“To be honest, every kid on the field executed their job.”

About the grumbling about Smart’s tendency to call out his players in public, keep in mind he went from this

“Undisciplined players make undisciplined decisions. That’s what happens,” Smart said. “So we learned an extremely value lesson, for a group of young men in that room who are sick to their stomach.

“About 95 percent of them did it right.”

Smart might have meant something other than penalties, such as not playing the Hail Mary right. He said he hadn’t watched the play on film yet so wasn’t sure exactly what went wrong there.

… shortly after the game, to this after reviewing the play:

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart certainly believes that’s the case after re-watching the final play of Tennessee’s 34-31 victory over the Bulldogs on Saturday. The play, called “odd four deep check jump last play,” was run to try and prevent Tennessee from completing a desperation pass, which ended up complete from Joshua Dobbs to Jauan Jennings. into the end zone with only four seconds remaining in the game.

After looking at the play, Smart said everyone was in position — or least tried to be — to prevent the touchdown. It just didn’t work out.

“To be honest, every kid on the field executed their job,” Smart said. “We got a little boxed out by (Jennings), but it wasn’t like you can watch the play and say ‘This guy didn’t do what I told him to do.’ We got out-jumped and he timed his jump a lot better than we did, which I think everybody saw.”

So, upon reflection, Smart didn’t fry anybody in the end, even though from reading further, it doesn’t appear that everyone involved in the coverage executed it properly.

The objective of the play was for the four defensive backs, assigned to each of the receivers running to end zone, to box out their targets. Outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter was the deep safety, whose objective was to knock the ball down at its highest point if came near. Georgia had three of the receivers fronted. One, Jennings, was able to find space in the end zone and make a play.

The main reason for this was that Deandre Baker was inadvertently bumped out of the play by safety Quincy Mauger. Baker was right behind Jennings before getting knocked away, which kept the Tennessee receiver from being fronted.

“That’s just one of those things that happened on accident,” defensive back Maurice Smith said. “(Jennings) made a hell of a play. But honestly, I don’t think he should have been in that position.”

And while Carter was the deep safety, he ended up behind Mauger and safety Dominick Sanders, who were standing directly behind Jennings. With Baker unable to front Jennings, the 6-foot-3 receiver was able to gain position and grab the ball at its highest point.

Shit happens, in other words.  Sometimes there’s no point in blaming kids.


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49 responses to ““To be honest, every kid on the field executed their job.”

  1. I hope the team pulls themselves up off the mat after this. There were a lot of positives to build on coming out of this game. Let’s go beat the hell out of USCe.


  2. heyberto

    Sounds like to me, it boils down to Kirby understanding the psychology of the team enough to know how to not beat a dead horse. If the players understand, and he feels they need positive reinforcement vs. breaking them down over something they couldn’t feel more awful about.. well..that’s what he’s got to keep his finger on the pulse of. Not saying he doesn’t figure out how to correct any issues with the coverage.. he’s just got to deliver that news in the most constructive way, and sometimes that needs to come with a little bit of encouragement.


  3. JG Shellnutt

    So, he showed flexibility in his game plan and then didn’t lambaste the kids in the post loss comments…


    • DawgPhan

      well immediately after the game did sort of blame the kids. Once given some time to watch tape and clam down, he didnt blame the kids.

      so a little improvement.


  4. BarneyDawg

    The team and staff are growing, I am just afraid there may be a couple of steps back along the way. We really need a solid game in Columbia-hole Saturday night.


  5. Al

    Senator, we are Georgia fans. You know there’s always the cooks that will blame the kids. Same guys that boo their own team at games.


  6. Uglydawg

    It’s Tuesday morning and I hope the team has moved on from that misfortune. South Carolina is waiting and after a rather ho-hum game against Vandy, will be very focused on Georgia this week, and if the Dawgs are still licking their wounds they will be in trouble.
    BTW…that hurricane will be right there, close in to the SC coast on Saturday. The game will be to the west of the storm, but it will be windy as the dickens. The kicking game and the passing game will possibly be iffy at best. Muschamp will probably crowd the los, stack the box with an extra body or two and try to get penetration and stop our running game in the backfield..like Missouri did. It’s going to be tough. This game is far, far from being a “gimme”.


