doesn’t take the opponent seriously, neither will the players.

          • I’m not sure I agree with this. I think it was simply an analyst looked at that damned card and told Kirby, “Up by 12, go for 2.” No one thought about the fact that you don’t typically go for 2 if you’re ahead unless it’s the 4th quarter.

  19. Slaw Dawg

    My first thought was also that this game felt as painful and damn near unwatchable as last year’s home horrors. But my second recollection was the ’99 UCF game, in which the visitors only lost (24-23) because they didn’t kick a field goal during an apparent winning drive in the waning moments. As I recall, UCF had only been a Division I program for a couple years, and Donnan’s UGA team was supposed to clobber them. Instead, we left the stadium with that same WTF feeling Groo describes. We had another epically ugly non-performance losing at home to the Barn, with fans raining catcalls down at the players. Lordy, surely we don’t deserve another season like either of those!

  20. steve

    “What the hell did we just see?” has been the predominant postgame tailgate topic of conversation in Athens…. What we saw was an offense sans Bobo and Murray.

  21. lakedawg

    Will try to let this be my last comments on Nicholls and will preface by saying been watching Dawgs longer than some on here are old. That was probably the worst opponent I have ever seen in Sanford having lost to someone named Incarnate Word last year and whom they play again this week. Never remember being a 53 point favorite before and we fortunately win by 2. Do not know where or why the wheels came off for this one,but the train needs fixed quickly.b

  22. If Kirby is turning this battleship as he metaphorically suggests I implore someone in the Athletic Dept. to make sure of two things : One , that he is turning the damn thing in the right direction and ; Two make sure that this program is not the metaphorical equivalent of a battleship in the era of aircraft carriers and we are about to get the shit bombed out of us by the planes from a ship that is far over the horizon…..metaphorically speaking of course. No Championships ,No Peace..

  23. I just returned from two plus months of wandering around in places with no internet. It does my heart good to notice nothing has changed on this site, as far as comments and such. One of the joys of being away, is that I finally have become an observer(not a fan) of UGA football and all football. Makes it much easier to watch games. With that I wish you all well, enjoy the season, and relax. Off to wander again.

  24. doofusdawg

    Great insight by Groo. The difference however, in the cmr era of egg laying and Saturday’s laying of the egg, imo… is that there were alway five or six boneheaded play calls or coaching decisions per game that prevented us from breaking those games open. Saturday’s five or six screw ups were errors by individual players. If Chigbu makes his catches then the game isn’t close. The three turnovers all contributed as well.

    But if we are up 17-0 then Nicholls never makes it a game. And all the deserved criticism aimed at Chaney and the o line never happens. The bottom line is the kids have to make plays when they have the opportunity. When that happens we will win the game we are supposed to by the spread.

    • Jeff Sanchez

      Well, that’s convienent

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        This is actually the saddest thing I’ve read all day.

      • doofusdawg

        I have a track record of posting about this… maybe not here. I posted numerous times about half a dozen or so stupid play calls per game during the cmb era that cost us games or made games linger longer. The fact that Groo made the comparison prompted me to comment… conveniently.

        • Um, Bobo wasn’t on the sideline at the GSU game last year.

          • doofusdawg

            damn… cause those are the only two games over the last decade that we did not put a lesser opponent away early.

            • We all know you’re a “I blame Bobo” and “I blame Richt” guy. I’m too lazy to do the research, but there were plenty of games over the last 15 years that went the other way where we applied beatdowns to opponents where they didn’t know what hit them. We all remember the games where the team didn’t play their best rather than the times we steamrolled opponents and did it with style points.

              • doofusdawg

                I love a great conversation with somebody who disagrees. The point of my original post was that I thought it was the players fault for not executing on Saturday. Kind of ironic that you turn it into a bash the previous staff post when the previous staff told us for years that all of our problems were the result of not executing.

                Maybe it was convenient after all but I highly doubt that is what Sanchez had in mind.

                • I guess I read your original comment as all of the egg laying of the prior 15 years was the coaches’ fault and all of the sudden the egg laid on Saturday was the players’ fault. I’ve always been of the opinion that you can’t put poor performance only on the coaches or only on the players. There is clearly shared responsibility when things go wrong whether it’s failure to prepare, execute or adjust. There was plenty of both of those on Saturday afternoon.

                  We were fortunate that this egg was laid against a bad football team as opposed to an SEC opponent or tech.

                  • doofusdawg

                    That opening drive saturday was so perfect.
                    1. Handoff up the middle for nothing
                    2. jet sweep to left
                    3. Halfback pass to right flat
                    4. Long pass to left
                    5. toss sweep to right for touchdown

                    We clearly need to play for sixty minutes. It’s been a while since we have played a complete game… no matter who the coaches are.

  25. Debby Balcer

    The more things change the more they stay the same. We won while not a pretty win it was a win. Looking forward to Mizzou here. Looking back too much keeps you from going forward.

  26. Chopdawg

    I don’t understand the criticisms of ugly wins. Last season we beat the two-time SEC East champ, won a bowl game, beat two of our long-time rivals and a good Ga Southern team, all in ugly games. But…we won the games! Look back at the history of UGA football, you’ll find a whole bunch of really ugly wins. I was happy about every one of them. Don’t know about anyone else, but I like winning.

  27. Does this mean 2 QBs will play? Is that even possible? Kirby is an Einstein, I always knew it.

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