“I always seem to end up back on offense.”

I hope like hell this coaching staff is too smart to Tripp Mecole Hardman.


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  1. Biggen

    I hope UGA doesnt find a way to screw up using this guy’s talent. I know its difficult to figure out what to do with him since he was a QB mostly coming out of HS.

    I dont profess to have an answer but he needs to be on the damn field. I just hope he is a fast learner. It has to be challenging learning how to play receiver AND corner in the SEC for the 1st time.


  2. Derek

    A big reason Tripp was a disaster is that we got very few snaps out of the guy at any position. That won’t happen with Mecole.

    Let’s see how he handles kickoff returns which should be his most natural fit. He’s not likely to start at corner this year so there should be plenty of opportunity to put him in position to get ball on offense. I think the “wild dawg” may be the easiest way for him to show off his skills. Learning receiver will make him a better corner when his time comes.

    The thing we have to remember is that I don’t think Mecole has Champ’s top end speed or McKenzie’s quicks. That makes it harder to just say: you’re a wr. He’s probably closer to a brandon Boykin or a Hines ward athletically. Fast enough. Quick enough, but not off the charts at either like those other guys. If he’s got anything close to Hines’ heart and toughness, he’ll be fine.

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  3. MGW

    He sounds like a priority to the staff. I don’t think Tripp was. With Tripp it was always about where he could provide some depth. With Hardman, they seem to be looking at where he will be the most help as a starter.

    But Tripp was an athletic freak so it was especially disappointing.


  4. doofusdawg

    Looks like Kirby is not much different than adgm when it comes to outside pressure on problem solving. Last year really was a waste for Mecole… and both Kirby and adgm seem to have a brilliant acumen for leading from behind.

    Maybe rather than adgm establishing “the first word”… Kirby and adgm could just create an on line suggestion box from those fans outside the arena of football knowledge and our big time athletic board.

    It sure seems that the powers that be eventually come around to the howling of the masses. I’ll start.

    (for adgm) Bring back tailgating to the north campus and spend the several thousand dollars necessary to clean up.

    2, (Kirby) Get Mecole the ball in space even if you have to line him up at running back.

    3, (adgm) work with PJM to change the athletic board to bring in more lettermen with business experience in place of the academics.

    4, (Kirby) Make one of our athletic defensive backs that played quarterback in high school our third string quarter back with the intent of implementing a spread RPO package this fall.

    Then again… what do we know. There is always next year.


  5. John A Fancellas

    Are we talking Kiante Tripp or Tripp Chandler?


  6. Macallanlover

    Mecole is an exciting talent that must be given his chance. He just seems a long shot at CB given his size and lack of experience. On offense there seems to be more uses for him and we certainly need explosiveness. And offense guarantees he will get the ball in his hands every game, not so on defense. Just make a decision, along with his input, but don’t get him stuck in no man’s land like happened to Tripp.


    • Atticus

      It hurt Malcolm Mitchell too.


      • adam

        Injuries affected Mitchell more than changing positions. I am 100% confident he could have played both WR and CB had he stayed healthy. He was an excellent corner in high school.


        • Macallanlover

          Agree, receiver was always going to be the best usage of MM, he was pressed into the defensive role due to injuries to help the team out. He just was blessed with more than one skill set but it was never in doubt where his best potential was. With Mecole I feel he had a desire to make it as a CB for NFL preparation but just seems to be more a natural on STs and “speciality” roles on offense, and that is also the most likely interest from the NFL, imo.


  7. Atticus

    See Percy Harvin……..


    • Derek

      I thought it but was afraid to say it, but it would be nice. I think that Harvin got to play more WR at the HS level than Mecole did. Same size. Same speed.


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    At Elbert County he had to play QB. Just too good of an athlete not to do that, but he knows his ticket to playing on Sunday is somewhere else. I like the idea of playing him on special teams, and in the offense because either of those two seem like his best chances to get to the next level.


    • doofusdawg

      Dash reports that Mecole and Godwin taking reps at quarterback. I guess Kirby reads the vent and this site as much as Donnan did. It’s not rocket science.