  7. Sometimes it’s your turn to lose. You only remember when it happens to you.


  8. illini84

    You don’t mean that the armchair psychologists here don’t know more than Kirby? The horror.


  9. I will just shout, GoooooooooooooooDawgs.


  10. Normaltown Mike

    what I find funny about sports fans is the denial of agency for the opponent.

    When we make an epic 50 yard TD bomb…it’s b/c we’re well coached and our tremendous players perfectly execute the play.

    When UT makes an epic 50 yard TD bomb…it’s b/c we’ve got the worst coaches in American and our players stink.


    • Biggus Rickus

      If I were a Tennessee fan, I’d have been cussing the corner who slowed down and let Ridley separate on Georgia’s miracle score.


  11. pldog

    Kirby is still missing 2 things in these pressers:
    1- Personal accountability when the team loses
    2- Humility when you lose

    I watched the post game presser from Nov 21 after Tom Herman got beat last year.

    In it, right after the game while he was still raw, he threw no player under the bus.

    He took the blame for the loss, he said he should have thrown the ball deep more to keep em honest, poor strategy.

    He never got defensive in a single question.

    That’s why his players play so hard for him, he makes that emotional bond.

    Kirby is a first year coach, so hopefully he won’t make the same mistakes twice–I counted at least 7 major mistakes by Kirby in this one
    (new Hail Mary strategy, better discipline on special teams, better pass blocking schemes, hold players accountable by benching them after
    turnovers or penalties, more screens called to slow down a pass rush, don’t play conservative when you have a 17-0 lead, better post game
    presser where Kirby takes personal accountability and shows humility).

    Stop whining about “execution” as if the coaches did nothing wrong. Start connecting emotionally more with his players, fan, and coaches.


    • illini84

      Fuck the fans.


    • Hardcoredawg 93

      Take you own advice and stop whining. Geez dude, grow a pair of nuts.


    • Normaltown Mike

      pldog….you need to change your fake name to “pldawg” that way your schtick about being a Georgia fan is more convincing.

      Happy trolling.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        You guys may think pldog is trolling, but some of his points are valid and he tends to articulate his thoughts in a rational manner compared to your typical troll. Like others have already pointed out, there were a number of positive improvements and signs in the TN game that bode well for the rest of the season. Also, the remainder of the schedule sets up favorably and I still believe an 8-4 or 9-3 regular season record is very attainable. A 10 win season including a bowl victory would exceed the expectations many of us had going into the season and we know Kirby will recruit the hell out of 2017.


        • pldog

          I wish the numbers agreed with you. According to the FPI, we will lose 2 more to Florida and Auburn.

          3 more wins are there for sure in Vandy, KY and L Laf. That gets you to 6 wins.

          Should beat GT but usually are close games Richt almost always won that one.

          SC is a toss up.

          We’re looking at 7-8 wins.

          Will hopefully make a Bowl game.

          Going by the ESPN FPI.



          • pldog

            Toughest games left according to FPI are:
            Florida–projecting a loss
            Auburn- projecting a loss
            GT- ranked 53 on FPI, Kirby is 41, projecting a win
            Vand- ranked 58 on FPI, projecting a win
            SC- ranked 50 on FPI, projecting a close win

            I feel based on play so far,
            UF & Aub are losses.
            GT, Vand & SC are 50/50 toss ups, don’t think we win all 3.


    • Rpcpisme

      You watched a year old coach’s press conference in order to gain I sight as to how CKS should have reacted post game? Umm…ho-okay.
      Seems normal for a “Georgia fan.” I need to up my game.


    • Jesus. He’s back, huh?


