Lexicon memes are the best memes.

Today, in a preview of Georgia’s opener against Appalachian State, the AJ-C’s Cy Brown boldly goes where many have gone before with this observation:

With an entire offseason to prepare for the opener, Georgia will have a target on its back and will get the Mountaineers’ best shot[Emphasis lovingly added.]

Gold, Jerry!  That’s so golden, I expect plenty of others to tread down that same path during the dog (Dawg?) days of August.  Not to mention September, October, et cetera, et cetera…


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  1. CB

    Cy is my dude, but I watched Miami blow App State out with no issues last year, that’s all I needed to see. Dawgs have no excuse not to roll them over.


  2. Noonan

    Is App State worse than the Vandy and Tech squads who beat us in Athens last year?


  3. I know we’re discussing the meme but I expect App State will be a better team than either Nichols or Vanderbilt were last year so cupcake purchaser beware.. Be ready or App State will have position I and 2 on the modern upset list……though I am still baffled by that Carnegie Tech upset of Notre Dame


  4. AusDawg85

    I repeat…who doesn’t give us their best shot?


  5. Uglydawg

    App St. beat Michigan a few years ago in the Big House. . They are better than Nichols St…and Jax State which beat O’ Ms a few years back and took Auburn into overtime a couple of years ago. There are so many good athletes in this day and age that anyone can up and win one they were supposed to lose.. Georgia will be tested by a better team than Nichols St.


  6. hooper

    Only inside our own dawg world would a win by App. St. be seen as equal, or in any way the same as their win over Michigan. The reaction from most fans in the good old USA would be much the same as it was in the women basketball world when Samford beat our lady’s team this year, or when a Belmont team beats our men’s team in the first round of the NIT. I don’t expect to lose that game, but if we do it’ll just be UGA living up to the Georgia Way. We’ll wallow in it for weeks, but most other football fans would speak of it maybe on Mon., and speak no more of it. We are a long way from being reverent enough to be a historical win for many teams in any sport.
    Of course all this is just an old man’s opinion, and I respect that others see this in a different light.


    • Uglydawg

      That is a realistic perception. Well said Hoops.


    • Macallanlover

      No, it will be viewed no differently, except that Michigan team was ranked #5 preseason, and this UGA will about #12-15 average in polls, and Appy has become a respected opponent since then. Would be a huge upset, and we would rightly ridiculed (although you can bet it will be viewed as a trendy “upset alert” by several talking heads.) And Appy could even be our toughest opponent at home this season, still just a nooner game for old Nooner U. McDufus can’t get any respect!

      Let’s not forget we will have to take back-to-back “best shots” to start the season in 2017. Over/under on “best shot” games for UGA this season will be 5 1/2 (Appy, ND, TN, Auburn, and GT are five sure ones, Mizzou or SC) are tossups, imo.)


  7. Will (The Other One)

    I suppose, given the description of App St as the “lone cupcake on Georgia’s schedule” that Samford must’ve handled mighty Nicholls last season…


  8. Spike

    When will UF get our best shot?

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  9. SemperFiDawg

    Here’s a meme for you. Nicholls State.


  10. illini84

    Is there a thread missing?