Damn, I’m jealous.

A Shakespearean tribute to Stanford’s offensive line — as a Georgia fan, aren’t you jealous, too?


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  1. 81Dog

    Pffft. I expect Magic Mc to walk out on the field at halftime Saturday with a skull in one hand and a mournful look on his face (does he have any other expression), and say to the crowd, “Alas, poor Calloway. I knew him well, Horatio.”


  2. We ponder, plunder against the naysayer thunder,
    Thoughts stir and keep us awake:
    Is this Jake fake?
    Is Chaney determined to make us foul
    and our hearts rainy?
    Is this defensive mind,
    lacking too much in control amongst the lines?
    Where shalt the playmakers be?
    We see an occasional run and Isaiah McKenzie.
    But, wherefore art our Terry and the wind of the good hands?
    Our receivers runneth and race,
    but still struggle against the orb to find open space.
    And our Tight Ends.
    Oh! Tight Ends. We love thee,
    but sometimes we do yearn for the days of Watson and Pope,
    But this triple ended sets, for my words I grope?
    Why with this many on the line, cans’t our hero Chubb run divine?
    Why with these stolid formations,
    cans’t we rain yardage to appease the Bulldawg nation?
    Is this simply a chance to vent?
    Not a crash, but a mere dent?
    Or shall orange rain vengeance as we falter into our fall of discontent?


  3. The way the Stanford line is getting handled by UW-ouch.