  12. Atticus

    Get a freaking kicker. End of story. Inexcusable. Pathetic. Find a kid that can kick the ball a long way and this is irrelevant. Why do other teams have kickers that kick the —- out of the ball but UGA consistently can’t find one. Unbelievable.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      UGA has 4 kickers on the roster. Blankenship was booting 50+ yarders in high school. We can’t even blame it on Richt. He brought in some great kickers during his tenure. We’re just snakebit, I guess.


  13. Macallanlover

    Don’t think anyone deserves to be called out, it was a good effort and things fell TN’s way (how do the football gods justify them getting any more breaks than have over their history?) But I hope behind the scenes they revisit that “perfect execution” of not having our tallest guy in front of the receiver, between the QB and the point the football comes down, and to consider some WRs being in that end zone. And also to look at utilizing the other seven players differently, they were almost completely wasted with little accomplish. Always apply some heat on a passer, always. Those other guys in the middle, redeploy them closer to “ground zero” whether on the front lines, or back lines. Just doesn’t seem the best way to use 11 guys knowing the singular action about to occur.


    • Atticus

      Rushing 3 is a waste. Either rush 4 or 5 and put receivers back not LBs.


      • PTC DAWG

        IF our wideouts are too short, which most are, put TE’s back. They at least have experience in judging the ball in flight.


        • Bob

          Exactly. Why not a Nauta or Blazevich or Woerner back there. They are used to dealing with a passed football. Carter isn’t and just because he is tall, doesn’t mean that alone is the right guy. I would have preferred him rushing the passer.

          That being said, hindsight is easy. Saw a lot of good things, but some coaching decisions that remain head scratchers.


    • Minnesota Dawg

      Pretty much agree with this entire sentiment. If what we saw Saturday night was the properly executed strategy…then that strategy is flawed and needs to be changed. For all the appropriate wonder/disbelief/horror at how the game ended, we made the final play for Tennessee far too easy to succeed (unlike the Auburn Hail Mary, which was more freakish in its success). As you note, the biggest failure was not putting any rush on Hobbs. Gave him the time and vision to throw a perfectly lofted and placed ball into a mass of outstretched arms–where the likelihood of someone catching the ball is greatly increased. And that someone is more likely to be a tall WR, rather than a LB or shorter DB. Seems like you’re already forfeiting much of your situational advantage by simply employing a “win the jump ball” strategy in defending the Hail Mary (unless the mob is outside the end zone). In addition, allowing the well-placed/timed jump ball scenario increases the chances of an interference penalty being called–which, before the play unfolded, I thought would be the most-likely, worst-case-outcome.


  14. Will Trane

    The trials and tribulations of the 2016 secondary.
    At times they look sensational, and then you see those moments again like this past Saturday.
    This group of players was suppose to be the strongest group on the team.
    Frankly this group could write itself into the UGA history of great plays if it would do so.
    There are plenty of games left for redemption and legit celebration. All they have to do is play as a team and commit to being the best ever at UGA.
    Saturday night would be a very good time to start. Shut down the QB runs and the passing game.
    Put up the sign for no trespassing in the Dawgs secondary.


  15. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    If Lorenzo Carter was where he was coached to be, then I can’t help but that that was a coaching blunder. Behind the play, boxed out by 7 bodies, he might as well not have been on the field. I may not have played any football like that, but I’ve played enough basketball to know that the man closest to the ball has all the leverage. Hopefully that’s an “on the job learning” moment we don’t have to live through again.

    Also, as people absolutely crushed Richt is 2012 for not coaching the team to bat the ball down if there was a deflection, the other big coaching blunder on this play is the failure to tell his guys to absolutely do whatever is necessary to make sure UT doesn’t come down with the ball, tackling the receiver if necessary. a 15 yard penalty from the 50 is MUCH preferred to an uncontested catch in that situation. getting Jennings to the ground without catching the ball by hook or by crook HAD to be on every player’s mind.


  16. pldog

    2016 is now a rebuilding year. Tenn will win the East.

    So, play the young guns, get them experience, coach them up when they screw up.

    I would also throw the ball a lot to get Eason experience, and to help recruit OLinemen and WR’s.

    That should be the plan from here out.

    Who cares if you’re 7-5 or 6-6, no difference really.so look towards next season.

    Kirby should change his strategy after the Tenn loss, because it’s not about recuiting and next year.

    Everything changed with that Tenn loss.

    I hope Kirby realizes this.


  17. 69Dawg

    Let me see if I understand what Kirby is saying. 95% percent of the players did what the coaches asked but shit happens. Lord knows we UGA fans don’t believe in the Sh!t Happens theory. By putting L Cater on the back line of the end zone you are in effect taking him out of the play. If the Kirby brain trust doesn’t understand that you protect the goal line first and put your guys in a position to box or kill anybody that tries to get into the end zone, we’re screwed. By the way what is the rule about pass interference in the end zone? Doesn’t it give the offense the ball at the 1 or 2 with an untimed down?


    • Minnesota Dawg

      In CFB, PI is a 15 yard penalty. Like any other penalty, it’s half-the-distance if the situation calls for it. If it’s called on the last play, then an untimed down follows. So in this situation, a PI penalty in the end zone would have given UT one untimed down on UGA’s 28.


  18. South FL Dawg

    Seen 100’s of hail mary plays and always see players falling. Sometimes it happens to the offensive player and sometimes defensive. They’re all bunched up in one spot. It’s luck.


  19. Napoleon BonerFart

    Frankly, I’m sanguine about this loss. Before the game, I was hoping for a slightly less epic ass-kicking than we received from Ole Miss. Going down to the wire against UT’s best team in years is more than I hoped for.


    • pl

      If you only convert 5 of 14 on 3rd down compared to their 9 of 15 on 3rd down, 35%, gonna lose.

      All the SEC teams with less than a 40% 3rd down conversion rate
      are struggling: UGA, KY, VANDY, SC and MISS ST.

      Alabama is usually up around 48% last 5 years. We’re at 38%.


  20. Uglydawg

    Tennessee could lose three..injuries can wreak havoc on a team that is doing a balancing act. They can face plant just like any other team. If Bama and the Aggies take them down hard, it will get very interesting. But first, Georgia has to win out in the SEC. But as Blutarsky says in his last line..”Shit happens’. Maybe Vandy or Kentucky will make Booch’s head explode.


    • pldog

      ESPN came out today that UGA has been eliminated from any shot at the college playoff in 2016.

      Article and Video was called: Eliminator Week 5: So long Ducks, Dawgs, Sparty and Seminoles.

      So Uglydog, even if UGA wins out, UGA is still eliminated.

      There is officially nothing to play for by week 5.


      • Napoleon BonerFart

        First, I have absolutely no confidence in ESPN’s crystal ball. Things happen in week 12 that can’t be imagined in week 5.

        Second, if your position on college football is that a national championship is the only thing to play for, I suggest you find another sport to cheer. Most of us can think of dozens of things to play for above and beyond joy of the game.


  21. J.G.

    Start watching at 51 seconds. Deandre Baker (#18) is covering Jauan Jackson until he isn’t. If his job is to step aside and let Jackson catch the ball, then, yes, he’s doing his job.

    This doesn’t look like a miracle to me. It looks like bad coverage. Counting Malkom Parrish (#14), who appears to be covering the goalpost, the defense outnumbers the offense two to one. Why didn’t we get a hand on the ball, at the very least?

    Oh, well. Go, Dawgs. Beat USCe.


  22. We had 4-5 guys on him and they all ended up behind him except for one who has his back to the ball. I had a much bigger problem with the 2 penalties that allowed Dobbs to get it to the endzone instead of making them have to do some laterals.


  23. This was like the opposite of the auburn play where both guys going for the ball blew it. In the UT game it was like everyone was waiting on someone else to make the play.